The Missing And The Lost


One year ago, the Brier Rose motley was formed of a group of Changelings who met in the Hedge. It was Hans, a jovial Beast, who managed to get the crew together. Together, the Brier Roses managed to escape from their Keepers, and get out of Faerie. They made their way to the relative safety of the town of Arkbridge.

The group of them made a pledge when they made it out. They would break up, and go their seperate ways, try to get their lives back, to be the people they were before their durance. Until then, they would meet under the town's namesake bridge every second month.

They did so for one year, all their lives still in various states of disrepair, and on the anniversary of their escape they followed their routine, all of them meeting up underneath the bridge for their get-together. Hans never showed up, though. He had promised to treat them all to drinks and celebration of their escape. He wasn't there, though, even though the get-togethers were his idea. He also hadn't shown up to the bartending job that he had worked so hard to get. He'd disappeared sometime within the last few days, and what's worse is that he wasn't the first member of the Arkbridge freehold to just vanish in the night. There was something out in the World of Darkness that was taking them, and the other members of the Brier Roses may just be next.

Basically, their friend is probably dead, they could end up just as probably dead. They owe it to him and to each other to find out who did it and stop them.




I'll fill this in later.

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