The plaything of a fae truly in the sense of the word. A toy whos strings would be pulled just to see what she would do. Everyday a new game, new rules, new objectives all never told. If she won the game she gets a rest, if she doesn't and fails the game the day continues and an amendment to the rules to make it more "interesting" to watch. Even out of arcadia she still acts as if the games continues, and even seems to enjoy the prospect that she may still be a toy, a focus of attention in some sick twisted maner.

Venatio looks as normal as a frizzled girl living in poverty. Her brown hair rarely combed, face unwashed, and clothing abused to some degree. Yet something odd is always there like her light brown eyes seem to be on the verge of being red or orange, her head is always tilted off center, and most of all her speech. Talking patterns that seem to be an inner conflicting of her seeming to question and answer herself at the same time in riddle like fashion.

Real Appearance:
The world of the fae has altered her real form beyond any salvageable logic. The larger parts of her body appear to be skin but when they come to a joint or a bend it seems to be sown into some sort of frame of unnatural wood more alike to porcelain. Her neck is made up of overlapping disks, her elbows and shoulders and hips and knees all ball joints, and all but palms of her hands is this unearthly wood overlaping and jointed in such a manor that it should appear as a real hand. Under this real but unreal skin is a mockery of organs and tissue in the way of mostly white stuffing. If wounded she would not bleed blood but instead have a small amount of stuffing fall out and her reaction and pain would be the same for any human in the face that no real damage has been done. Her eyes are like glass with splashes or red, light brown, and orange acting more like an abstraction of how an iris would look attempting to look more beautiful while still being seen as an iris. Even with all this she looks normal, if you would ignore the joints of strange wood and accept them as accessories and were to touch her skin you would find it of real quality, warm, supple, and showing a hint of veins underneath regardless of what is really the case here. Yet with an almost lack of real internal organs she must eat, drink, and maintain her body in a fashion of a regular human to stay alive.

Size 5
Health 7
Willpower 5

Attributes: Being constantly challenged Venatio's mental and physical skills were strengthened leaving her social skills abysmal
[] denotes bought

Mental Primary 5 dots
Intelligence XX
Wits XXX
Resolve XXX

Physical Secondary 4 dots
Strength XX
Dexterity XXX
Stamina XX

Social Tertiary 3 dots
Presence XXX
Manipulation X
Composure XX

Skills: Her physical skill practice was first and formost, if she could not surive the hazards around her she could never have solved the puzzles and riddles in the first place. With this intense focus the best she can do in a social world is be intimidating or lie. Though she has learned some things on the street through here "quests" that come to her as odd jobs.

Mental Secondary 7
Crafts XX
Investigation XX
Medicine X
Occult X
Science X

Physical Primary 11
Athletics XX
Brawl XX(X)
Larceny X
Stealth X
Survival X
Weaponry XXX

Social Tertiary 4
Animal Ken
Intimidation XX
Streetwise [XX]
Subterfuge XX

Skill specialization

3 Skill specialization [] denotes bought


Virtue and vice

Virtue:Faith, That it is possible to win for all is a game and a game must be able to be won.
Vice:Gluttony, The love of, and for THE GAME.


Manikin: While playing these games she was no more then a toy to her master, a cherished and watched toy, but a toy all the same and as a toy she slowly became.
Manikin — Changelings who have the character of humanmade
objects, such as caryatids, mannequins and other, stranger
things, such as enchanted beings powered by clockwork or steam
or living bodies made of mercury or glass. The Manikins’ talent is
the Artificer’s Enchantment: the Manikin can learn Contracts
of Artifice for (new dots x5 experience points) rather than the
usual cost. The Manikin also may make untrained Crafts rolls at
a –1 die penalty rather than the standard –3 dice.


Contracts 5

Elements XXX :Fire became her symbol her drive as an almost insane need to go forward filled her the
flames of this pashion spilled out around her.
Fire was choosen

