Alice Hartmann 2.22

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Name: Alice Hartmann
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Background: Neo-Spartan
Profession: Skirmisher


Alice is short for her age (150 cm), and flat as a board a bit…underdeveloped. She has light blue eyes, and wears her blond hair in a short style, with particularly long locks behind each ear. The right half of her body is heavily scarred, showing evidence of severe burns. Her right eye is covered by an eyepatch, as well. Her expression seems to be in a permanent scowl. She usually dresses in a fairly conservative style. When at NERV HQ, she either wears her plug suit with a greatcoat over it to preserve modesty or a military-styled uniform.


Alice tends to put forth a gruff soldier sort of persona. She was raised in the military, to be a combat pilot, and that's what she is and does. Other things aren't as relevant. Other than that, she makes an effort to be friendly and tries to be a sort of mentor to the less experienced pilots. She'd never admit it, but she has a bit of a complex over her appearance and is worried that any romantic prospects are ruined from the get-go between her looks and lack of experience. When she decides she needs to train, she usually does so obsessively, ignoring any entreaties to stop or bullying she might attract for her unnecessarily harsh regimen or antisocial tendencies. Actually, she tends to ignore bullying or similar things aimed at her in general. It's like she just doesn't care.

Alice has a bit of an obsession with dolls. She has quite the collection of them, and keeps them carefully maintained and on display. She would never admit to still having tea parties with them, and would be hard-pressed not to gut someone who walked in on such an event. Speaking of tea, Alice is quite fond of the stuff and has several varieties. She can be a bit of a snob about it, however.


Alice is an orphan raised by the state. How she ended up specifically in the custody of NERV isn't important. However, being that she was of an impressionable age, she was shuffled into part of what would eventually be the evangelion project. Alice's early memory is filled with sterile-looking hallways and rooms, doctors in white coats, and lots of needles and tests. She was given her first doll around this time, and although she no longer carries it everywhere with her, it's still an inseparable companion. She was never told she was involved in a gene therapy project. There were other children, but everyone tended to be a bit off and friendships were rare.

When she had gotten older, Alice was shipped off to start her life as a very literal army brat, living on a military base and being raised and trained by the soldiers and staff. She had a bit of a better time here than in the lab, because even if everyone else was still older than she was, they were at least nicer. She ended up a sort of mascot for the squads most closely involved with her. Unfortunately, denial of a normal childhood is still denial of a normal childhood. As all good things come to an end, Alice's nicer times were pretty well destroyed.

Several years ago, the first attack by an Angel occurred, in Germany. Alice was deployed with a barely-ready evangelion unit in a desperate attempt to fight it off, despite her young age and inadequate training. The battle did not go at all well. Alice hardly had a clue what she was doing and was understandably terrified. She did her best to stick to her training, but it wasn't really enough. A second pilot and equally-incomplete evangelion were also deployed. Somehow, the angel itself was defeated, after a long, brutal battle resulting in a massive explosion devastating the combat zone. The remains of her evangelion, its severely damaged entry plug, and Alice were recovered as soon as possible, and she was immediately rushed to intensive care. Early notes on the issues with entry plug ejection were entered into the record. Alice herself has no memory of the fight, nor has she ever requested information on it.

After awakening in the hospital, Alice spent a long and painful time recovering. She still bears major scars from severe burns incurred after the entry plug ejected partially-successfully. It landed within the combat zone in the middle of an inferno that used to be a major industrial plant. Alice was forced out of the entry plug by extreme heat and panic, which was probably a bad idea. She was found within 100 feet of the entry plug's landing site by rescue teams deployed after the battle. She was offered honorable discharge from NERV as a result of her injuries, but refused. The evangelion she had piloted was hastily repaired on a shoestring budget using whatever spare parts were available, resulting in a functional, if much more fragile complete unit. Alice continued to train as a pilot due to the shortage of qualified replacements, and the grumbling of the top brass at allowing someone in her condition anywhere near something that needed a pilot was eventually quieted by data indicating that the neural link established between evangelion and pilot should render any physical abnormalities in the pilot irrelevant as long as the eva itself is functional.

