White Autumn

White Autumn; "The Indomitable Emerald Hurricane, Protector of the Defenseless, Defender of the Unprotected, Duelist of the East, Voice of Justice"

Strength ••, Dexterity •••••, Stamina ••
Charisma •••••, Manipulation •••, Appearance ••••
Perception ••, Intelligence •••, Wits •••

#Melee (Dueling ••)•••••
Athletics ••, Awareness ••, Dodge ••, #Larceny •••, #Stealth ••
#Integrity •••, #Performance •••••, #Presence ••••, #Resistance •, #Survival •
Socialize •
#Craft [Wood] ••, #Investigation ••, Lore •, Medicine (First Aid •)

Green Flame and Red Leaf •• - Paired Short Daiklaves [+5 Accuracy, +4 Damage, +2 Defense, Rate 3/6]
Transformative Armour •• - Changes appearance with a Miscellaneous action (-5 tick), and provides +6L/+4B
Seduction Stone ••• - +1 Appearance, and +3 to Seduction attempts. Seduction becomes UMI, and a point of Willpower must be spent to ignore it.
Hearthstone Amulet • - Holds a Hearthstone.

-0 [ ]
-1 [ ][ ][ ]
-2 [ ][ ][ ][ ]
-4 [ ]
Incapacitated [ ][ ]

Second Melee Excellency - 2m/+1. Adds automatic successes to a Melee roll.

Second Performance Excellency - 2m/+1. Adds automatic successes to a Performance roll.

Second Presence Excellency - 2m/+1. Adds automatic successes to a Presence roll.

Hungry Tiger Technique - 1m. Causes extra successes to be counted twice for damage.

Flawless Pickpocket Technique - 3m. Causes a Pickpocket technique to succeed automatically. Stealing something in use requires a stunt. If the charm is contested by another, it adds Essence in automatic successes. Anything committed can't be stolen.

Dipping Swallow - 2m. Refreshes the Solar's Parry DV.

Ox Body - — Permanently adds one -1 and two -2 health levels.

Majestic Radiant Presence - 7m. Anyone who attempts to attack Autumn socially or physically must succeed at a Willpower roll at Difficulty 2.

Enemy Castigating Solar Judgement - 2m. Augments an attack to make it Holy, or cut MDV by half.

Heart Compelling Method - 6m. Instills an emotion in a crowd. Beware of using it on allies!

8xp Phantom Conjuring Performance - — Augments a use of a Performance Excellency to allow conjured images, phantasmal music, and other enhancing effects.

8xp Demon Wracking Glory (Instant, Single Target) - 1wp, +2m/+1. Turns Phantom Conjuring Performance into a Holy attack. Charisma+Performance+[up to Essence+Stamina of additional dice]. The Solar deals damage to a target that can't be parried, and can only be soaked with Stamina or Soak-enhancing charms. It can be dodged like a normal ranged attack. The range of the PCP is now [Essence x100] yards. At Essence 6 it becomes [Essence -5] miles.

1xp Demon Wracking Glory (Area, Continuous) - 1wp, +2/1 damage. Deals up to [Essence] in automatic successes that can only be soaked with charms or Stamina. This effects any target with a MDV less than the successes on the Performance roll to activate it. Thankfully, as a Holy attack, it only harms Creatures of Darkness.

8xp Husband Seducing Demon Dance - 10m, 1wp. Charisma+Performance+Appearance. Anyone who's MDV is less than successes falls head over heals in love with Autumn. Resisting costs 2 Willpower. Be VERY ware of using it on allies!

6x Dancing With the Monster - 1wp, Combo of Husband Seducing Demon Dance, Enemy Castigating Solar Judgement, and Second Performance Excellency.

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