Wyrm Shield : Lunatics babble as they travel

The legends say the world was born of a song, it's hymn and dirge all of things this existence not long gone.

It's melody gave forth the lips and body of the being who sung, and at it's greatest crescendo it's body was undone.

Stunned the void before it did quake, for this intrusion of flesh it's essence it did unmake.

Now form floated in the void tumbling and turning points gave name, stories of passion and hate gave forth flame.

Clinging together as for warmth, stories of hardship and triumph created the earth.

Resting above all things fair, stories of oppression and freedom created the air.

Springing forth from the creators slaughter, stories of horror and wonder created the water.

Finally when all things rested silently something rose in the deities stead, stories of despair and hope the first primordial creature raised it's head.

Of this all is know of the first verse, it's echo and unobtainable beauty this reality it did curse.

Basic Premise

Drakenguard/Nier inspired campaign in a world on the cusp of changing itself. Priests sing hymns and acknowledged gods who's physical forms have left them and only exist in the power of their last song. Mages who have created magic based on the stories of the great ones. Mortals who with blade in hand wishing to carve their name into history with tales of their actions.

With their lives able to be cut short the races wared and segragated themselves from eachother their battlegrounds standing as cursed blood filled no mans lands for either side. Dragons and other beigns rising from the echos of the original song given flesh claiming dominion over the world. The world is filled with dark corners that tell tales to the void which cause the light to dim.

All of this world is the sum of it's stories from the song born of a genocide of one and inevitably wishes to revisit it in a chorus lead by one.

Things beyond fluff.

Magical weapons. Using the magic item origin system and secret system evolving to tell more of the items story and gain power mostly paid for by enemies blood.

Things possibly to be in game. Possible pacts giving boons using the flaws system. Maybe not a giant dragon I'm unsure.

A game forged in steel and blood with WTFness abound.


Classes as seen per game


One who knows the tales of the world and can enact them in some fashion that some are unsure if it is divine, sorcery, or something else. Bards with insterment can cause magic in their tales and song, helping those around them and even bringing true magic forth. Bards are very welcome throughout the land as long as they have tales that the populous have not heard yet leaving those who have embraced the power of song to have a sense of wanderlust going from place to place gathering more tales and leaving a lasting presence. It is never hard for a bard to find a place to stay provided they truely know their craft.


Priests of various gods giving to their god and spreading their word for an echo of the gods power. A clerics power comes from their faith and devotion to their god, true understanding of the scriptures even through corrupted and lost interpretations and the application of that in life. Through knowing the hymns and stories of the gods physical acts in the world or those of the disciples they can obtain the echo of the gods true strength to bring forth change in the world. A cleric of a god is the divine beings figure head and messenger speaking of their glories.


"Many raise a sword seeking glory, many raise a sword in defense, many swing a sword in rage. Few survive the swings required to reach their goal."

Fighters are prolific across the land as anyone can try to gain something from a simple swing of a weapon. There is no region or race that wholly ignores this fact with the exception of those truly in the The hand of divinity and not the rabble that occupies the lower class in the Church city of paradise.


On the surface sorcery and miracles seem to be one and the same even so far as to have the same effects on the world. Sorcery differ from divine miracle more in that they require no faith, piety, or adhesion to religious morals. This makes it a tempting path for those who wish to obtain power more than a mortal body can have without living such a stringent and fickle life in service of a god. Sorceresses also differ as the standard spoken passage, prayer, or hymn pertaining to the god or their disciples that a cleric must know or speak for the miracles occurrence is replaced with a story of legend, heroism, or tragedy. Often components are not tributes for the favor of divine but parts of the story. A mage brings the magic into the world through understanding of various metaphors and meanings of the story and what is truly meant to be even if it is not stated.


More disciples than clerics follow the whispers of gods. To say that a paladin is a cleric who picked up a sword and put on armor is wrong. A cleric is one who understands their god and tells the world what they have learned, a paladin is one who obeys their god and goes forth to enact what they know is righteous. While having cleric miracles that act much the same way the paladins mindset does not offer them the magical prowess of the one who wishes to understand the word, the paladins power is faith which is resolve and strength to change the world to find themselves glory and a place at their gods side.


