Thoon's DnD Game

Currently this is just a small page to list aspects of the D&D game. I'll probably edit it once the game's more stable and I actually have ideas for anything resembling a plot to offer

  • The PCs will start at level 3, meaning make the character as a normal level 1, then add the advancement 3000 exp would give you, nothing fancy, I expect all the players know how this will work. This also means you start with 2700 gold, which can be spent on gear freely. This can be LA from unorthodox races, past experience, natural talent or whatever else you fancy.
  • Stats will rolled via be 4d6 drop lowest. I will have to oversee the rolls to accept them, got a dicebot to do this, I can just do them myself if people want. Unlimited rerolls but don't try for all 18s and you can pick what number goes where.
  • Don't have any problems with races with LAs themselves, though I don't really quite get the math for parts of it, so expect to remind me and explain the rules.
  • No problems with whatever books you want to use, so long as its 3.5, however I need to have every non core thing you desire pointed out to me, and retain the right to say no even retroactively at all times forcing a change.
  • Don't care about alignments, so long as there's no teamkilling without damn good justification. Otherwise I'm going in expecting sociopaths and can only be pleasantly surprised.
  • Game's going to be set in Eberron, on Khorvaire. Probably starting around Thrane. Much, much more reading needed on my end to finalize details beyond the continent. As such leaving the only continent I know anything about right now results in teleporting dragon assassins.
  • No problems with anything like being part of a dragonmarked house, 'marked themselves or not. Nor any other groups out there.
  • Preferably I'd like to minimize reading more rules then I have to, so no psionics and possibly other special rule book classes (Incarnum, etc). May be able to be convinced on them, though.
  • The game will be presumably safer for work then I normally allow, so either make sure everyone consents or its offscreen for anything lewd.
  • I will happily help with understanding this stuff however I can. Also just ask for any books you may need a look at.
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