Touhou Mnm

Game Concept

Silly fantasy touhou in M&M is the aim and this page is to coordinate efforts on that. Save backups of your own work but slap anything down here if you want others to mess around with it.

Feat additions

Power additions

  • Everyone gets inherent flight at some rank. No exceptions. This is free and doesn't count against PL.
  • Not sure where to put this, but we can add templates for Youkai, Fairies, Miko, Magicians, and so-on. Cost a set number of PP, but they make you something other than a generic human.

Extra additions

Flaw additions

Slow: -1
May only be applied to ranged/perception powers
Your attack moves slowly, each time you take this, the attack takes 1 round more round to 'arrive' at the intended targets. Attack is only rolled to affect the opponent once it would actually hit. Once the attack is sent out, it does not need attention and you have no control over it but if the intended target leaves your range completely it misses.

Rule additions

'Example' characters


Angry miko

Enthusastic miko

Thieving witch

Youthful vampire

Mysterious maid

Ice fairy


Not Mokou

Regeneration/immunity death that causes weakness like effects per use (-1 attack -1 defense)


Get it up to rank 18

To do

Decide which characters need to be made examples of. Reimu,Cirno and Yukari are shoe ins.
Get the "not coverart" fixed up.

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