Often desperate people who have turned to a less than reputable way to make a living rogues seek glory in amasing wealth often from others. The life of a rogue is the life of one always looking for their next chance at the pot of wealth that has been denied to them, be it in a nobels treasure chest or entering the tombs of the ruined buildings of the before time. The ones who live are acknowledged by that simple fact they lived by some combination of their cunning or luck.


People who believe they found their own way into the divine. Hearing a voice of a god in their dreams or meditation they follow a path that others are suspect of often shunning them from civilized parts of the word. Either they hide their communion and directives with their unknown patron who gives them power. A common fear and reality of the warlocks is that they'll gather and create a cult rotting a city from within as they twist life in a region to fit a god whos story they only know.


One who hears the voice of the earth and finds stories in the rolls of hills told through the life and death of animals. Keeping to themselves in the wilder parts of the world these tenders of the land are very antagonistic to civilizations that encroach upon it. Druids occasionally come together to put the fear of the mother into civilization through showing why the races band together to stay safe from nature but can never truly control it.


Great kingdoms mostly starting as one race stayed as one race. interracial relationship and dealings are generaly frowned upon and only with the human near suicidal expansion over the world has races begrudging begun dealing with each other.

Dark Elf

The dark elves have almost entirely forsaken the surface and would have been given to the mythology the dwarves had if it were not for the fact they would not occasionally come to the surface for magic artifact grabs.

The dark elves refuse to give their races true name as they feel those that do not know it are unworthy of ever learning it. They live exclusively underground within the body of the goddess and find it abhorrent that races will live in a place with non divine void above their head. To adapt to the underground the dark elves have cursed their bloodline to show their resolve and in exchange for magic power and adaption to the underworld they are sensitive to the sunlight.


Avoid coming up

Their kings are giants that can naturally walk through stone.

Lesser ones have magic prept or just dig.


"THings that live beyond their years, the young ones are alright. I mean that relativly, they're still older than trees and like trees every year ads something to them, for elves it's grudges."

An ancient race that was constantly fighting the orcs to try and have a true civilization before their fall. Elves were said to be the first to create arcane sorcery though humans argue it was them, this was only the first of arguments the races had after they were allowed to develop townships. The first great war after the age of the Orc was between humans and the elves of the north, a war that created the blasted Warren a place where the dead raise unending. The war continued until the dwarves were discovered in the mountains the elves lived such an existence offended the elves and offered humans one of the mountains should they help exterminate the race that hide in their shadow. The humans agreed and the eradication of the northern dwarves began and ended after this the war with the elves had stopped as both sides had new worries with the growing cursed lands their conquest created.

Elves are a long lived race to the detriment of their race. No natural lifespan is known for them but they consider 1000 years to be the age they die. By that age grudges and hatred accumulate to unnatural proportions that begin to warp the creature into something else. Hatred is an essential point of elves for they never forget. Elves having a fear of leaving an enemy alive with fear and hate in their heart that may cause them to warp into something unholy they eat the dead and dying on the battlefield to absolutely make sure they can't come back.

Racial flaws

Elitism - Elves are clearly superior, And you are clearly superior among the elves.

Long lived Grudge - Elves do not forget a slgiht and will exact revenge


"From what was the original empire the mighty have fallen. Only your bastard spawn actualy make lasting legacy now." - Human to a subdued orc

Orcs were the first race to create an empire. Under the banner of whom the orcs called a being who was created before death. The massive orc who's name was striken from history ordered his legion of kin to subjegate and build. Their sprawl was done followed by slaves laying stone as to better transport new forces forward and captured slaves and treasure back to the massive hive that was the Orc capital. Nested in a valley that the Orc king said he was born bridges and houses covered this deep rend in the earth from side to side. All was done for the glory of their cunning king, all was done to strike fear in the lesser races that could not stand up to their might, all was done because it was to be done.

