The Body Snatcher

The Set Up

People are turning up dead all over the city. No one knows who's responsible, and no pattern has emerged for the police to follow.
That's not to say that one doesn't exist. All of the victims had something in common. Something that no police officer would be able to find out. It doesn't help that half of the bodies have gone missing, leading the authorities to believe that the purpertrator is using them for some sinister purpose.
Little do they know that after the initial attacks, it isn't the attacker taking the bodies, it's those that want to keep their own existence secret. Groups such as the Guardians of the Veil, who can't afford to let anything, even remains, slip into the hands of those who shouldn't know. Other times, the very natures of the victims causes the body to just… disappear.
So what is it that they all have in common? They're all part of the deeper mysteries of the World of Darkness. From mortal psychics and palm readers who actually can tell your fortune to spirit blooded werewolves, and dead-blooded vampires, all of the victims are in some way supernatural.
It's getting so bad that the Counsolium, the Tribes, and the Prince are all agreeing on one thing: Whoever is responsible has to be stopped at any cost…

That duty falls to you.

Each player takes the role of one type of the three core supernaturals of World of Darkness. While normally the three 'races' don't want to have anything to do with each other, and sometimes actively fight, they also in-fight, and in both cases they can get along for things that need to be done. This is one of those cases.

Your elders have realized that you need to work together, or the whole supernatural world will be at risk of whatever is out there.


When making your characters, follow the regular character creation guidelines as presented in the splatbook you're using. In addition to that, you'll have 55 experience points to use on top of that, used for any merits or powers for fleshing out your characters.
One thing to remember is that you should at least be competent at fighting, even if your primary means of diffusing a situation is talking down the killer. You're primarily cops, at least in this case.
You may want to take any of the secret base merits as well. The mage might want a Sanctum and a Hallow, the Werewolf might want a Locus in the area, or even a Shadowless Room, and the Vampire is very likely to have a few kine to feed on and at least a basement to settle down in while the sun is up. While you're likely to be wary of each other and not be having sleepovers, a library or archive of some sort is also a good thing to have.

Don't pass over social merits like Contacts or Allies either, they might be useful if you find you need to pull in a favor from that guy who owes you for saving his life, or who you're blackmailing.

Also remember that you're at least somewhat established in the World of Darkness, or at least your own little part of it.

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