Name: Viera
Tier 1 Jack

Connection: One PC knows how to calm you in your beast state.

Might Speed Intellect
Current 14 14 14
Max 14 14 14
Edge 0 1 1
Effort 2
Cypher Use 2

Practiced with Light/Medium Weapons - Can use light and medium weapons without penalty.
Flex skill - Choose one task at the beginning of every day to be trained in.
Agile - +2 to speed pool

Beast Form - On five consecutive nights each month, you change into a monstrous beast for up to one hour each night. In this new form, you gain +8 to your Might Pool, +1 to your Might Edge, +2 to your Speed Pool, and +1 to your Speed Edge. While in beast form, you can’t spend Intellect points for any reason other than to try to change to your normal form before the one-hour duration is over (a difficulty 2 task). In addition, you attack any and every living creature within short range. After you revert to your normal form, you take a –1 penalty to all rolls for one hour. If you did not kill and eat at least one substantial creature while in beast form, the penalty increases to –2 and affects all your rolls for the next 28 hours. Action to change back.


Hedge Magic (1 Int. point): Various small tricks: Temporarily change the color or basic appearance of a small object, cause small objects to float through the air, clean an area, prepare (but not create) food, mend a broken object, etc. Cannot be used to harm another creature or object. Action.

Pierce (1 speed point): This is a well-aimed, penetrating ranged attack. You make an attack and inflict 1 additional point of damage if your weapon has a sharp point. Action.


1 Faded Officer's Sword
1 Strange Weapon + 12 Bullets
1 Bomber Jacket
3 Shins
Explorer's Pack
Bag of Light Tools
Artifact: Chronometer?

Detonation: Pressure, level 6, Wristband projector (long range), Explosive device (short range) or handheld projector (long range). Explodes in an immediate radius inflicting impact damage equal to cypher level, also moves unattended objects out of the area if they weigh less then 20 pounds per cypher level.

Time Dilation Nodule: Level 4, Crystal nodule affixed to a melee weapon, for the next 28 hours the attacker moves at almost instananeous speeds when he swings the weapon, modifying the attacks by two steps in your favor.

- A candle that never runs down.

Total XP: 15
Current XP: 3


4 XP: 4 points to Pools
4 XP: Int Edge
4 XP: +1 Effort

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