Turner Locke

Name : Turner Locke
Alias : Doorman.

roll 1d20+5

roll 1d20+10 DC 10+7Rank affliction (fort) impaired 2nd stunned *homing
roll 1d20+10 DC 15+8 Damage (tuff) DC 10+7 affliction (fort) impaired 2nd stunned *homing
Cone Ref 19 Fort 19 9 Rank affliction (fort) impaired 2nd stunned (secondary effect)

roll 1d20+7/8 toughness
roll 1d20+10 Dodge
roll 1d20+10 Will
roll 1d20+8 Fort

Static Dodge 20
Static Parry 20

roll 1d20+16 Deception
roll 1d20+11 Perception
roll 1d20+11 Persuasion
roll 1d20+9 Insight

Current statistics

PL 9
PP 135/135

Hero points 0/8
Luck use 0/3

Conditions :
Bruise :
Injury : 1

Fatigued :

Everyday delivery man

Back story


The true nature of the silver keys : The keys have their own adgenda and seemingly has more power than has been seen. What is it's limits, and why does it seem to draw Turner to places to seemingly do unrelated and odd tasks? (boosts to stunts involving keys, needing to do actions to satisfy them (or even doing it in his sleep/trance). Cultists also seem to catch him and beat him up regularly for using the keys though seemingly he never gets killed during it.

Delivery job : Turner now makes a living by delivering packages across nations without actualy corssing borders. Which has gotten lots of interest from less then reputable sources. He has made some word of mouth contacts and keeps meeting locations in rotation. He never looks in the packages he delivers but the general rule is no weapons, nothing involved in human traficing, and no illict pornography effectivly nothign that would get you in trouble through normal delivry means.

Key quests : Turner doesn't even know when he starts theses or knows what he needs to do, but ocasioanlly he just goes to places and does things that only in retrospect he belives is for the silver keys. He sometimes picks up some things or causes a supernatural occurance to bother him for a while, he really needs to get this under control.


Criminal record : Turner Locke was arrested and jailed for Trespassing on top of breaking and entering of a single mothers home and sleeping in a guest bed as it was his room when he lived there as a child. His time spent

IRS : Turner is an american citizen. No matter where he goes the IRS wants their cut, and his reporting of where he lives, how much he makes, and other such things are looking sketchier and sketchier. Turenr takes pains between his criminal record and the fact he knows some tax/sales law/other such beuracrical things to avoid standing out more than he has to when he's doing what seems to be a less than legal job. Former issue.

Government <s>bitch</s> Handled: Turner has moved up in the world the IRS no longer wants to throw him into a cell. Now the government wants to have him have a long and healthy productive life answering the call of uncle Sam for technically not US interests in extra human endeavors. Note they are not exactly backing him, but they have demands of him.

Sara Store : She really could put those keys to use.

The strange storage in middle of nowhere :

PL 8
PP (PL*15) 20


STR 0 0
STA 3(4) -6
AGL 1 -2
DEX 0 0
FGT 1 -2
INT 1 -2
AWE 4 -8
PRE 4 -8




dodge/parry - toughness

will - Fortitude

Defense Ranks Stat bonus Additional bonus Total
Dodge 8 AGI 1 - 10
Fortitude 3 STA (3/4) - 7
Parry 8 FGH 1 - 10
Toughness 4 STA (3/4) Dodge roll 1 8/9
Will 6 AWE 4 - 10



Acrobatics (AGL 2) Trained 1
Athletics (STR 0) 0
Close Combat (FGT 2) 0
Deception (PRE 3) 13
Experties (INT 1) Trained(specialize) 0
Experties (INT 1) Arcane 2
Experties (INT 1) Bureaucracy 2
Inight (AWE 4) 5
Intimidation (PRE 3) 2
Investigation (INT 1)Trained 2
Perception (AWE 4) 7
Persuasion (PRE 3) 8
Ranged Combat (DEX 0)(taser) 4
Sleight of Hand (DEX 0) Trained 1
Stealth (AGL 2) 2
Technology (INT 1) Trained 1
Treatment (INT 1) Trained 0
Vehicles (INT 1) Trained 0



Instillation [1]
Size 1 Toughness 6
Medium size 1
Door Collection 1 (all sorts of doors for easy silver key travel)
Secret 1 (middle of nowhere in abandoned town)
Living space 1 (its a house)
Power system 1 (Multiple cables to various forgotten sockets in wall-marts through small doorways)

