AKA Phantasthoon, Type-Thoon.


Thoon is a filthy pervert and a crazed Type-Lunatic, He loves Yandere and Gorn. He cannot play happy characters. He also has weird fetishes involving dismemberment.

Also I cannot wrap my mind around the idea of Virtues and Vices.


I'm not all that into simple games unless its very much for shiggles like Maid, I just prefer to have as many options as humanly possible.

For settings, I'm a bit sick of fantasy and am only slowly getting into Modern/Sci Fi, but what is most likely to get my interest is the game itself, If I love the concept I'll deal with a shitty game system and turn down a good system if the game sounds uninteresting. I tend to like a bit of grimdark but like anything, it's bad in excess.



Emma Greenwood Innocent Angel of justice~

Finished, On Hold and Canceled:

Changeling: Eleanor Gallagher: Horrible Kohaku-Lelouch fusion fairy woman.
EDMG2: Kunede: Magical girl that steals treasure hunts her enemies magic. Also she's perpetually high or something.
Dive into the Sky (Original): Jack 'Ripper' Colburn: A kind, caring man with a small grudge to bear against certain girls.
Everyday Heroics: Sophia Davies: Blood bending damage-moe and a blatant lesbian.
The Body Snatcher: Kyrsten Channing: Defender of all that is just, mostly via blasting whatever offends her into dust.


Japan thinks Sophia is the worst character in the game.


If I have one thing I can claim, I would like to think I'm pretty liberal. You are free to ask if you can justify doing something with one skill that another could sort of do, or change something by the book.

  • GM'd Ctech in spaaace; and failed
  • Tager-Chan; and failed
  • In denial of even planning some shitty game called Drakengard
  • Now failing to ever sit down and set a time for The Call of Cthulhu D20, but I'm still deluded enough to think I can get this one working~


Got to type faster, and work with players in advance more often.

Future Plans:

In the immediate future, this is something of my mental priority, I'm not expecting it for a while, but its practically guaranteed. And this time done right, more magically girly, none of that Exposition Society crap, now Queen Beryl Azathoth will send her general Jedite Nyarlathotep to give dating advice to little girls so they'll break up with their boyfriends be raped and the two can harvest their love energy orgone. Or at least a bit closer to that then as crappily straight as I had it before.

Beyond the Mountains of Madness
For some masochistic reason, I've got a serious interest in attempting to run possibly Chaosium's longest, and accoridng to many greatest module. A game so epic, Tony Jay has to voice the trailer. A pair of explorers have the brilliant idea to travel to the most hostile continent on the planet, and the investigators all sign up for the ride with them. They say it'll be okay, so what could go wrooOHGODGETITOFFME-

Nihilistic Gorn Engels:
I'd love to do something between a game and a short session that basically blatantly rips off NGE, set in the past, during the development of the Engel project, the game would be entirely full of violence, it would be short, bloody and insane, but with a solid place for character driven drama, but I'd like to see a combination of freaks and straight types. No intent to have it as deep as the inspiration, but some pure morbid fun.

Inspiration for combat:


I'm quite open to other gaming ideas too, should I be approached with a request I can get into, easiest done by playing into my own major interests, such as Mutants and Masterminds or Changeling, and the offer's always on the table to run a game or two of Rapture Academy~ I do earnestly like GMing, its just a matter of wading though frivolous ideas and managing the fact not everyone likes the same stuff I like. The tasteless bastards.

Criticism :


Well, I have fun with damaged characters.

I really have no idea what I'm good or bad at for this stuff, and could do with some starting points and suggestions.


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