But it all fell apart. One of hte lesser races freshly captured wispered to it's evaluator "But what of you, who will remeber you? Your children are born into pits to be raised by that will not speak a word. Your body will fall in battle and not even burried as you failed your orc king. Your story will be forgoton". A poison spread through the orcs that heard the beings saying. This weak assassin deployed it's poison swiftly to those that listened and the orcs for the first time stoped their fevored thinking. Rifts formed, bands merged, and the king slaughtered his own people for disobediance before the horde killed destoryed his body. His head gave one final curse as it was carried triumphantly by the strongest of it's slayers it said "My foolish children, you were never meant to be ones of thought and undirected purpose. You shall never know civilization as I gave that to you."

The great orc city rotted, the strongest tried to keep it but could not impart upon it's followers the need for matinance. The great suspended city fell to ruins rotting at the ropes. The orcs left in bands as great ones looked for their own stories as lesser ones followed wanting what they had before.


"I hear nothing good of Orcs, but I have heard of them. For something I never met that is something."

On outskirts of teh emerging races civilization the orcs mixed in various ways, mercinaries, would be priests, but most raiders trying to recapture their former glory. Outcast were often welcomed to the clan if the could best the weakest of the orcs and the desperate with no place to go tried and sometimes won. Throught the years half breeds thick with orc blood that never seemignly left started to make up the majority of the succesful orcs and they began to give up their roaving ways and build somethign resembling a city.

City of halforcs Ironwood

Founded without purpose at the edge of an ancient forest and hills rich with metal the dwarves found too beneith them orcs set up camp then began to build. The city has borrowed many of the other races ideas carred to them by outcast parents. It is one of the few democracies of the world, those willing to vote must be willing to fight in an initation pit against those voted to protect their order from the mob. The place welcomes outcasts but punishes disrupters greatly, they have no prison for people to rot but many teams workign their lives away for the good of the comunity for one transgreation against the law.


"Their lives short and their ambision great, the things humans do to this world are remebered for the wonder of what can be acomplished in such short time, and what horror can be done even quicker." -elvish saying of humans

Currently the "ruling" race if only becasue humans can stand the misery of the cursed lands brutal conquests have caused. The curent tolerance of other races varies with proximity to boarders, the closer to another kingdom seems to spawn the most xenophobia often requiring any non human to live on the outskirts or to have proper documentation and are subject to monitering and checks on the level of spies.

The Three great churches.

Humanity is quite fond of the gods they found that give them power and purpose and as such have errected great church cities for their worship. These towns preclude all but the most renowned and devotes, in a rare act of tolerance other races are not only permited to live with almost as much respect as humans in these great church cities.

The Iron tablet of law - Order is the only reason (LN)
"A mountain is only held aloft by the order of it's unyieling foundation. Unlike undisiplaned unordered things that enevitably all turn to dust." - Paladin of the Iron Tablet

Church city of the iron Harbor

The followers of the Iron tablet of law hold law above all else and seek to spread it to everything. Laws of the land are respected but constantly challenged to be overturned with those of the human world. The followers often wear iron manicles to show their devotion in praier and the priests go about self hobbled within the city and are seen as truely devote for this. The center church city is a massive complex of iron gates prepetualy guarded by paladins of the order. Sitting the major ocean the harbor is unique in that it is completely enclosed. Stone walls topped with copper battlements and great copper gates have given the city the nickname of copper harbor to sailers though the locals do not look kindly upon this name.

The echoing god of the Iron Tablet is depicted as just that. A monolythic tablet of law giving a law followed by it's first use and punishment. The writting on the tablet does not match it's size and no human could hope to read every law on it. The god wants order above all else and would rather a civilization be turned to dust than be without order.