Name Rank Notes
Improved initiative 1 +4 initive per rank
Connections 1 Criminal network
Fascinate 1 cell-content
Second Chance 1 Booze fortified (Fortitude check, poison)
Ranged attack 1 +1 ranged
Team attack 1 +5 (aid check, team attack check)
Side kick 5 see bellow
Set-up 2 You can transfer the benefits of a successful combat use of an interaction skill to your teammate(s). For example, you can feint and have your target vulnerable against one or more allies next attack(s), rather than yours. Each rank in the advantage lets you transfer the benefit to one ally. The interaction skill check requires its normal action, and the affected allies must be capable of interacting with you (or at least seeing the set-up) to benefit from it.
Taunt 1 You can demoralize an opponent with Deception rather than Intimidation (see Demoralize use of Intimidation Skill), disparaging and undermining confidence rather than threatening. Targets resist using Deception, Insight, or Will defense.
Defensive roll 2 You can avoid damage through agility and “rolling” with an attack. You receive a bonus to your Toughness equal to your advantage rank, but it is considered an active defense similar to Dodge and Parry (see Active Defenses in Abilities), so you lose this bonus whenever you are vulnerable or defenseless. Your total Toughness, including this advantage, is still limited by power level. This advantage is common for heroes who lack either superhuman speed or toughness, relying on their agility and training to avoid harm.
Equipment 1 (mostly disguises)
Luck 3 luck


X/r+Y +Z(ap)

Silvered keys that open doors
Device -2 per 5 points flaw
20 points spent -4 points -16 points total

Lock Control 6 ranks 3/r -18
Transform 2/r
Locked into unlocked
+1/r Increased duration continuious
-1 Quirk : observed permenance. Object changed need not nescidsarly change back only when turner drops
it as a free action. If the objects new state is not natural (IE it was locked in such a way
that it could not be normaly unlocked) the alterations may revert when unobserved and outside
of the keys direct influence. If the lock is part of a system or is self alterating such as
in an electronic lock system or a door that locks and unlocks on a tiemer the door may return
to its origional state if outside of turners influence or have a will/technology save against
ranks of lock control.
+1 flat other way Unlocked into locked

+AP 1
The space between doors
Movement (Dimensional) 2/r
+2/r Extra - Portal
-1/r Flaw - medium "doors"
Dimension of twisted space - a place that has no true distance but aligns itself to the wielders
intrusion and creates some sketchy traversable path between the two imaginined points. All manner of
complications may occur based on the distance and the difference between the two doors.

+AP 2
Short hop
Teleport 6 ranks 3/r -18
+2/r Extra Portal
-1/r Flaw Medium : Doors

DEFENDERS issued taser 20 points (18 for container) 12 points (device)

Descriptor - electric, technological

Upon becoming "official" the people in charge begrudgingly took it upon themselves to search through experimental prototype tasers that were moldering in R&D and gave Turner the DEFENDERS prototype taser. While not as rough and possibly as debilitating as his custom one but it is more importantly a ranged arc of electricity from the start.

Flaw Device -2 per 5 points

Affliction [7] 2/r +2AP +4 20 points (18 for container)
1st impaired (-2 to checks)
2nd stunned

+1/r ranged
-1/r Limited degree no 3rd rank

+3 flat accurate 3 (+6 to hit)
+1 Flat Homing

AP 1 Unlocked potential
Affliction 1/r [7] + linked(8) +4 = 18 points
1st impaired (-2 to checks)
2nd stunned

+1/r Ranged
+1/r cumulative
-1/r limited no 3rd rank
-1/r limited Requires key

+linked [8] 7
Damage 1/r
+1/r Ranged
-1/r Limited Requires key

+3 flat accurate 3 (+6 to hit)
+1 flat homing

AP 2 Unlocked potential maximum spread variant
Affliction 2/r [9] 18 points
1st impaired
2nd stunned

+1/r Extra AoE (cone)
+1/r Cumulative
+1/r Secondary effect
-1/r Limited requires key
-1/r No third rank

Charm of the traveler 4 points spent
Descriptors : Magic, artifact
Action : None
Range : Personal
Duration : Permanent
Cost : 4 Power points (3 imunity, 2 stamina)
Immunity 5 ranks 1:2 ranks 3 points
5 ranks (Half life support) All environmental effects (10 ranks is life support which includes all environmental and a bunch of others)

Flaw -1/r Uncontroled : The most dangerous… the charm of the traveler only changes to the most dangerous of environmental conditions. Being in space next to a radioactive core would be 2 enviormental conditions, the radioacitve core could kill turner in rounds not 3*rounds and thus would protect turner from radiation burning awya his stamina score while he suffocates to death, it does not take into acount what will kill him next but what is most dangerous overall.