Cloak of the Elements (•)
This clause protects the Elemental from the natural
manifestations of any single element. The changeling beSeeming
Contracts 139
comes comfortable in weather associated with this element
and is protected against damage by its more extreme manifestations.
A character protected from fire has no trouble
walking through Death Valley at noon in Summer, someone
protected from water remains warm and dry during the
worst thunderstorm, someone protected from wood can
walk through thorny underbrush unharmed and at a normal
walking pace and so on.
In addition, the Cloak of the Elements protects the
changeling against direct damage from the element in question.
Against direct damage caused by the element in question,
this clause subtracts one point of damage per point of
the changeling’s Wyrd. Cloak of the Elements (air) would
protect against damage suffered from being caught in a
tropical storm or tornado, while an earth-cloak would protect
against thrown rocks or falling to earth, a glass-cloak
would protect against cuts made by broken glass and so on.
However, the clause cannot protect against damage from
objects created or modified with the intention of harming
someone. The glass-cloak could shield its user against incidental
damage from shards of fallen glass, but not against a
beer bottle that was broken for the purpose of a bar brawl.
A metal-cloak might protect against a fireplace poker, but
not a sword or even a pipe that was detached for the purpose
of serving as a weapon.
The Cloak of the Elements lasts for a scene.
Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: None
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling bears some symbolic representation
of the element in question, such as a souvenir T-shirt
depicting a mountain for earth or a small mirror for glass.

Armor of the
Elements’ Fury (••)
The character clothes himself in a frenzied and damaging
manifestation of his chosen element, providing limited
armor and damaging anyone who touches him. This
Contract sheathes the character in fire, unnaturally cold
ice, razor-sharp metal spikes, a crackling aura of electricity
or something similarly dangerous. The character can
control the extent of this manifestation, limiting it to her
hands so she can attack others, start fires or cool drinks
by touch, or she can completely cover herself with the element.
This element does not harm the character or anything
she is wearing.
Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Dexterity + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling touches the element when he
invokes the clause. For ubiquitous elements such as air, the
element must be fairly vigorous, that is, a strong breeze or
the wind from a large fan.
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The element briefly harms the
character, causing dice of lethal damage equal to the half
the character’s Wyrd, which can be reduced by armor.
Failure: The character fails to call up the element.
Success: The character surrounds herself with a damaging
manifestation of the element. The character does half
of her Wyrd (round up) lethal damage by touch, and anyone
or any object that strikes her suffers this same damage. The
changeling cannot combine this attack with a punch or any
other conventional brawling or melee attack. Instead, the
character must use the element to attack the target. The
dice pool for this attack is Dexterity + Brawling + half of
the character’s Wyrd.
This elemental sheath also provides the character with
one point of armor useful against all attacks, including attacks
by the summoned element. The character can cause
the element to cover only a small portion of the character,
such as one hand and forearm or her head, but attempting
to reduce its size further causes the element to vanish and
ends the Contract. Otherwise, the element surrounds the
character for the next scene.
Exceptional Success: The character can maintain this
effect until the sun next rises or sets (whichever comes first)
and can summon or dismiss the element during this time
without ending the Contract.
Suggested Modifiers
Modifier Situation
+1 A large amount of the element is present when
the Contract is invoked. For ubiquitous elements
such as air, the element must be particularly
vigorous, for example, a gale wind.
–1 None of the element is present when the Contract
is invoked.
Control Elements (•••)
The changeling takes control of the element attuned
to the Contract, causing the element to move and act in
a directed fashion. A breeze blows in a specific direction,
electricity in power lines turns on, off or surges to blow
circuit breakers and wooden or metal chairs lurch slowly
across floors.
Cost: 3 Glamour
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: The area is completely dominated by the element
— air on top of a narrow bridge, water on a lake or
ocean, fire in the middle of a forest fire, electricity at a substation
or generator and so on.
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The element reacts in a wild, unpredictable
and dangerous fashion for the next scene.
140 Chapter Two: Character Creation
Failure: The character fails to control the element.
Success: The changeling successfully controls the element.
The changeling must be within Willpower x 2 yards
of the edge of the area of the element he wishes to control.
The amount of element controlled can be determined from
the following table:
Successes Mass Volume (liquid) Area (gas or intangible)
1 success 20 lb. Milk jug 5-sq. yard area
2 successes 50 lb. Gas tank 10-sq. yard area
3 successes 200 lb. Bathtub 15-sq. yard area
4 successes 500 lb. Average Jacuzzi 20-sq. yard area
5+ successes 2,000 lb. Large hot tub 30-sq. yard area
The character can shape any solid, gaseous or intangible
element such as water, mist or fire into any simple form, making
solid walls of water or hiding half a room in deep mist.
However, she cannot create a vacuum in a room that is not
airtight or perform similarly impossible acts. The changeling
can also cause non-solid elements to move at a Speed of up
to 20. When the changeling is manipulating solid elements
such as wood, stone or metal, inflexible objects can only lurch
or hop along at a speed of one yard per turn.
The changeling can also control the operation of any
mechanical (but not electric or electronic) device made
primarily of her element. Objects that roll, or have joints,
wheels or articulated legs can move as fast as a human with
Strength and Dexterity both equal to half of the changeling’s
Wyrd (round up). Flexible objects such as rope or wire can
slither like a snake at a similar speed and can also trip or entangle
anyone nearby. The material has an effective Strength
equal to the number of successes rolled for purposes of tearing
itself free of any containers or moorings; it is much easier
to control a loose sheet of metal grating than to have metal
reinforcements tear themselves free from concrete.
Controlling electricity allows the changeling to control
the operation of any electrical or electronic device that has
access to a power source, even when turned off. This control
including turning lights or alarm systems on or off and opening
electronic locks, but not any sort of complex control.
The changeling cannot increase the amount or power
of the element present, but can direct it to move in unusual
ways. He can cause a fire to burn or leap in a particular
direction, create a breeze that blows only in part of a room
or cause electric current to turn off a device or even arc
out from a socket and shock someone standing nearby. Elements
such as fire and electricity can do damage, but only as
much as the amount present can normally do. However, the
changeling can direct the element to attack anyone within
range. The changeling controls the element for a scene.
Exceptional Success: No additional bonuses.
Suggested Modifiers
Modifier Situation
+1 Large amounts of the element are present.
–1 Little of the element is present.

