The supposed guy in charge. He tends to grate one everyone, is overly negative, and never seems to feel good about things.

I have no clue why you people even like me.


I'll try just about any game or system once. But depending on how my experience is, that might be only once. I will be silly even in a "serious" game if given a chance, and if things are working right, might be pretty entertaining in a game that is silly to begin with.

I can handle most settings. Fantasy isn't my particular cup of tea, but it'll do. Scifi or modern is slightly preferable, but anything that catches my imagination is usually good enough.


CTech in SPAAACE: Leon Jaeger - Mecha pilot turned traitor for what may or may not be shoggoth lovings, was replaced by Alice Hartmann, a bitter engel pilot/child soldier who talks to dolls.
Everyday Heroics: Meira Edelweiss - Akiha Tohno clone with breasts.
EDMG2: None
Changeling: Beatrix - Some sort of Reisen-inspired "useless" gunbunny. With Stockholm Syndrome for the True Fae.


My characters are incredibly hit or miss. I'll either enjoy playing them and they end up effective, or hate them because I feel they're worthless compared to their fellow party members.


I'm terrible at this. I just make shit up as I go, and it ends up not working at all, even for Maid. For some reason, my players seem to enjoy themselves, so I guess there's that to be said for me. I cannot keep track of more than one, maybe two NPCs at the same time.

EDMG - Mixed results, depending on who you ask. Didn't go very well ,but I didn;t fail completely as a first-time GM.

Future Plans

Something to do with another magical girl game, only more military-themed. That's about all I know myself, because I'm terrible at setting building.

Dive into the Sky: Original Generation
Ok, the title needs work. But, this isn't the silly little "girls with airplane legs" game with the same title. Not, this is the original, Ace Combat meets Sky Girls set-up I have as a setting and very unfinished story that'd probably be good for a roleplaying game. Jets everywhere, unless the players want mecha. Near-future, plenty of superplanes and other crazy technology, genetically-altered child pilots and old guard traditional military types. AI-controlled UCAVs. There's probably a war going on. Military drama and missions. To be played with Mekton Zeta. I'd do this one as soon as I had everything statted up.

Super Shmup Wars
Because people seem to like the idea of a full-on space (opera) type game. I'll probably want to get DitS:OG out of the way first, if only to get people familiar with the system I'd likely be using again. That, and as much as I like space, scifi ,and shmups, I want to run DitS:OG first. Dunno what this'd quite be about. But, expect a wandering spaceship full of ragtag heroes, probably going up against a galaxy-spanning criminal organization. Space battles, planetary battles, ground battles on foot (I like every kind of battle that there is). Expect a weird fusion of shmuppan awesomeness and Gunstar Heroes meets Metroid on-foot exploration and shooting. This may or may not also shamelessly steal elements from R-Type, Gradius, Thunder Force, Homeworld, Radiant Silvergun, and whatever else I chuck into the mindblender when I get to work.


As with characters, hit or miss. Either I do something right ,or it's a complete failure from the start. I'm apparently good at playing bitchy, decisive character types. I can work well from little more than a set of stats I'm happy with and a brief personality sketch, fleshing the rest out during play. Anything more tha that tends to result in roleplaying fail, such as massive disconnects between character as played and character as intended.

I'm also really, really bad in general, when it comes to making up details for a scene or expressing much about the character beyond the very straightforward aspects of what they say and do.

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