The golden thread - Sacrifice for greatness (LG)
"Let it be known I am noble and good, and only becuase of that you shall be spared as you have knowledge of that." - Fighter of the golden thread

Church city of Arbor

This sprawling mesh of farmland and human village like construction sprawls out from a giant central tree with a massive church permentalty built into it's gigantic mountain like trunk. The tree was said to be left by the elven god A'n and was once the center of a massive forest that the paladins of the golden thread layed waste too and took over. The forest was almost entirly cut down except for their prize of the giant tree. The bravery and possible foollishness of this assualt somehow was what lived on as for the grounds of a razed elven city of worship this ground is nearly cursed free. The order of the golden thread is a sect that wishes to be remebered and all thier actions is in prepration or execution of great works. The religion has the least users of divine power and has no problem with members of it's order being arcane users or hero's who prove their worth purely through mortal actions.

The echoing god of the golden thread is depicted as a woman at a loom weaving a tapastory with gold thread. The tapastry is of the entire history of the world depicting those who are great and shall be remeber even after the world ends. Followers of this religion wish to be remebered forever by all they encounter friend or foe. They typical frown upon ambush and the paladins and fighters of the order commonly carry special arrows that wistle the start of most of their battle hymns, even if the enemies die in this "suprise" attack the warning the arrows give off are agreed to be enough let their presence be known. For all their warmongering the religion has the least casualties commonly healing the enemies if only for them to spread the word of their glory in battle.

The hand of divinity - Rise beyond yourself (NG)
"We are a gift to this world, by my prayer and by his song shall you be cured and you fed." - Cleric of the Hand of divinity

Church city of Paradice

A picturesce city at the top of the world, though rocky the almost painted rockscape shows purples, grays, and blues that are almost of a divine quality as light passes the landscape. Built down a spiraling mountain abandoned by dwarves as an ancient and unholy elf human conquest washed over the world the city is built upon flooded dwarven ruins deep inside the mountain. Stonework houses sprawl down the side of the mountain towards the forgoten original kingdom that established it's hold here and recently on top a massive complex of strange green stone spires form the church of the hand of divinity. The city mixes freely with the most non human races for various reason, the goal being to rise above what you were given some say that the birth does not mater, others say that even practicing the religion lets the savage races aproach a humans existance is enough to tollerate them. The mines here are dangerious and are used as punishment camps to work off their sentance as overseen by priests of the order. The order is almost exclusivly clerics and bards, cerlics for their connection to the devine and bards of their ability to sing the praises of ascention. Ruins of the former dwarven empire are almsot entirly forgoten upon retreating the dwarves flooded their tunnels with water from a flowing river and those who explored found obsidian from intentional magma flow near anything of interst. The priests of this city were also the first to create the laulu kone through unwillingness to let the unenlightened masses joing their ranks.

The echoing god of the hand of divinity is depicted as a skelital human raising a glowing illuminated full fleshed hand. Followers ascend themselves by enlightening others through acts of charity, kindenss, and bestowing of magic on those incapable of doing it themselves.

Racial flaws

Xenophobia - Be it through superiority complex or basic hatred and ignorance only humans will do for proper company for this individual.

Short lived ambition - The need to make a name for oneself is so great that it's reckless search may doom the goal.

Laulu Kone - The children of song.

"These are the most blessed of our created children, these are the ones that line our halls and shall sing our songs until the end of time. Like the rest have no need beyond this sacred duty we give them, and no need to find higher purpose themselves." - Bard of the hand of divinity showing the inner halls of the center spirer

Machines coated with flesh and sparked to life through divine and arcane song. Living machines born to serve they are equivlant with human inteligence and physical capabilities. They are born child like and raised to be servents or priests of the order as they are all capable of magic letting the hand of divinity freely make a servent race as to not sully their order with the hands of those who can never ascend. They were origional seen as an abomination to the rest of the civilizated world and caused a great war between the Golden thread and the hand of Divinity. The war was in the favor of the golden thread though the war of attrition was harder fought in the rocky land for the the golden thread. As the golden thread breached the church city in a thousand strong war hymn burned into the citizens of Paradice as it reverbarated through the vally they marched. The Hand of divinity showed them a true abomination, they unleashed modified Laulu Kone that were known from then on as the Wretched Automations.

