General Information

Name Tamaki
Age Young
Height Short
Weight Thin

Tamaki is a mysterious girl who met the heroes after an incident with a giant crab monster. She's currently living with Akime.


Tamaki is a young girl who's maybe in her early teens. She's very cute, slim, and just about flat as a board. She has long, flowing hair that reaches down past her waist and is dark green in color. Her eyes are an odd shade of pink, and tend to catch the light in strange ways. She has very pale skin. At the moment, she doesn't own any clothes of her own and is borrowing some from Akime.


Tamaki is a typical young girl, in most respects. She might act younger than she looks, though. She calls Akime her "nee-san," because she was asked to do so. She can be frightened rather easily and is useless in a fight.


Tamaki first appeared in an alley after an encounter with a monster of the week. Her past is, for the most part, unknown. She remembers her father, and a hospital, and going to sleep for a long time. She also might be related to an "Endymion Project" in some way.

Notes and Speculation

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