Full name Verity (has no surname)
Birthdate October 31; 14 years old
Birthplace Mansion within dimensional rift
Height 156 cm (5'1")
Weight 41 kg (90 lbs)
Blood type AB
Family/Relatives Cinquefoil (great ancestor & progenitor, "deceased")
Job/Occupation Magical Scholar
MCTF Officer
Likes Vinyl records, peace, quiet, silk bed linens, convenience
Dislikes Coffee, fish, people who smell like fish, cotton bed linens, whining, loud people, inelegant physical exertion
Hobbies Bottled ships, reading
Favorite food Afternoon tea, fruit-flavored cheesecake, chocolate, monaka
Forte in sports Solo dance (obsolete styles)
Special skill Book binding
Most unpleasant Things that damage books (mold & vermin)
Favorite music Flamenco guitar
Measurements (Bust, Waist, Hip) 74, 51, 80 cm
Weapon Pumpkin Servant
Fighting style Personal Style (employing spatial folding, magic, and use of pumpkin servants)

Guest List:
Welcome, it seems you have finally learned to read. This is the Guest List, something you could otherwise consider Our "family pole". In it, all the women who will come to presumably live in this isolated abode of ours. Once you've come to be satisfied with your own cursive, and have acquired a name, please record your name, year of birth, and when it comes, year of "death".
If the past few sentences have made no sense to you, please direct yourself to tomb titled "The Family Missive" stored within [Library 4, Case 62, Shelf 3], though Our servants should have already notified you. Good fortunes on your studies of the magical and the mystic.
— Cinquefoil de Verain


The newest heir to possibly one of the strangest lineages to exist in the world, Verity has lived, until very recently, all the years of her life in complete isolation from any other human, having contact only by the magical servants left behind by her predecessors, whom have raised her from birth. Particularly, Verity holds no official surname, as her existence, and those of most of her recent ancestors, have found absolutely no purpose to having one. They are, to be brief, a long lineage of hermetic witches, who have been pursuing the study of magic in isolation for the past several centuries, always reproducing their next of kin asexually using a magic that has been passed down, which in essence breaks down their physical and spiritual self into a newborn to be raised by servants, in a legacy of pseudo-reincarnation. This was the strategy that her "family" took to, for the propagation of the first generation's natural talent and compatibility with magic.

This policy was enforced by the puzzle of the 8 trigrams and 15 pentagrams that was put into place, sealing the mansion into dimensional limbo that is impossible to escape from. It would then, of course, be Verity then, greatly more prodigious a talent and much more ambitious and curious, that would come to solve this puzzle once more (whose design notes had of course been completely erased from records). Feeling that communication with the outside world and the scholars of magic should be reconvened, Verity finally broke out of that prison, and sought a way to learn about the modern magical world.

Mistaking the MCTF as a college for those who wish to practice magic in a practical way, while efficiently bettering society, Verity put in an application, much to the confusion of the secretaries, as she filled in quite a number of the fields as "Not applicable" or in incredibly vague, confusing ways. And with the government completely unable to find any trace of her identity or history in any recent records (though a few thousand some years ago, there was a woman of some semblance), they thought it best to let her in, and keep an eye on her, considering her strange habits and ways of acting, in addition to her incredibly disruptive powers. It's dangerous to let someone run around with esoteric powers, while having absolutely no identity in any registry, after all.


Ability Scores:

Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
Score: 5 6 12 20 20 16
Bonus: -3 -2 +1 +5 +5 +3

19 PP

Carrying Capacity (in lb): Teleport with 100lbs.

Light Load Medium Load Heavy Load Maximum Load Push/Drag
General 16 lbs 33 lbs 50 lbs 100 lbs 250 lbs
Move Object 16 lbs 33 lbs 50 lbs 100 lbs 250 lbs
Move Object w/ Conc. 33 lbs 66 lbs 100 lbs 200 lbs 500 lbs

Saves and Combat

Toughness Fortitude Reflex Will Attack Grapple Defense Initiative
+12/+9/+4/+1* +8 +8 +10 +0 -3/+1 18/15/12* -2

* Loss of Device Protection, loss of force field, then both
** Personal Grapple, using Move Object
*** Without Dodge bonus or unable to sustain Enhanced Defense, then both.

