Ulfried Oarsbane

Ulfried Oarsbane. giant. huge. musical.

Ability Scores:

Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
Score: 25 8 25 8 4 12
Bonus: +7 -1 +7 -1 -3 +1

+1 Con, Str Level 4, 8
+1 All, Level 10 ||

Total: Current: DR: Elemental Resistance Armour Check Penalty
160 160 10 15 0


Primary Skills
Name Favored? Type Total:
Weapon Attack: Fav Str +18/+13/+8
Unarmed Attack: Str +13/+8
Ranged Attack: Dex +5/+0
Defense: Fav dex +10
Inititive: Int +5
Fortitude: Fav Con +20
Reflex: Dex +12
Will: Fav Wis +3

Movement Rates:

Type: Normal: Modified
Land 40 feet 40 feet
Swimming 30 feet 30 feet


Item Stats Details

can't find where I put it. will redo later

Secondary Skills:

Balance (fav)=+12
Intimidate (fav)=+14
Jump (fav)=+20
Hide (fav)=+12
Knowledge (local)=+3
Perform (fav)=+17
Move Silently (fav)=+12
Sleight of hand=+5


Weapon prof. (swords) (f)
Armor prof. (light) (f)
Blade Guard (stance, no attacks for +4 defense) (f)
Power (stance, +1+1/5lvls damage, -2 defense)
Crater stompx2 (all within 15 feet moves 10 feet closer, roll tumble vs 15+lvl/2 or fall prone)
Cleave (if in power, and hit, roll to hit another, cannot hit a target with multiple cleaves)
Downward thrust (std action to autocrit knocked down/unconcious target)
Adrenaline Surge (when HP<1/2maxhp, +2 dmg)
Fatal Blow (1/day, slash a target within 30 ft. deal weapon dmg+1/2lvld6 damage. no attack/run for the following 2 rounds)
Revenge (bonus 1d6 when attacking someone who attacked teammate)
Challenge (everyone within 30 feet attacking a teammate has to will vs 15+lvl or only target swordsman for 2 rounds)
Relentless Tune (dc20 musician, all within 50 feet get +2 dam to weap/unarm/ranged atks)
Percussion of Rock (dc21 musician, all within 50 feet get +2 to defend)
Elemental resistance (lvl+5 elemental resistance)
Penetrating strike (when you beat enemy def by 5 or more, ignore 5 points of target DR)
Skill focus (perform) (+3 to perform)
Run (x5 run in light armor)
Blooded x2 (+40 HP)

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