Tyssa Dawnsinger

Coral Knight Captain Tyssa Dawnsinger

Ability Scores:

Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
Score: 14 10 19 12 11 16
Bonus: 2 0 +4 1 0 +3
+2 Dex, +2 int, -2 con, Racial
+1 Con, Str Level 4
+2 Cha, Heroic Attribute
+2 Con, Level 8
+1 All, Level 10
Total: Current: DR: Elemental Resistance Armour Check Penalty
121 121 12 16 -6


Primary Skills
Name Favored? Type Total:
Weapon Attack: Fav Str 13/9 (Armored Stance)
Unarmed Attack: Str 7
Ranged Attack: Dex 5
Defense: Fav Int 12 /16 (Armored Stance) /30 (Fully Armored in Armored Stance)
Inititive: Int 6
Fortitude: Fav Con 15+5
Reflex: Dex 5
Will: Fav Wis 11+5

Movement Rates:

Type: Normal: Modified
Land 25 feet 15 feet
Swimming 50 feet 40 feet


Item Stats Details
Heavy Shield 1d4 (+1d6 +2) damage, 5ft/20x2 crit, min str 12, +3 defense, -2 Armor Check A massive fuckoff wheel from a wrecked ship, constantly strapped to Tyssa's arm and inevitablly splattered in blood.
Katana 1d10+2 damage, 5ft/20x2 crit, min str 14 A large decorate sword befitting a pirate captain. Only ever sees use in bluffs, showing off or mundane utility.
Full-Plate Armour +6 defense, +1 max dex, -6 Armour Check, -10ft move Massive but decorative metal armor styled like shells. A little revealing despite its massive protection
Misc Fullplate +8 defense A pirate's hat made in steel plate, complete with an eyepatch, gloves, and what was extremely hard to make, covering for the tail and fins that allows some movement, built to interlock to make it easier when she needs to 'stand up' taller then usual.

Secondary Skills:

Skill Favored? Type Total
Appraise Yes Int 11
Balence Yes Dex 11
Bluff Yes Cha 14
Climb Yes Str 13
Concentration Yes Con 15
Cooking Wis 5
Diplomacy Yes Cha 14+3
Engineering Wis 5
Escape Artist Yes Dex 11
Gather Information Yes Cha 14
Heal Wis 5
Hide Dex 5
Intimidate Yes Cha 14-3
Invent Int 6
Jump Yes Str 13
Knowledge (Local) Yes Wis 11
Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty) Yes Wis 11
Knowledge (Others) Wis 5
Listen Yes Wis 5
Move Silent Dex 5
Navigation Yes Int 12
Perform Cha/Dex 8/5
Research Wis 5
Ride Yes Dex 11
Sailing Yes Wis 11
Search Yes Int 12
Sense Motive Yes Wis 11
Sleight of Hand Dex 5
Spot Yes Wis 11
Trapping Yes Dex 11
Tumble Dex 5


Weapon Proficiency: All Melee Weapons Can use any melee weapon
Shield Proficency (Light and Medium) Can use small/medium shields
Armor Proficency (Light and Medium) Can use light/medium armor
Armored Stance, give +2 Defense +1 more per every 5 levels (+4 total), Attacks have -4 while using it
Peace Main Pirate
Blooded +3 Diplomacy and -3 Intimidate, follows instincts to adventure and trouble.
Run Run 5 times normal speed in Medium or less armor(Or not carrying a heavy load), 4 times in heavy armor.+4 on jumps and retain dex bonus to defense.
Speed 1 +5 speed
Speed 2 +5 speed
Taunt If within 50 ft off enemies, may try a taunt, Will DC 15+level (26) to resist concentrating on warrior for three turns. Others attacking make themselves viable targets too.
Shield Bash Standard Action, attack normally using shield, shield damage+1d6, fort vs 15 or knocked prone. If smaller need higher strength, -2 dc per a size
Iron Skin +1 DR against physical damage
Armor Proficency (Heavy) Can use heavy armor
Hunker Down Once a battle, as a standard action, gain +2 DR +1 defense per a medium/heavy armor, lasts until moving, attacking or canceled (free action)
Heroic Charisma +2 Charisma
Well Oiled Machine Combined Attacks no longer suffer -2 to attack rolls
Still Standing Can't be knocked Down or Prone, Stand while Unconscious or Dying while fighting.
Shield Rush Full round action, run twice normal land speed, then use shield bash on someone
Elemental Resistance Gain elemental resistance of level+5 (16)
Iron Will +5 to all Fort and Will rolls
Busoshoku Haki Gain +10 DR, All physical attacks deal +3 more damage and can hurt Logia users normally. For one minute only once an hour.
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