Tsukino Mado

In no way based upon a certain girl from a certain weird Japanese game.

General notes and stuff, for now:

A founding member of the school's occult club, Mado is…a little strange. She isn't much of a conspiracy theorist, so much that she just sees very unnatural things everywhere. In a way, it's like she never lost her child-like sense of wonder. It just got really sick. She always speaks in a quiet deadpan, which is probably creepy to some. Especially because she's so quiet otherwise. Wonderful "hello" when she's suddenly talking right behind you. Mado is an amateur occultist, mostly studying new-age bullshit like tarot cards, dream interpretation, and the like. She often carries a deck of tarot cards and other occult items with her and does readings for other people upon request. She also keeps a dream diary. Not many people ever get a chance to read it, but it's at least occasionally disturbing.

Mado is a bit of a shut-in, and aside from school and related activities, she rarely leaves her house unless her family or friends are dragging her somewhere, or she gets the urge to go explore an abandoned building or otherwise investigate some personal hunch about the supernatural. At least she seems genuinely excited about such things. Often, this ghost hunting is done as a club activity. She has an occultism blog, that she updates semi-regularly. She also frequents various internet message boards. She's quite nonchalant and noncommittal about most things; she wouldn't even notice that she's answering the door or entertaining guests in only her pajamas or underwear, until someone mentioned it. Maybe she's just a little spacey.

Refers to everyone, even her friends, with the honorific "-san".

Mado's usual manner of dress is rather shabby, even extending to her school uniform, which is usually a bit unkempt and wrinkled. She wears her hair in twin braids, and takes enough care of it to prevent it from being a complete mess. When she wears her hair down, it usually ends up worse. She wears eyeglasses, and usually has either a hair clip or pendant necklace bearing some form of crystal or occult symbol. Her casual clothes are usually thrown together out of whatever is clean, and it's obvious she doesn't coordinate her outfits or otherwise care about her appearance.

Character Sheet

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