Character Sheet

name at max
Wounds 13 13
EGO 100 100
Fate 2; 1 Driven 2
Insanity 2 100
Fatigue Level none
Name Rating Bonus Training
Weapon Skill 44 4 0/4
Ballistic Skill 36 3 0/3
Strength 25 2 0/2
Toughness 31 3 0/3
Agility 43 4 0/4
Intelligence 26 2 0/2
Perception 30 3 0/3
Willpower 32 3 0/3
Fellowship 30 3 0/3
Synch Ratio 51 5 0/5
Name Rating Bonus Governing Attribute
Speak language (English) 26 +0 Intelligence
Literacy 26 +0 intelligence
Dodge 43 +0 Agility
Intimidate 25 +0 Strength
Common Lore (War) 26 +0 Intelligence
Command 30 +0 Fellowship
Charm 30 +0 Fellowship
Awareness 30 +0 Perception
Positive traits
Loyalist +10 to resist fear and pinning as long as she's directly following orders.
Know Your Enemy Gain the Hatred (angels) talent (+10 to WS checks made to attack Angels).
Negative traits
Conditioned Alice is used to responding to authority figures. Anyone using the Command skill on her gains a +20 to their roll.
Perfectionist Whenever she fails a weekly test for a time Management option, Alice is treated as having a level of fatigue for the next week as she exceeds her limits to achieve her goal. The Synchronization Test option is the only exception.
Path Skirmisher Scout
Talent Name Cost Effect
Skill proficiency (Charm) N/A Proficient in Charm
Skill proficiency (Intimidate) N/A Proficient in Intimidate
Melee Weapon Training (general) N/A Proficient in general melee weapons
A.T. Power (Deflective Field) N/A Access to A.T.Power Deflective Field
A.T. Power (Neutralize) N/A Access to A.T. Power Neutralize
Basic Weapon Training (general) N/A Proficient in basic ranged weapons
Weapon Upgrade N/A one WU point
Rank one
Melee Weapon Training (progressive) 100 Proficient in the use of progressive weapons
Dodge 100 Proficient in dodge skill
Biological upgrade 200 One BU point
Awareness 100 Proficient in Awareness skill
Pistol Weapon training (Basic) 100 Prof. with basic pistols.
Weapon Upgrade x3 150 3 weapon upgrade points.
Structural Upgrade x2 100 2 Structural upgrade points.
Rank Two
Berserk Charge 100 +20 bonus rather than +10 from charging.
Furious Assault 100 Sacrifice reaction action for an extra attack when using all-out attack.
AT Ping 200 AT-Field power AT Ping.
Weapon Upgrade 50 1 WUP
Name Value Effect
Ambidextrous 100 Alice can use either hand equally well (something she was forced to develop while her right hand was unusable). She does not take the normal -20 penalty from making attacks with her off hand. Special: If you have the Two weapon Wielder talent, the penalty for making attacks with both weapons in the same round drops to -10.
Driven 200 Alice refuses to surrender, even in the face of adversity. She gains a conditional Fate Point that may only be spent in situations to overcome incredible odds or when refusing to back down from a superior enemy. This conditional fate point may never be burnt, and must be announced as being used specifically as opposed to the characters normal pool of Fate Points.
Uncanny Luck 100 Alice is considered trained in the "Gamble" skill, and once per session may modify a single already roleld skill check by rolling 2d10 and subtracting the result from her roll.
Name Value Effect
Phobia 100 Due to an incident in her past, Alice has developed an unhealthy fear and respect for fire (and being boiled alive, but that's far less common, right?). When confronted with either of these, she takes a -20 penalty to willpower and automatically fails any rolled fear tests as long as she's in the trigger's presence or confronted by it.
Poor Vision 200 Alice is missing an eye, halving her perception for sight based skills and halving the range of any ranged weapon she wields.
Repellent 100 Alice is in no way attractive, due to nasty scars. She may only use half her Fellowship score (15) when interacting with the opposite sex. ((Oddly, this means homosexuality is still an option by RAW.))

Evangelion Unit 00

Designations and Design
Line Prototype unit
Number 00
Primary color White
Secondary color Black
Skill Rating Bonus
WS 59 5
BS 51 5
S 30 3
T 34 3
AG 43 4
name armor current Max armor wounds current wounds max Critical damage
Head 2 3 3 3 0
R.ARM 2 3 5 5 0
L.ARM 2 3 5 5 0
BODY 4 5 3 9 0
R.LEG 2 3 4 5 0
L.LEG 2 3 5 5 0
Unique traits
Destructive The Evangelion is filled with nothing but rage. It deals an extra point of critical damage in melee when berserk, but adds 3 collateral to the pool instead of two.
Photosynthetic The Evangelion converts sunlight to energy, though apparently without chlorophyll. whenever fighting in a significant amount of sunlight, its operational time is 1 round longer.
Feedback Suppressor Gain +10 to resist feedback ,but SR is reduced by 1d5 (3, worked into math).
Patchwork The Evangelion was made from a patchwork of failed prototypes, dummy bodies, and duct tape. It works, but its Toughness is reduced by 10. However, the wealth of spare parts on hand means no additional collateral is incurred when it loses a limb.
Biological Upgrades
Name Cost Effect
Structural upgrades
Name Cost Effect
Wing Loadout (Progression knife) [right] N/A Right wing may dock a progression knife
Weapon Upgrades
Name Cost

Weapons and Equipment

Note: All equipment includes any modifications from str bonus, impaired vision, etc.


  • Plugsuit


  • Wing knife dock
  • Pallet gun: Basic, Range 15 DM, ROF: S/-/3, Damage: 1d10 I, PEN 0, Clip 6, Reload 1 full, Special: inaccurate, unreliable
  • Progressive knife mk.I: Melee, Progressive, damage: 1d5+6, PEN 3, Progressive, Compact, 1 WUP for +2 damage
  • Progressive Axe: Melee, Progressive, Damage: 1d10+8 R, Pen 1, Progressive, 2 WUP cost, 1 WUP +2 damage
  • Shield: Melee, 1d5+3 I, Pen 0, Defensive, Primitive, 1 WUP cost


Starting Character EXP: 400
Drawback EXP: 400
Experience Earned: 1200
Total Experience: 2000

Experience Spent: 1900
Current Rank: Warrior

Upgrade Points (spent/purchased):
BUP: 1/1
    Toughness 1 (+5 toughness)
SUP: 2/2
    Armor Upgrade I (+1 armor, all areas, evangelion)
WUP: 5/5
    Progressive Axe
    +2 damage, progressive knife
    +2 damage, progressive axe

Attribute Upgrades
+5 Agility 100 xp
+5 WS 100 xp
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