Their bodies were encased in purple hued iron mined from the painted mountains never meant to be removed and more horrifyingly their jaws were locked in helmets or masks that prevented them from saying any word. The lowest, and most numerious, of the Laulu Kone were forever bound in armor that preventing them from telling stories or singing and it filled them with such rage that even the inexpereinced met the Paladins of the Golden thread with such force that they were stopped if not pusehd back. The battle raged for days silent machines mired in a hatred born of despair against crusaders singing seeking glory. In the end the Golden thread retrated reversing their position on the Laulu Kone as anything that could fight with such furvor and unyeilding advances can not be an abomination as they showed them a glorious battle that deserved to be told. They even brought some the nefarious Wretched Automations who would serve as guards for the barraks at the church city of Arbor and a personal honor guard for the commander to better tell this tale of conquest.

Years after some Laulu Kone were given to other church cities and to those who had power and seeked them to build up the relations of the Hand of Divnity. The orinal creators long since dying has left the production to inheritors of varying qualities of skill and disciplane which has created some Laulu Kone who have of their own will left their duties. The Hand of Divinity does not care not for weakness created by an unfit apprentice would have to be remedied sooner or later and such a duty is not a great one.

Laulu Kone
Machines given a spark of life through divine miracle and arcane song to serve the hand of divinity. While they are machines they are made to be as human as possible because worship and praise from a machine is hollow.

Size : Medium

Speed : 30

Ability score adjustment : Your strength and Constitution scores increase by 1.

Facade of Life : Laulu Kone are machines given flesh and life and require food, water, and air like a normal person though they will not truly die when they run out of such an essential. When a Laulu Kone is left without air,food, or water as for a time it would be fatal they enter a dormant state until such a time that they are given said resource and recisitated in some fashion by another party. Laulu Kone are resistant to poison damage and gain advantage on saves against poison and disease.

Specifically built : Laulu Kone are built for a task and given knowledge of the task in their creation. Choose a skill of your choice and gain proficiency in it.

Gift of Song : Laulu Kone are created by magic and as such will show up on detect magic. They also may cast one of the following as a cantript: Message, mend, Light, or Mages hand.

Between life and art : Laulu Kone are effectively immortal and are immune to effects that would alter age. Though they are considered to have a lifespan of 100 "rough" years. Every time a Laulu would deactivate due to no food,water, or air they gain a year and then then another year for every 5 years they remain nonoperational in this state. Every time the Laulu would reach zero HP add 1d6 years to their age if this does not cause them to die. If a Laulu Kone is unable to ingest essential materials for their existence on a yearly bases such as red mercury and Graft crystal shards they 'age' a year.

Racial flaws

Race Blind - Due to construction and indoctrination will assume that humans are the leader and person to speak to in a group.

Improper Etiquette - Simple and effective, social graces are not part of the ideology of this Laulu Kone.

Tieflings, Children of those who touched the veil

"I don't trust them, even the clerics of paradise are weary of them and they are arguably closer to their gods plan than them."

Teiflings have always existed in the history of the world skulking in shadows. Their origin is up for grabs though people do know that unatural intimacy with things beyond mortal ken may leave their children with this mark that their liniage will never be rid of. Most seem to spawn of foul demons spawned from witches conversing with forces beyond their understanding but one sect of clerics before the hand of divinity creation attempted to peer into the nature of existance all the clerics supposidly died and a towns worth of tiefling children who called themselves the sons and daughters of the architect were found in their place. While mostly routed at their discovery many ran off and survived. Like may rare examples these tieflings have had some manage to enter society and are oddly concerned with orders of law and development. None of the current generation know of what the architect is and much speculation has been given to this.

Tiefling vairant Legacy of the Architect. these tieflings have smaller horns than normal ones, they also have very subtle but noticable bands or geometric shapes around their body of a lighter color on their skin.