26 PP


Skill Rank Bonus Total
Bluff 11 +3 +14
Concentration 15 +5 +20
Diplomacy 0 +3 +3
Disguise 0 +3 +3
Escape Artist 0 -2 -2
Gather Info 0 +3 +3
Handle Animal 0 +3 +3
Intimidate 0 +3 +3
Knowledge: Arcane Lore 12 +5 +17
Knowledge: History 1 +5 +6
Knowledge: Tactics 10 +5 +15
Medicine 3 +5 +8
Notice 15 +5 +20
Search 2 +5 +7
Sense Motive 3 +5 +8
Stealth 0 -2 -2
Survival 0 +5 +5
Swim 0 -2 -2
Languages 3 N/A N/A

Languages: English, French, Spanish, and Latin.
18 PP



  • Sneak Attack: +5 damage when you surprise attack an opponent
  • Master Plan: Bonus in situations when you have a chance to plan
  • Ritualist: Can create and cast arcane rituals
  • Dodge Focus (2): +2 dodge bonus

11 PP


Earring Device

Earrings, Device 5
Allows for 25 points for powers. It is the only modern piece of magic technology that Verity carries with herself, they being a stylized pair of earrings, looking merely of pearl. It is one of the things she has found in modern magic to be very appealing, as she finds it a great deal more convenient--and lighter--than the tub of water with which her ancestors had traditionally done this technique through.
Base Power:

Pumpkin Scout Audio-visual Link mode ESP+Super-Ventriloquism 4
Feats: Subtle
Extra: Simultaneous, Duration (Sustained), Linked Super-Ventriloquism DC N/A Toughness, 1 mile range
Flaws: Action (Standard)
3/r +3/r ex -1/r fl X4 +1 fe = 21

The earrings receives a live visual-audio feed from a pumpkin teleported to the location. It also sends her voice through the minion for communication. Magically loaded into her without disrupting normal sense use.

Alternate Power:

Personal AWACS mode Super-senses 21
Sight: True Sight (10), Radius (1), Extended (2, 1000ft/-1), Rapid (1)
Teleport Awareness (1): Ranged (1), Extended (2, 1000ft/-1), Accurate (2), Radius (1)
1/r X21 = 21pp

Instead of communicating an overlay to allow long range sensory, this mode instead diverts resources to immediate sensory, primarily for active dogfights. This improved sensory array allows Verity to control almost all information within a 1000ft. radial airspace (to a maximum of 10,000 ft with decreased accuracy). It pierces almost all kinds of stealth other than concealment via opaque objects, is capable of observing high-speed objects, and allows for pinpointing any spatial distortions to happen in the area made due to teleportation effects. All this allows for her to control airspace much more ably, in addition to gaining much information that could be relayed to allies.

Base Power:

Close-in Shield System Protection 3
1/r X3 = 3pp

The last line of defense, if her pumpkin swarm is somehow bypassed. Packaged into her earrings as a handy bonus.

4/r X5 = 20pp

Pumpkin Defense System

Die for me!: Force Field 8
Feats: Selective
Extras: Duration (Continuous), Impervious, Linked
1/r +2/r ex x8 +1 fe = 25pp

Verity typically keeps a sizable swarm of Pumpkin servants circulating around her that are entirely willing to absorb the entire brunt of attacks. There does not ever seem to be an end to this field of suicidal familiars, and Verity seems exceedingly unworried about their destruction. Naturally, they will allow through anything that their Mistress deems important.

Pumpkin Resource Management Enhanced Defense 4
Flaws: Duration (Sustained) Drawbacks: Power Loss (Speech)
2/r -1/r fl x4 -1 dr = 3pp

As comfortable as Verity is with allowing her familiars to perish, at times it seems like something of a waste to simply let them perish en masse. She must after all, take mind of the extremely minor effort on her part to maintain an appropriately sizable population of them to serve her every whim. As such, she generally handles some tactical deployment of them, moving them in such a way to deflect or block attacks, without necessarily allowing them to outright sacrifice themselves. This still means having them get in the way of attacks, but is slightly less deadly. As this all requires her instruction, the pumpkins are incapable of doing so if she's unconscious or unable to concentrate on it, making it sustained rather than continuous. Additionally, since it requires Verity to communicate with the pumpkins, it naturally will not work if she cannot speak.

25pp +3pp = 28pp

Spatial Movement & Attack Array

Spatial Control
Base Power:

Space Bend Movement Teleport 7
Extras: Affect Others 200 miles
Feats: Change Direction, Change Velocity, Easy, Turnabout
2/r +1/r ex X7 +4 fe = 25pp

By simply bending space, Verity is able to cross enormous distances in a single step.
Alternate Powers:

Space Tear Portal Teleport 6
Feats: Easy Extras: Portal
2/r +2/r ex X6 +1 fe = 25pp

By the same principle as the above, Verity can create a temporary bind in space, connecting two points, that a single person can move through at a time. It can only go as far as 20 miles, however.

Pumpkin Sentry Blast 6
Feats: Indirect 3, Subtle, Split 3
Extras: Range DC 21 Tough, Perception
2/r +1/r ex X6 +7 fe = 25pp

By utilizing her space bending ability to bend the 3rd dimension, she is able to have her servants appear at locations spontaneously anywhere she can perceive, and have them fire a thin, orange beam, at any angle. Naturally, the power is from herself, siphoned through the servant. As a result, though she can have multiple pumpkins fire, the energy she can feed at once is split up. As the spatial warp is rather discrete and the pumpkins make no noise, they are difficult to notice.