Stone XX: Strength was always needed and so strength was given, her arms flexed and produced more then
they should even as her frame became more unlikely to provide what was needed.
{Might of the
Terrible Brute (•)
The character’s muscles bulge and ripple with added
power. He may use his strength more effectively through a
combination of leverage and brute determination.
Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Strength + Wyrd
Action: Reflexive
Catch: The character fights multiple opponents simultaneously
with his bare hands, not using weapons or tools
of any sort.
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The character strains his muscles
and suffers a –2 dice penalty to his next action involving
Failure: The changeling’s Strength is unaffected.
Success: The changeling adds a number of additional
dots to his Strength for this action equal to the number of
successes rolled.
Exceptional Success: The changeling also gains the 8
again quality for the next action he takes using a Strengthbased
dice pool.
Suggested Modifiers
Modifier Situation
+1 The character yells, grunts or boasts loudly about
her great strength.
–1 The character acts calm, restrained and sedate.
Ogre’s Rending Grasp (••)
The character can focus his inhuman prowess against
an inanimate object. Using this Contract, the changeling
can rip down a wall with his bare hands or bash in the
sturdiest door with a lead pipe. The changeling must either
touch or be able to clearly see an object to use this clause
upon it.
Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Strength + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling is attempting to remove a barrier,
such as a door or a wall.
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The character strains his muscles,
suffering a –2 dice penalty to all Strength-based dice pools
for the next scene.
Failure: The object’s Durability is unaffected.
Success: The changeling subtracts one point of Durability
per success achieved on the roll. Note that this clause
does not affect the object’s Structure. The reduced Durability
applies to all attacks on the object and lasts for one
Exceptional Success: No benefit other than that
gained from 5+ successes.

Merit 7
Fighting style-improvised XXX
Always Armed (•): The character has an instinct for grabbing something dangerous in almost any situation
and maximizing its lethality once in hand. On her character’s initiative in any given turn, the player may make
a reflexive Wits + Weaponry roll to have the character pick up an object suitable for use as a weapon in any
save the most barren environment. (The player is encouraged to work with the Storyteller to determine an
appropriate item — a large, jagged rock outdoors, for example, or a heavy glass ashtray with one sharp,
broken edge in a dive bar.) Regardless of what it is, this object is treated as a Size 1, one lethal weapon with a
Durability of 2. On an exceptional success, provided that her surroundings allow for it, the character may
instead grab a Size 2, two lethal improvised weapon with a Durability of 2.
In Harm’s Way (••): By interposing her weapon (no matter how small or inappropriate for parrying it
might be) in the path of an oncoming Brawl or Weaponry attack, the character learns to increase her chances
of walking away from a given attack unscathed. While wielding an improvised weapon acquired with the first
technique of this Fighting Style, the character may, at the beginning of a turn, treat the Structure of her
weapon as armor, but any damage inflicted upon her also inflicts an equal amount of damage to the
improvised weapon, bypassing its Durability.
Breaking Point (•••): One sure way to win a fight is to hit the other guy so hard that he doesn’t get back
up, even if that means losing a weapon in the process. When the character uses the all-out-attack option in a
fight while wielding an improvised weapon acquired with the first technique of this Fighting Style, her player
may exchange points of the weapon’s Structure, down to a minimum of zero, for added equipment bonus for
the duration of a single strike. The player must declare the use of this option before the attack is made, and the
weapon still takes the damage even if the attack is unsuccessful (perhaps striking a brick wall, a parked car or
some other heavy object.) If the weapon is reduced to zero Structure, the weapon is automatically destroyed
after the attack is resolved, though the target is still damaged as normal if successfully struck. Note that the
character may use this technique in conjunction with the previous one, allowing her to parry an attack made
on a higher Initiative than her own and then go on the offensive with her improvised weapon, provided that it
didn’t sustain enough damage to destroy it.

