Thyra Char Sheet


Fast spess carrier bote

subtypes; light (+1 spd, +1 manuever, -1 armament, -10 armor)
role - carrier (free hangar (6), repair points can also be spent on fighters, party hivemind, +1 comms)
Armament - 7x40=280 pts
perk - sniper system?
module - autorepair system (hangar mod) +1 to autorepair system and can use on adjacent vessels

core attributes; (33/33)
weapons; +2 (9)
agility; +3 (16)
electronics; +1 (4)
luck; +1 (4)
processing; 3 (hard lock)

skills (39/40)

pilot(space)(complex) - 2 spec(carrier) (13 pts)
leadership - 2 (4 pts)
combat sense - 2 (4 pts)
gunnery(point def) - 3 (9 pts)
gunnery(turreted) - 2 (4 pts)
gunnery(torps) - 1 (1 pt)
tactics - 1 (1 pt)
ECM - 1 (2 pts)
perception - 1 (1 pt)

armaments - (278/280)
primary PDS (mainhull) (1x16 pts)
x8 rof6, r2/4/8/16, +1 acc, AM/AF/HEAT
flak (mainhull) (2x3 pts)
x8 rof3, r2/4/8/18, AF/sctr
shields (mainhull) (free)
x20, melee, Defense/e-shield(all)
ASROC (mainhull) (1x24 pts)
x30 rof2, r4/8/16/32, ammo - 48, MSL/seek(2)/ASS
large beam turret (p. turret) (4x25 pts)
x40, r7/14/28/56, +1 acc, AD4
cruiser secondary turret (s. turret) (5x4 pts)
x17 rof2, r3/6/12/24

fightas (using x2.25 cost for skill 3 strikecraft)(makes int 7, ftr 14, PB 20, and TB 29)
x2 int squadrons (2x7 pts)
x2 PB squadrons (2x20 pts)
x2 TB squadrons (2x29 pts)

Hull (battleship)
Size: 80
Primary Hull Armor: 70/140/210
Maneuver Value: -1
Combat Speed: 6
Sensors: 0
FCS: 0
Comms: +1
freebie perks;
full life support/crew quarters/etc
HEP: Vacuum/Radiation
ejection systems
FTL comms system
Back-Up Systemsx3 (main hull)
basic autorepair system (5 pts/rd)

Hangar (battleship) (6/6 squadrons embarked)
Hangar Armor - 65/130/195
FCS: 0
Sensors: -3
Comms: -3
back up systems? no idea. going to assume weapons/aux hits or something to here damage any small craft currently aboard.

Drive (battleship)
Drive Section Armor: 60/120/180
maneuver/cspeed: as mainhull (note, ignore manuever hits speed/manuever to nondrive components)
FCS: 0
Sensors: -3
Comms: -3
Back-Up systems x1, and specifically two additional back-up FTL drive systems.

Turret (BB)
Size: 15
Turret armor 30/60/90
FCS: 0
Sensors: -3
Comms: -3
back up FCSx1

Turret (secondary)
size 7
Turret armor 10/20/30
FCS: 0
Sensors: -3
Comms: -3
back up FCSx1 (?)
(frankly the stats here are of secondary concern as any hit on this will likely blow it clean off)

mental model;
A short, slim ("efficient") young woman with lime green hair and a taste in uniforms that tends towards the decidedly baroque. Thyra is normally very quiet and unassuming for the control AI of what's arguably one of the largest warships currently known in both the nebula fleet or confederation forces. Her quiet reserve visibly breaks whenever she's pestered up onto her soapbox of what happened to her original Builders. Or the pigheaded obstinacy of certain unnamed ships back in the Fleet. Or she has to chase another pack of grad students away from her sensitive insides. Regards the humans inflicted upon her more with exasperation than malice even when they do cause problems.
Thyra is an avid collector of all sorts of models of nifty spaceships, drones, and small craft. Some of them just happen to be 1:1 scale.

ship model;
Thyra is something of an oddity among nebula fleet ships in that her hull bears obvious signs of extensive retrofitting, weapons and defensive systems crammed into wherever space can be found or made while the main hull has reinforcement and armor layers added to strategic locations. This mishmash of systems is both a constant headache to her and a veritable gold mine to the crew/researchers trapped aboard her.

Important PC questions (which is why they're hidden at the bottom of the file, of course);
Why has your ship left the Nebula Fleet?
Where are the Builders? No, seriously? Where are they? I don't care how long it's been, a starfaring civilization doesn't just up and vanish like that. Something has gone terribly wrong, and we need to get to the bottom of what happened to the Builders first and foremost. We can start wars with people over trespassing and illegally accessing the gates after we figure out where everyone went. Maybe the humans have some idea. Their ships seem to be everywhere these days, they might have found something we haven't, being tethered to our long vigil.

How did she leave?
It turns out that you can get away with quite a bit if you just file a few reports about potential unidentified contacts clustering near restricted territory and announce your intentions to go investigate them. A few unscheduled FTL jumps to deep space later, and you're free and clear.

Does she have any notable friends or comrades outside of the PCs? (or, Know anyone in the fleet?)
In her distant origins Thyra was originally commissioned as a long range search and rescue tender, capable of operating a small flotilla of survey and patrol craft in hazardous environments for an extended period of time between resupply. Her refitting as a carrier of the Nebula Fleet came at a later date. As such, she made her introduction to the confederate navy after leaving the Nebula Fleet via the rescue and/or recovery of some of their more… *ahem* daring scoutships who had boldly gone places they really shouldn't have. She's still on good terms and in semiregular contact with the crews of some of them.

What does she think of humans?
A prying, obnoxious species that has an unnerving tendency to dash headlong into one problem after another in ships made out of spit and tinfoil. Too reckless for their own good. But they do make the niftiest little drones and small craft. And a lot of them share her concerns about whatever happened to the Builders as well.

What does she think of the rest of the Fleet?
Dense, singleminded, too focussed on simple, military solutions to the increasingly complex human problem, unwilling to back away from that fight to look at the bigger problems facing the fleet. Like what happened to the Builders, and everyone else. Or how they're supposed to win a war with an alarming amount of their fleet support offline or missing. There are those in the fleet that listened to her, but not enough.

Does she have a crew?
yes, a mix of fighter pilots, their support crew, and an engineering/support team that seem to spend as much time crawling around her innards taking notes as doing what is supposedly their jobs.

If so, describe them (at least the major roles/officers). What does she think of them?
CRITICAL CONFEDERATION NAVY ALERT: Any small craft not directly assigned to the Thyra are to be attended at all times by at least two (2) naval personelle when in dock. Reported assets missing are as follows; one (1) Sabretooth heavy gunship, three (3) light passenger shuttles, and eleven, thirteen, seventeen (17) recon and survey drones of varying classifications. Both crew and ship AI deny all knowledge of missing assets.

How did she meet the other PCs?
Military command grouped them together, where they could be most useful coordinating their efforts/easily monitored and studied/within easy reach of Thyra's repair and rescue capabilities. Depends on who in the admirality you ask.

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