Ugnnra Ondrtsorm

Ugnnra Ondrtsorm
Ultradimensional <s>Pico</s>Nano who Absorbs Energy

Ugnnar Ondertsorm is a Nano not from this dimension or standard 3 dimensional spatial system. His alien existance was forced into this world when the accidential destruction of several gravity controling artifacts detinated in a spetacular way rearanging both his native dimension and the ninth worlds leaving his existance constrained and strugling to survive. By anchoring himself to the wreckage and organic debris he waited assessing the situation eventualy coming to relization that entities in this dimension mostly moved around in bipedal forms from there he combled together a mixture of organic and synth material into a humoid form by reversing their 3d spatial tragecteris to intersect and join, a horrifying process to behold. His skin is a tapastry of differnt molting skin colors with obvious wrongness at points like an artist forgot how volume worked at points though the face was actualy properly worked on to a degree of acceptability. Any exanimation will show all the organs (or numenera equivlants) are in the wrong place but it functions, this type of thing wouldnt' bother anyone who's done any extensive work in the 9th world anyways.

STR 7+3+1 11/11
DEX 9+0+1 5/10
INT 12+4+2 18/18



Class abilities
Resonance Field (1 Intellect point): Faint lines in a color you choose form a tracery over your entire body and emit faint light. The effect lasts for one minute. Whenever a creature within immediate range makes an attack against you, the pattern energizes to block the attack. You can make an Intellect defense roll in place of the defense roll you would normally make. If you do so and you get a minor effect, the creature attacking you takes 1 point of damage. If you get a major effect, the creature attacking you takes 4 points of damage. Action to initiate.

Ward:+1 Armor

Far Step (2 Intellect points): You leap through the air and land some distance away. You can jump up, down, or across to anywhere you choose within long range if you have a clear and unobstructed path to that location. You land safely. Action.

Tier 2
Speed recovery (3 int points) : You adjust a creature’s normal regenerative ability so that he recovers more quickly. One creature you choose within short range makes a recovery roll without having to spend the time to do so. Action.

Expert Cypher use : 3 cyphers
Light wepaon prof: med difficul+1, heavy difficult +2
Numenera training : Trained Numeneria, can dephiver

Noncausal (Trigged die roll for task) : When you roll a die on a task and get a result you don’t like, you can insert yourself a few seconds back in your own timeline and reroll and choose the result you like best. However, when you take advantage of this ability, reality rebounds and you are dazed, increasing the difficulty of all your tasks by one step on your next turn.

Innability : Difficulty of int defense tasks increased by one

Numeneria **
Alternate dimension *

Numeneria source book
A weapon (A knife)
Three Cyphers
One oddity
4 shins (a leg and change)

Tier 1
Absorb Kinetic Energy (1 Intellect point). You absorb the energy of one incoming blow or impact (this can include you falling from a height). You negate any damage you would have suffered, up to 5 points. Once you have absorbed energy, you cannot use this ability again until you have released that energy using one of your other abilities. Enabler.
Release Energy. You release the energy you’ve absorbed as a blast that strikes a single foe within long range for 5 points of damage. Action.

Tier 2
Energize Object. You infuse energy you have absorbed into an object, like a weapon. The object holds the energy until it is touched by anyone but you, so putting it into a melee weapon or the ammo of a ranged weapon allows the weapon to trigger the energy in combat. The energy inflcts 5 points of damage on the creature touched. You cannot have more than one energized object on your person at a time. Action to initiate.

<Thoon> Stim
<Thoon> Level 6
<Thoon> Liquid
<Thoon> Decreases the difficulty of next action taken by 3 steps

<Thoon> Reality Spike
<Thoon> Level 7
<Thoon> Metalic Spike
<Thoon> Once activated, the spike does not move - ever - even if activated in midair. A might action will dislodge the spike but then it is ruined.

<Thoon> Foam Limb
<Thoon> Level 7
<Thoon> Canister
<Thoon> If sprayed upon a creature the foam builds an arm with a hand that mimics one of the creaturres existing limbs in appearance, if possible. The foam hardens to the consistancy of flesh and can be used as if it were its own. No extra actions but can be damaged without hurting the host.

<Thoon> Oddity:
<Thoon> A rubber Ball that, when thrown against a hard surface, creations a second rubber ball that lasts for a few minutes before dissapearing.

Tier 2 updates
Natural Speed recovery
*Edge 1 int
*character option esso (Far step)
*Skill (numa specilization)

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