6 merit for 3 wyrd

Merit exp 16

Charmed life XX (2,4) 6


Book: Rites Of Spring, p. 88
Effect: While in Arcadia, your character gained some minor measure of the enchantments that many of the
True Fae use to protect themselves from harm. Once per scene, if your character suffers damage from an
attack that would kill him or even just inflict one or more points of aggravated damage, your character has the
option of spending one point of Willpower to cause the attacker to have to reroll this attack. The second roll is
the one that affects the character. This Merit may function even if the character is unconscious, but does not
function if the character has no more points of Willpower to spend. Also, this ability can only function once
for any single attack roll.

}concept Her master wished her to live as long as possible to keep her entertainment as long as possible.

Danger sense XX (2,4)12

Book: The World Of Darkness Core, p. 108
Effect: You gain a +2 modifier on reflexive Wits + Composure rolls for your character to detect an
impending ambush. This kind of roll is typically made prior to the first turn of a surprise attack.
Your character has a well-developed survival instinct that warns him of impending danger. Perhaps he’s
adept at reading subtle clues in his environment orhe possesses an uncanny “sixth sense” when it comes to
avoiding trouble


Trained observer X(2)14
Book: Dogs Of War, p. 38
Prerequisites: Wits ••• or Composure •••
Effect: A Trained Observer can spot the smallest anomaly. No detail escapes his notice. With the one-dot
version, the TO ignores penalties of up to -3 on Perception rolls. The three dot version gives Perception rolls
the Rote Action quality (see “Rote Actions”, the World of Darkness Rulebook, p. 134).

Make-do:Crafts X[X](2) 16;[] denotes further dots were bought with general exp

Book: The Free Council, p. 132
Prerequisites: Wits ••• and • in the appropriate Skill
Effect: Your character has some experience working under sub-optimal conditions. With poor tools or the
wrong tools, she can change a tire, repair a roof or perform an emergency tracheotomy. When you purchase
this Merit, assign it to a particular Skill (e.g., Make Do: Crafts). Reduce all penalties stemming from poor or
inappropriate tools by the number of dots you have in this Merit. You still must need and have some kind of
tools to attempt the action (you can’t patch a tire or perform a tracheotomy with your bare hands), but you can
scrape by with poor substitutes using this Merit. Note that this Merit does not add dice to your pool; this Merit
negates penalties.
This Merit can be purchased multiple times to apply to multiple Skills.

} Idea is she has had to make things to complete tasks from random junk, be it a shield to fight the knight, a Lever to fit the machine, or a ladder to scale a wall.

Exp 25

Make-do:Crafts (X)X(4)4

Trained memory X(2) cost 2; 6
Book: Guardians Of The Veil, p. 46
Prerequisite: Composure ••, Investigation •
Effect: Your character can remember the events of a single scene or a day’s worth of study perfectly as
long as she has a turn to concentrate. During this turn (in which she cannot engage in combat or other stressful
situations), the character uses a special technique to commit what she has learned to memory. (You should
write a brief note about this on the character sheet.) After that, during peaceful times, you no longer need to
make dice rolls to remember details about that event or piece of knowledge, and you can ask the Storyteller to
fill in details that you might have forgotten.
Drawback: Just as for any other character, you must make an Intelligence + Composure roll for the
character to remember any additional details about a subject during stressful situations (such as combat). You
gain no bonus to this roll; your enhanced memory is a matter of training and organized thinking, not off-thecuff
}Idea is she has done an unimaginable amount of puzzles and has developed a reflex to remeber everything she comes across

Odd jobs X cost 2;8


Book: The World Of Darkness Innocents, p. 110
Effect: Mowing lawns, raking leaves, babysitting — these are time-honored jobs for kids looking for a little
bit of pocket money. In some areas, other jobs exist, like shoveling snow or digging up bait worms. There are
even jobs of dubious legality, like being a bookie’s runner or a gang’s lookout. Whatever your character’s
choice of jobs, he reaps the benefits. He’s always got $10 to $20 in his pocket to spend. This money is his to
spend however he likes, without asking anyone for permission. Of course, if your character doesn’t take the
time to do his job, he won’t have any money.


Craft specialty 3;11
Investigation specialty 4;14

Street wise XX (3,6) 9;23

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