Trinket Item

Trinkets are specific devices made into a feat. The device in question is a single rank of a hard to lose device with power loss use on it, the power on the device has a flaw limited of some type. The following are examples of such trinkets.

Ring of good nights sleep.

A plain silver ring that allows a person to sleep soundly if they are in fear of an attack.

While sleeping and wearing your ring you have 10 ranks of protection. Uppon making a toughness save the protection dissipates.

Angels cape

A heavily embroidered white cape that offers a second chance to those that fall from their path.

While you are falling you may make a flight rank 5 move action, after that round you start falling as normal.

Ring of friendly embrace

A stylish steal ring used by people who want to get to know people a little more then they should at the first meeting.

While hugging someone you may use mind reading with a DC 22 difficulty to resist, you may read surface thoughts and perform a mind probe as long as you continue hugging the target. This effect is not noticable. If the hug is broken up you lose this power.

Everfull lunch sack.

A small empty leather sack that surprisingly offers a meal to those that reach inside.

Whenever during a traditional time for a meal you may reach in to pull out a food item (a various type of sandwich) or a drink item in a flask. This may be done to serve up to 5 people after that the sack appears to be empty when reaching in. The food though is not time sensitive and is generally sandwich types, it seems to also pick up the regional sandwich to add to it's variety of generic sandwiches. The flasks generally contain water, a juice, or milk, though on occasion it seems to produce alcohol. After 20 minutes of the bag first opening all the flasks will disappear leaving the contents behind, the food will stay and act like food as normal. The bag appears to be on a 6 hour cycle serving lunch in the "early morning", noon, night, and oddly enough midnight. You may during those hours pick out of the bag for the food but if you deplete the bag you can't get food again for 20 minutes.

Ring of suns wrath

A ring with a small blood red gem projects a burning beam when needed.

If you are out in the sunlight you may produce a perception range searing ray with a toughness DC of 17, if done as a sneak attack a DC of 19. After use you must wait 20 minutes to fire it again.

Belt of the arrogant

A gaudy belt with a big silver buckle allows those who bite off more then they can chew a chance to fight back.

When fighting a group of three or more by yourself this belt allows you to use a boost of rank 10 on your strength, this fades at a normal rate of 1 point per turn. The effect can't be used for 20 minutes after use.

Running shoes

These normal looking leather shoes or boots have the image of a wing embroidered on the sides.

With a running start you may run across any "liquid" surface for the duration of the move action. This lasts as long as you are able to keep up the pace (possibly requiring concentration and endurance checks). The shoes also protect you from whatever environment you are foolish enough to try running across as long as it's extremely hot, extremely cold, radiated, or electrified. After you finish the run you can't use the power for 20 minutes.

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