The Investigator

Name: "The Investigator"
Real Name: ???
Age: 20
Quote: "Don't ask how I can afford all my stuff… unless you want to know how it feels to be in my line of work."

Biography: Whatever his name was, he isn't telling. He calls himself simply "The Investigator", one of the many Fae that entered the mysterious world amoung others. The title comes from his talents in finding answers within chaos, no matter what the costs. As such, he often has skills in normally illegal things, due to his desire for closure. In fact, this is the reason why he has a Kelvar vest and a standarized Colt pistol, as part of some of his larcery antics while searching for order.

In battle, as a result, he often carries mixed clips of the standard .45 ACP bullets and special Wrought Iron Bullets for when Fae monsters attempt to reclaim him. However, due to the difficulty of creating such bullets, he rarely uses such clips until it is truely needed.

Despite his motivation to find out the meaning of his powers and ultimately, define order within chaos, it's said that even he has commited his share of rape all for the drive of finding infomation.

The Keeper that had him is a Darkling who tells him of power and manipulation of fear. While this Keeper is pretty old, even he understands to define order from chaos is a hard path, especially when one's Clarity shifts around. However, he is the one that found him, and thought he would make a greate Fae, though he has no heart of telling him to bring the mantle of the Court with him. However, by the time he is able to bring him to his Court, the man vanished… but he is not angry. Perhaps he is watching him so he can one day reclaim him, perhaps not… who knows.


Mental (5):

  • Intelligence: 3 dot
  • Wits: 3 dot
  • Resolve: 2 dot

Physical (4):

  • Strenght: 1 dot
  • Dexterity: 3 dot
  • Stamina: 4 dot

Social (3):

  • Presence: 2 dot
  • Manipulation: 1 dot
  • Composure: 3 dot


  • Note: -3 for Untrained Mental, -1 for Untrained Physical and Social

Mental (11):

  • Academics: Untrained
  • Computer: 2 Dots
  • Crafts: Untrained
  • Investigation: 3 Dots
  • Medicine: 3 Dots
  • Occult: 3 Dots
  • Politics: Untrained
  • Science: Untrained

Physical (4):

  • Athletics: 1 dot
  • Brawl: Untrained
  • Drive: Untrained
  • Firearms: 1 dot
  • Larceny: 1 dot
  • Stealth: 2 dots
  • Survival: Untrained
  • Weaponry: Untrained

Social (7):

  • Animal Ken: Untrained
  • Empathy: Untrained
  • Expression: Untrained
  • Intimidation: 3 dots
  • Persuasion: Untrained
  • Socialize: Untrained
  • Streetwise: 3 dots
  • Suberfuge: 1 dot


  • Investigation: Cryptography
  • Occult: Magic
  • Firearms: Pistols


  • Danger Sence: 2 dots
  • Quick Draw: 1 dot
  • Resources: 1 dot
  • New Identity: 2 dots
  • Natural Immunity: 1 dot

Changeling information

  • Just as the shadows that infect them, the Darklings are as ephemeral and flighty as the dark itself. A player can spend Glamour to increase dice pools that include Wits, Subterfuge and Stealth - each point of Glamour increases one dice pool by one point. The character also gains the benefit of the 9 again rule on Stealth dice pools. However, they get -1 to enact Contracts during daylight hours, and -2 if they enact Contracts when the sun is directly visable.


  • Night's Subtle Distractions (Shadow 2 dots, 1 Glamour, Wyrd + Stealth, must be used outdoors at night)
  • The Wrong foot (Smoke 1 dot, 1 Glamour but no roll, must lick thumb and smudges it on a mirror)
  • Fickle Fate (Hearth 1 dot, 1 Glamour but no roll, instead target suffers a -2 to next active action but the user suffers this if he attemps to use it twice on the same target within an hour.)
  • Riddle-Kith (Mirror 1 dot, 1 Glamour, Manipulation + Wyrd, must have dined with a member of the selected kith within the past week.)


Health: 9

  • Damage taken: 0B/0L/0A

Defense: 3

Mobility: 9 Yards

Clarity: 7

Initiative: 6

Court: Courtless

Armor: Thin Kevlar Vest (Rating: 1/2, Firearm damage is Bashing instead)

Attacks and number of Die:

  • Colt M1911A1 (Weapon Class: Heavy Pistol, Damage: 3(L), 30/60/120, 8 .45 ACP Bullets (Clip-based))

Willpower: 5

  • Virtue: Faith (Regain all spent willpower when one forges a meaning from chaos)
  • Vice: Lust (Regain 1 spent willpower for sexual passion/rape acts)

Wyld: 2

Glamour: 5 (max of 10)

XP Reminders

Attribute New dot x 5
Skill New dot x 3
Skill specing 3
Merit New dot x 2
Morality New dots x 3
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