Concentrate All Fire! Blast 10
Feats: Accurate 5 (+10) DC 25+ Tough, Range 100ft./-1
Extras: Autofire **Flaws: Requires Knowledge (Tactics) DC20
2/r +1/r ex -1/r fl X10 +5 fe = 25pp

By commanding all of her pumpkins in her swarm to open fire, Verity tactically deploys a great deal of spatial bents to funnel all of the beams into an extremely focused hail of fire upon one enemy. Not only does this require Verity to exercise some tactical theory on how to best place this heavy hail of fire, but it also requires her to personally take aim, figuring out where the beams should exit.

Main Cannon, Fire! Damage 10
Feats: Progression 4, Incurable DC 20 Reflex, DC 25 Tough, 10x1000ft line
Extras: Penetrating, Area (Line) Flaws: Unreliable (Rolled)
1/r +2/r ex -1/r fl X 10 + 5 fe = 25pp

Collecting all of her pumpkins at her for, and concentrating all their fire into a tight point, then using spatial warping to magnify all of it into one point, Verity fires a long, powerful beam of orange energy that casts a swath of destruction down a large area, which is nearly unstoppable. However, it's quite difficult to get all the shots lined up, so the beams may not end up combining quite right, and the power will fail.

Spatial Shockwave Trip 10
DC 20 Reflex, DC 20 Str or Dex, whichever is worse
Feats: Triggered, Knockback 10, Improved Trip, Progression 2, Affects Insubstantial
Extras: Knockback, Area (Burst) Flaws: Range (Touch), Unreliable (stocked), Side-effect (blows user away)
1/r +2/r ex -2/r fl X10 +15 fe = 25pp

Verity's last line of defense, generally deployed if she's getting swarmed by too many enemies. It creates a quake in space. The ripples not only generally unbalance, but they can cause a great deal of movement as a result, both from the shockwave and the volatile state of space. On the flip-side, it has a decent chance of also launching Verity a significant distance, which is generally unpleasant, though at least not totally negative.

25 base + 5 alt = 30pp


Levitation Flight 1
Flaw: Levitation Drawbacks: Reduced Load (2)
2/r -1/r fl X1 -2 dr = -1pp

Verity is able to levitate, primarily in place. This is mostly so that she does not start falling if she is spatially warping through the air. As a result of it only being intended to keep her from falling, it is a particularly weak levitation that is not only slow in adjustment, but also gets weighed down very quickly


Pumpkin Laborer Move Object 1
Feats: Precise Extras: Range
Drawbacks: Power Loss Perception, Effective 5 str
2/r + 1/r ex X1 +1 fe -1 dr = 3pp

Simply by employing her pumpkins to go exert effort for her, she is able to have them go perform tasks as she pleases, generally moving equipment and so on. Since the pumpkins are not particularly intelligent, it requires her to focus at least occasionally, to keep them going properly on the task. By putting more attention in, she can coordinate multiple pumpkins better, to carry and move heavier objects, or manage jobs that require a larger collective. As this all requires her active instruction, she cannot have them go to their work if she cannot speak to them.



  • Obsession: Verity and her "lineage" have been isolated from the development of magic for a great deal of centuries. She's very anxious to see if the collective improvements in modern magic have actually been up to snuff, so she really loves engaging with modern magicians in either discussion or comparing their disciplines on a "practical level". This betrays a general obsession with magical studies, but this is where it is strongest.
  • Obnoxious: Verity has only recently begun interacting with other people who aren't her servants (and even those are just magical creations), and as such does not know how to handle social interaction very well. For that matter, none of her "parents" or "ancestors" have had any real human contact in a great many centuries.


Pumpkin Resource Management: Power Loss (Speech) - Already Factored In (1pp)
Flight: Reduced Load 2 - Already Factored In (2pp)
Pumpkin Laborer: Power Loss (Speech) - Already Factored In (1pp)


Abilities: 19 + 26 = 45
Skills: 18
Feats: 8
Powers: 20 + 28(29) + 30 + -1(1) + 3(4) = 80(83)
Drawbacks: (1) + (2) + (1) = 0(4)
45 + 18 + 11 + 80(83) + 0(-3) = 151/152PP

Hero Points Remaining:

Starting 1



Amount Date Events
1pp 29 May 2010
1pp 19 June 2010 Finishing blow on alien, collected alien sample, molested Katya, discovered the feeling of human skin.


Amount Date Item
1pp 1 June 2010 On debt (theoretically to increase Str by 1, from 4 to 5)
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