Arcitects resistance You have resistance to sonic damage
Arcitects legacy * replaces infenral legacy
Repalce hellish rebuke spell with shield, replace darkness with Alter self


Ability score

Charisma increased by 1

Age : as human with a few years longer

Alignemnt : no innate though tendancy towards chaotic

Size medium

speed : 30

Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common
and Infernal.

Subrace : Normal

Ability score charisma increased by 1, inteligence by 1

Hellish resistance: Resistance to fire damage

Infernal Legacy. You know the thaumaturgy cantrip.
Once you reach 3rd level, you can cast the hellish
rebuke spell once per day as a 2nd-level spell. Once you
reach 5th level, you can also cast the darkness spell
once per day. Charisma is your spellcasting ability for
these spells.


Subrace : Legacy of the Architect

Ability score : Inteligence is increased by 2

Tuned to reality : Resistance to sonic damage

Alter reality : You know the thaumaturgy cantrip.
Once you reach 3rd level, you can cast the Shield spell once per day as a 2nd-level spell. Once you
reach 5th level, you can also cast the Alter Self spell
once per day. Inteligence is your spellcasting ability for
these spells.



To put up

Less fluff more need to know

The world is called Viboi, which is what the world called the corpse of the singer of the first song, with no name to go on this was somehow divined.

The world is roughly connected by greenish acid resistant stone slabs with their edges and sides coated with viscous tar. These roads are actually fairly safe to travel as patrols and regular movement of goods and important people cause there to be trained warriors ready to kill bandits for sport.

Large battles or atrocities cause curses upon land. Minor battles or atrocities may cause monsters. The Church city of Arbor is an exception to this rule giving the city and its conquers much glory.

Bards aren't actually good in bed, they excel in boasting.

Dragons have an echo of creation in them and as such they have access to one wish in their life. commonly this wish is reserved to being reincarnated to continue living in some fashion and circumventing the one wish in life rule.

Less fluff more rules

Character creation will be point buy with a twist. You can drop 2 points of your not lowest stat for a feat.

There will be additional feats. Mostly for some dual wielding fixing.


Not going to completely insane but materials make the equipment they are a part of +0 magical equipment as far as rules are concerned as well as having other effects. Some materials may be a part of the general +X magic items but it should be rarer.

Dragon Bone : Dragons have a voice of creation and as such are able force reality to bend to their will. This has transferred to their bones, a creature harmed by a dragon bone will lose the ability to regenerate until their next short rest and will have to have to make a Wisdom save to avoid being afflicted by 'dragons will' which not allow any damage dealt by dragon bone weapons to be healed by magical means. In the current world dragon bones have become a restricted good after an assassination was effectively carried out against a lord by an assassin simply armed with dragon bone arrows, what would normally have been a simple magical healing of an arrow piercing a lung turned into an agonizing ordeal that killed him over the course of a week.

Dark Steel : Purple hued metals mined out from under the Church city of Paradice, it has a remarkable quality of being magically resistant and plate armor made with it will give advantage to saving throws against magical damage effects until a successful saving throw, then a short or long rest must be taken before the magical energy is dispersed from the armor. Larger and more invasive forms of Dark Steel armor have been made that have a more consistent magical resistance effect but no living creature would survive the grafting process. Due to their nature they can only be enchanted when the metal is first pulled, once set it will not keep any permanent blessing or curse placed on it.

Devil Thistle : A large woody desert plant that is cultivated by some elves. Mostly known for its ability to quickly suck all liquid out of the ground into the plant. With proper treatment of the leaves and working into a blade a peculiar effect happens. Upon breaching skin into blood or other vital liquid (at least 1 damage) the mechanics of the Devil Thistle will still work and violently pull the liquid into its capillary channels and often spraying droplets of liquid into the air for 1d6 damage. This trick isn't consistent and once it sucks out 6 damage worth of liquid a short or long rest to air out and clean the blade will allow it to work again. Exposing the blade to water or other liquid will immediately saturate the blade until the next short or long rest. It takes exceptionally well to being enchanted and every +1 increases the amount of liquid it can suck by 6 points. At +3 it will suck out 1d8 points worth of vital fluid instead of 1d6.

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