Stamina 1 rank 2 points

Flaw device -1 per 2 points : The charm of the traveler is normally a pendant but when its effect becomes active it melts and becomes a tatoo on the skin of the wearer. Even when active it can be removed quite easily by magic or quite hard by attacking the skin directly which will cause it to revert to its normal easily pocketable form with enough effort and a bit of prying. Also attacking the tattoo is the same as damaging the device.

"A small charm given to a traveling monk, or cultist, or demi god, doesn't matter. It was to help them cross sandstorms and climb a mountain but it turns out it could do more. After it was found by an explore a trap was triggered and lava started pouring in but instead of bursting into flame the charm activated and the poor sap could outrun the slowly lava without igniting. Don't know if it'll work in space but its the best I got."


To PL 7 WORTHLESS mucekd things up as I didn't have proper totals from devices, paid full price

to PL 8 had some missed points I had to include

PL 9 at bottom some tweaking was done to existin gstats


Sloth <s>anime</s> Demon

Back story
we summoned a demon yo

Lazy : Very lazy
Corupting : though terrible at it because lazy
Mortal inexperienced : All that lazy learning and not an idea what to really do with it. Also a century or two out of date

PL Max 8
PP (rank*5)


STR -2 +4 Her normal form is a weak college girl
STA 1 -2 She's fit at least
AGL -3 +6 So laaaaaaaaaaa
DEX 0 actualy not attrified
FGT -3 +6 aaaaaaaaaaaaazy
INT -2 +4 Thinking is hard
AWE -3 +6 concentration is harder
PRE 2 -4 lazy college girl but still college girl even if lacking.



Dodge(AGL) [-2]0
Fortitude(STA) [ 1]0
PARRY(FGT) [-2]0
WILL(AWE) [-3]0



Acrobatics (AGL) Trained 2 (Can do tricks!)
Athletics (STR) 2 (More tricks!)
Close Combat (FGT)(specilize) 0
Deception (PRE) 0
Experties (INT) Trained(specilize) 0
Planes 8 (won't shut up about hell)
Magic 10 (Sure why not)
Entertainment 6 (Knows teh best way to coach potatofy people)
Histroy 8 (Ehhh stupid master didn't you know about?)
Inight (AWE) 0
Intimidation(Pre) 0
Investigation(INT)Trained 0
Perception(AWE) 0
Persuasion(PRE) 4 (She needs some is a demon)
Ranged Combat(DEX)(specilize) 0
Sleight of Hand(DEX) Trained 4 (Can do all sorts of slight of hand things if bothered)
Stealth(AGL) 0
Technology(INT) Trained 0
Treatment(INT) Trainted 0
Vehicles(INT) Trainted 0




Contacts (demonic)


X/r+Y +Z(ap)

cute demon bits -3
Extra limbs [3]
Tail, and 2 nearly useless wings

Demonic abilities
Enhanced attribute 1/r (6+6+5(10/2)+4+2)/2 -11
Strength 3 (cost 6 gives +3)
Dextarity 3 (cost 6 gives +3)
Agility 5 (cost 5 gives +5) (4 with normal flaw applied)
Flaw -1 Sloth, can not be used for "speedy" things such as initive or dodge

toughness 3

awareness 2p

Flaw -1 hallowed disability (can not use on holy ground or bound by holy objects)

Demons Cunning 4 pp
Enahnced attribute 1/r
Inteligence 8 [ 1/2] -4 pp
-1/r flaw limited : Knowing (limited to knowledge skills, can't actualy be used in operation though can be used in assisting)
-1/r flaw Unreliable : Devils clause, all awnsers provided with this may gloss over obvious problems and basic facts until they are reached (Oh you just need to go to this locaiton and enter the tomb to get the McGuffin *later* Ehhh? you can't deal with the ancient Dragon statues that awoke becuase you have the key aren't you a useless master jeeze you just need to know the keyword to deactivate them" Failures at roll may still give information but with more missing obvious problems with it)

Imortality 1 rank -2


PL 8 to 9 (removing notes about what got upgraded where it'll just be down here)

PL 8->9

Upgrade Increase/result Running Cost
PRE +1 (2) 3->4

Parry +1 (1) 8->9 5
Dodge +1 (1) 7->8 6
Will +1 5->6
Charm of the traveler
(4) new 10
sta 3->4

(2) 11->13 11
Range attack (4)0->4 13
Perception (1) 8->10 14

Team work (1) new 15


DEFENDERS issued taser 12 point total

Flaw Device -2 per 5 points

Refactored a few skills, droped dex and moved to skills (not using dex)

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