Tager Chan Npcs


  • Koizumi, Kagami:

Saya's older sister, a fellow miko at the shrine, and an innocent woman who's image Saya is intent on destroying with her horrible accusations.

moemoe.gif Kagami again wishes the doors had locks.


  • Nyarlathotep:

The rarely seen CEO of Chrysalis Corp, he seems to be visiting Japan. What little attention he might have gathered from the main girls before meeting him grossly undersold his presence. To make matters worse, very scary people show him respect. He's obviously got some fancy magical tricks.

  • Yamada, Toki:

A large japanese man with a purpetual grin, he constantly speaks with a manner of self amusement and lacks much seriousness, but his sheer presence seems wholly wrong and frightening. Seems to be able to tear through metal walls with only minor difficulty. Has anger managment issues. Recently reduced to pulpy matter on the floor.

  • Katsu, Kamiki

A young white also attending the party. She seemed fairly insightful for Yamada but could barely hold a tray for five seconds before dropping it. Was recently zapped by Nyarlathotep's ta'ge fragment before being rescued, Now a Dhohanoid tentacle monster and with the libido appropriate for that. Still more of a threat to herself then anyone around her in mortal form, though.

  • The two Dhohanoid women:

Shimakita Fuji and Nishisha Asasaki; Like Yamada, their presence itself seems at once enthralling and terrifying. They have been seen here and there, and one seems to be in the same place as a monsterous snake woman. They are opportunistic, but seem to be Yamada Toki's underlings

  • Miyako, Manami:

A well dressed and pretty woman, she seemed very interested in Saya (and a few other little girls that got near her.) So much so, she offered to take Saya to her home and happily told her where she lived. Of course, that location is kind of in what may be a warzone. But she mentioned it was her shrine, so she may be a fellow miko. She was given a fragment by the Chrysalis Corp as a "tourist attraction". Recently found out to be a priestess of Shub-Niggurtath. Now sleeping with the fishes. Surprisingly not in the way you'd probably expect.

  • Touru, Andou:

Hopefully a trustworthy ally, he seems to know more then he's letting on, and has a strong interest in the mysterious tablets. His address is now known to the girls, is supernaturally creepy to them, and has a strange and mysterious basement. He also brews good tea. His career seems to involve arcane books, based on word from his little brother.

  • Harukichi Yamaguchi:

The kindly seeming 'grandfather' of Enyo, in reality the Yamaguchi-gumi yakuza head. He's a strong valuer of loyalty and a strong ally, so long as he is shown the same in return.


  • Asagawa, Hoko

A bit of a bitch nice girl that was brutally slaughtered, her corpse was relocated and suspicion avoided, but the only remaining evidence of her existence is a lily on her old desk in class.

  • Eroly

Saya's dormmate, Ecchin as she's more commonly called and seems to prefer, and with good reason. A bit of a pervert, and very open for even a Nazzadi. She's apparently a picked up some skill at picking locks, too. Currently experiencing her fetish first hand in a hospital bed.

God, why'd I do this to Kuroko? Ok, she really is Nazzadi Kuroko ,but I'm taking the joke too far.
  • Daisuke Akaki

The kind and caring teacher for the girl's class in school. Close to Shizu.

  • Touru, Jirou:

The brother of Andou, a bit nicer and more open. A closet nerd and a bit dim when it comes to romance, but seems completely innocent beyond that. Helps with the library 'book' club, but was eager to jump at the chance for Saya's new magical girls club. Very genre savvy.

  • Ai, Midori:

A completely normal green haired girl who just happened to be given a name. No importance here. Apparently a family friend of Jirou's. Joined Saya's magical girl club after Jirou agreed to. Studying with the hope of being a sorceress. Unfortunately she didn't seem to become skilled enough to figure out any methods of immortality before the Hunting Horror tore her into red and green shreds, her funeral, if it ever happens, will be closed casket. A very small closed casket.

  • Yamada, Dai:

A short black haired girl that looks a bit like Yamada Toki, she came into the party with Nyarlathotep who made many mentions of her being a bodyguard. Yamada seemed reluctant to even acknowledge her presence, she on the other hand liked him quite a lot. She seems quite talkative and a bit less then human herself. She recently transferred into Sanagi high school.

  • Ritan, Braise:

Another girl about the characters age, she seems to be the quiet type, though. Not speaking up, she was a lot more composed then her comrade. Seen using fire powers. She recently transferred into Sanagi high school.

  • Hoshi, Migilate:

Ai's cousin, and another transfer student at Sanagi. Part of the somewhat famous Hoshi family, who are well known magic focused historians. She wears glasses and is quite soft spoken.

  • Sayuri, Moeko:

The last of the group of recent transfer students. A very small girl who has been suckered into the magical girl club She seems quite happy to be there, though.

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