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Rough summery for now, subject to change:
Chicago, modern era*

*It’s not quite the new world of darkness but like, just before that exploded. Shreknet hasn’t been hacked and Vampires are still secret enough, but generally are aware the risks are higher then ever (which is always the case)

Vampires, as a majority, see the mortal trends the same way they always have, its nonsense, a phase, and not part of their world.

Chicago is in comfortable stagnation, the mortal affairs have fallen to the side while the vampires settled into a drawn out war, Camerilla have the largest control the city, but the ever elusive and powerful Lasombra ruled Sabbat sect have kept enough of a force they are no longer actively hunted. Ostensibly, the whole of kindred are united in their goal of preventing infiltration by the sizable number of werewolves at their gates, a not long ago war in the Chicago streets was quite messy for both sides and no one wants a repeat.

However, since the kindred seem to do too good a job at this, or maybe the werewolves are no longer interested, it's instead largely fallen to petty territory claims and personal or clan agendas veiled under this front.

Further staking claim, the Giovanni, Brujah and Lasombra have had claws in Chicago since its crime riddled past, and never really had to let go. Barring the giovanni, ever independent and up to their own agenda, The Anarchs claim a lot of this, but that rarely holds true when an individual member can benefit from it more. in response, the Camerilla is forced to attach itself to the legitimate businesses, and the demand to be careful this necessitates has limited their ability to expand further as they might want, the Toreador have since become their largest backer, with all manner of charities, the Elysium get-togethers these allow are well received by all which furthers their position.

The Chantry in the thirties ago made an ambitious but unsuccessful play for power and had their higher ranks purged, and struggled to recover since. While the exact events were disavowed and now they work lower tier rituals to maintain the Kindred dominance, they've never quite recovered and its a well known secret they're now just much more careful in their workings.

The Nosferatu play all the sides hoping someone will remove someone else and leave a hole they can escape from the gutters into, safe for fear they'll stop helping their accusers side.

Overall, Chicago's popularity has been the predictable nature, dangerous and hard to get into, but nothing truly alien as an obvious problem, all until very recently.

The Toreador Primogen, Annabelle, who has been growing increasingly whimsical, started making moves to 'purify' the city from its 'thinblood infestation' - which, from the Sabbat, Anarchs and general human stupidity, often of a newcomer to town trying to establish themselves among the old blood getting out of hand, has a larger population then usual for a city, and worse, forming their own separate community in the form of a traditional gang - went missing. This in itself wouldn't be unusual, 'accidents' happen, but no one has benefited, been able to successfully increase their position or even know about it until told.

Because of the level of mystery, the Prince has put out a request for any information on this and a reward of personal favor for any idea what happened and if alive, her return.


  • The Core book has only the basic clans. The tools to make others aren’t that hard though. If you want to play nonbasic vamps, you’ll need to find and get me to okay any disciplines for them. The thinbloods are all a houserule after all so I won’t be too harsh.
  • I’m also not an expert at storyteller, if I call for some roll eg. int and you can tell wits would fit more (or want to cheat and use that instead) make a case for it and why.
  • Standard V5 rules. *If anyone bitches, some things might be ripped out and replaced.
  • Change first: NWoD (Pre God Machine) combat system, so be sure to list your defense, its all pretty much worked out the same.
  • one attribute at 4, three at 3, four at 2, one at 1
  • Health = Stam+3, Willpower = Composure + Resolve
  • Pick one:
    • Jack of all trades: One skill at 3, Eight at 2, Ten at 1
    • Balanced: Three skills at 3, five skills at 2, seven at 1
    • Specialist: One skill at 4, three at 3, three at 2, three at 1
  • One free specialty
  • 2 in one discipline, 1 in another
  • Predator style (need book for these) added
  • 7 points in advantage, 2 in flaw HOWEVER, Since combat will be NWoD, you may also look at NWoD merits (or flaws if you can find any) and take those. Try not to abuse this and keep me updated on choices and why if you’re worried.
  • You just get access to any powers of your disciplines up to the dots you have, no need to choose only one (until I regret this.) You can also try experimenting for new shit you could plausibly do, but it'll be hard rolls.


Emillia Rouge : A Toreador with a near constant smirk.
May Williams : A Gangrel who doesn't know what the fuck.
Caoilfhoinn Tirnanoc A Trem whore played by Maid the who's too much of an Alzheimer riddled boomer to remember to link on the main page
Lorenzo Giovanni A Giovanni family man who does not shirk his family values.
Pierre Bouchet A Brujah who can't help but contradict everyone, especially himself.

Experience points: 37

Last time: Investigating the only Camerilla lead, a supposed thinblood - who turned out to be an unknown proper Kindred, the coterie managed to get her to recall suspcious amounts of street-gang members outside Annabelle's personal lair, while she can't describe their faces, she can be sure they're low class criminals she'd know if she saw, if they;re werewolf, thinblood or even unaffiliated mortals is unknown.

The coiterie managed to find the rushed entrance used by someone to break into the Succubus club, though they don't seem to be the only people who knew of this area, as they found themselves watched, but lost their watcher, the lazy handiwork of whatever intruders making getting inside the places secret dissection area trivial, however on attempting to find someone to help officiate their visit, the group lost their Toreador to a hellraiser theme gallerys very early access.

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