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Background and other things

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Tyssa Dawnsinger

Caste: Dawn Concept: Brawling hero
Totemic Anima: Starting as a brawl, phantasms, faintly reminiscent of both Agathe's friends and enemies, rapidly escalating in scale as it grows.
Inspirations: A combination of Greek hero myth and Shounen protagonists, the former for multiple approaches to combat and latter for personality/method. King Radical.
Age: 25 Sex: Female Skin: Tan Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue


Personal 13 13
Peripheral 28 33
Committed 5

Statistics and Saves

Strength 10 +0
Dexterity 16 +3 +2 Racial
Constitution 16 +3 +2 Racial
Intelligence | 14 +2
Wisdom 10 +0
Charisma 18 +4 +2 Racial
Fortitude +3 +3 Con
Reflex +5 +3 Dex
Will +2


Initiative: +3 BAB: +1 ?: ?
Weapon Total Attack Bonus Crit rate Damage Type Damage Misc
Rapier Attack +4 18-20/X2 Piercing 1d6 Tyssa has weapon finesse with any one handed piercing weapon. This assumes she's using a rapier.
Unarmed Attack +1 X2 Bludgeoning 1d3 Standard attack modifier
Armor Type Soak Hard Mob
Evasion Tags
Natural - 4 - - 5
Buff Jacket L +3 0 0 4
Total - 7 0 0 4


5+m Peripheral to advance Banner
Dim Default
Glowing Caste Mark shines; -3 Stealth/Disguise
Burning Blazing Anima; Stealth Impossible
Bonfire Totemic Displays; Illuminate short range; Visible for miles; Stealth Impossible
  • Know the exact time of day (1m)
  • Display Caste Mark indefinitely (1m)
  • Reset conditions are all reset (10m 1/day)


●●●●● ●●○○○
□□□□□ □□■■■


Skill Rank Bonus Total
Acrobatics 2 +0 +2
Bluff 2 +0 +2
Climb 2 +0 +2
Craft 2 +0 +2
Craft 2 +0 +2
Craft 2 +0 +2
Disable Device 2 +0 +2
Disguise 2 +0 +2
Escape Artist 2 +0 +2
Fly 2 +0 +2
Handle Animal 2 +0 +2
Heal 2 +0 +2
Intimidate 2 +0 +2
Knowledge (Arcana) 2 +0 +2
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) 2 +0 +2
Knowledge (Engineering) 2 +0 +2
Knowledge (Geography) 2 +0 +2
Knowledge (History) 2 +0 +2
Knowledge (Local) 0 +3 +3/10*
Knowledge (Nature) 2 +0 +2
Knowledge (Nobility) 0 -1 -1
Knowledge (Planes) 6 +0 +6
Knowledge (Religion) 4 +3 +7/10*
Linguistics 0 +3 +3
Perception 0 +0 +0
Perform 0 -1 -1
Perform 2 +3 +5
Perform 1 +3 +4
Profession 0 +3 +3
Profession 6 +0 +6
Profession 4 +0 +4
Ride 0 +10 +10
Sense motive 3 +2 +5
Sleight of hand 4 +0 +4
Spellcraft 0 -1 -1
Stealth 2 +3 +5
Survival 4 +0 +4
Swim 0 -1 -1
Use magic device 2 +0 +2

Great Curse

Whenever Agathe sees people baulk at or fail challenges before them.
□□□□□ □□□□□


3 Artifacts
1 Cult (Impassioned Followers)
2 Influence (Hero to the small villages of the Scavenger Lands and Hundred Kingdoms)
2 Resources
1 Iron Stomach
1 Language (Low Realm)


Debts Agathe lives in a cycle of fighting for money, burning the money on short term luxury, then being poor again. She doesn't hold onto money well.
Awkward Though not a prude or under immaculate code, Agathe's thrown off by debauched realm decadence, it annoys and disturbs her when encountered.


Join Battle: 6 /+3 Rush: 6 Disengage: 8
Weapon Type Accuracy
( W / D )
Damage /
Parry Tags
Unarmed L 12 8 7B 1 4 Brawl, Natural
Smashfists L 13 8 10B 3 6 Bashing, Brawl, Smashing, Worn
Armor Type Soak Hard Mob
Evasion Tags
Natural - 4 - - 5
Buff Jacket L +3 0 0 4
Total - 7 0 0 4

Health Levels and Recovery

Track Recovery
ok : B : L : A Bash Lethal
-0 ok 1 hr 1 day
-1 ok ok 12 hrs 2 days
-1 ok
-2 ok ok 1 day 3 days
-2 ok ok
-4 ok 2 days 5 days
In ok Storyteller

Social Combat

Join Debate: 3 Resolve: 4 Guile: 1
Name Dice pool Targets Effect
Read Intentions (Perception+Socialize) 2 Guile Learn what another character wants to achieve, or learn about target's Intimacies
Inspire (Usually Performance) 2 Resolve Inspire an emotion of the user's choice in the target.
Threaten (Presence) 3 Resolve Does not need an intimacy. Intimidate/threaten someone to do what you want or take negative consequences. Target forms a negative intimacy towards you.
Bargain (Presence) 3 Resolve Does not need an intimacy. Convince a target to do what you want by offering a gift, bribe, etc.
Persuade (Presence) 3 Resolve Must be supported by an intimacy. Convinces a target to take a course of action in line with said intimacy.
Instill (Presence) 3 Resolve Change feelings and beliefs of others. Create, strengthen, or weaken intimacies.


  • Riverspeak (Native)
  • Low Realm

Further Details

  • Artifact: A pair of Red Jade smashfists, taken from the hands of a local Dragonblood tyrant Agathe once showed up and robbed. Though still obvious to their artifact nature, in comparison to others they are worn, cracked, the knuckles are rough and as a whole it looks just slightly burnt. When essence is channelled through them they burst with steam and seem ready to shake themselves apart, but they still work just fine.
  • Cult: Though the specifics of her philosophy discourage it, people are simple. As Agathe tells people that their lives now are just as, if not more important then what they will one day become by the immaculate faith, their inspiration will shift into admiration and worship, and in being the focus of that, there is power. The majority of this is based in her now scattered home villages' people, now slowly spreading this through the populace. Agathe's nature isn't one for actively working with them, but she's compelled to help these people, even if complete strangers to her, like they were dear friends whenever they crop up.
  • Influence: Even before exalting, Agathe's travels and nature lead her into fights with people making things hard for commoners, with her new power news of this has only spread, and wherever Agathe goes, it's likely anyone else from the scattered parts of the Scavenger Lands have heard of her and her deeds. Fortunately, for now, these tales tend more towards local tales of someone who'll overthrow corrupt sources of authority or scare off bandits, rather then the realm hearing about an anathema gaining popularity among non-realm rabble.
  • Iron Stomach: Somewhere between enduring a life in the east and her exaltation, Agathe can and will eat nearly anything and in great amounts, and it being poisonous or otherwise a bad idea is rarely a deterrent.
  • Resources: Over the years, to earn her living, Agathe enters fighting tournaments for money, at first for training and then to learn to properly temper her superior abilities, and has a small amount of money and comfort she can afford herself. She actually tends to win much larger amounts, but the small amount he carries is all that is ever left after her initial celebrations with parties and feasts.
  • Language: Agathe's understanding of the realm, like most around her is distant. Due more to convenience then anything else, Agathe's only learnt the common lowborn version of its language.

  • Smashing: The weapon can make smash attacks. Sacrifice one Defense until the character's next turn and cost two Initiative to attempt. If successful, they knock the opponent back one range band, OR knock them prone. Targets may be knocked back into dangerous or deadly threats like lava or steep cliffs.

  • As a dawn, Agathe can inspire fear in anything. Add half her essence to any intimidation tests, including to things which cannot usually feel fear such as undead and automatons.
  • When at iconic or bonfire anima, Agathe adds half her essence to base initiative after a decisive attack.

Deeds, Tricks, Spells






  • None.

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Gained Stored Spent
Normal 20 0 0
Solar 6 0 0
Train 0 0 0
  • 10 XP, 4 Solar XP: Previous games
  • 5 XP 1/11/15 Chasing off a true hero from attacking the gate of dreams.
  • 5 XP 2 Solar XP 13/12/15 - Making Gryllg cry like a jerk.
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