Tager Chan Log 7

07<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( Last time on magical lyrical tager-chan: quest for the golden lingera saya and company find a remains of magical activity on school ground and get interupted by some strange senses while shoping! ))
11<@Thoon> The two frightening women leave with their mysterious package from the skimpy magical underwear store. I cannot quite remember if you had redressed or not, but I'm guessing so, we'll say Ecchin has too. "I think I'm gonna buy these spiraly ones~"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( I think they redressed ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "… You really wear that sort of thing?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "I think I'll go on ahead then. You can catch up, right~?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Un.. I think I can"
11<@Thoon> "Of course! It's cute, and you go on, I'll catch up. I'm fast."
<Saya_Koizumi> "Ok. Later~"
06* Saya_Koizumi heads out of the shop, and glances around to see where these suspicious women are heading.
11<@Thoon> (( If we want entirely plot convenicnce and possible humor, you can catch them running out Enyo~ It's basically an S&M Lingere shop that Shizu wanted to visit. ))
<Karasawa_Enyo> (( Awesome! ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((It was by tittle only I swear ;_; 0:3c1 ))
06* Shizuka_tsukioka goes back and starts taking off the near bondage wear as fast she can beofre getting her clothing on 1 "Um Eroly you done yet?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((er eroly-san))
<Saya_Koizumi> 3d10 observation to see where they're going (more rolls = more failures = more fun).
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, observation to see where they're going (more rolls = more failures = more fun).: 19 [3d10=6,10,3]
<Saya_Koizumi> ((17))
11<@Thoon> Talking to the casheer before Shizu "Oooh. How much is that whip? Oh- Aww…"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um… I'm going ot catch up with koizumi-san…"6 she quickly heads out the door after saying it
11<@Thoon> "Huh? Yeah, let's go." Meanwhile, for Saya, it's no problem following the creepy girls, despite them moving through the crowds, it seems they've got what they're after and are heading out of the mall. Fortunantly, its a big place so they'll be some time still.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( roll observations to spot saya?))
06* Saya_Koizumi follows them from what should be a safe distance away.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( also remeber wary ))
<Karasawa_Enyo> "Eh? Shizuka-chan, Saya-chan, what're you doing here?" Enyo calls out, the tanned girl wearing something decent besides her usual grease-stained mechanic overralls. "Did you guys just come out of that shop…?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 6 pauses as she gets called out 1"Eh? Um… Karasawa-san? What are you doing here?"
<Karasawa_Enyo> Enyo runs to catch up with the two, carrying a box of Sempai's Pleasurous Nutrients Donuts.
06* Saya_Koizumi stops, and turns to face Enyo. "Hi~ We're going shopping. Shizu-chan doesn't do it often, apparently."
11<@Thoon> We'll say Saya wasn't too far away. Shizu's also next to a skinny little Nazzadi girl "Um, hey there, Tsukioka-san, is this a friend of yours?"
11<@Thoon> This girl's also proudly carrying a shopping bag from the store now, further damning them~
<Shizuka_tsukioka> pitifuly squeeks 1"I-I think so?"
<Karasawa_Enyo> "I thought I'd pick up something for the guys at the mechanic shop, they love this stuff." She holds up the box. "Bit expensive, but I guess this is what you pay for high-quality-stuff!"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Oh… so you were workign today?"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka tries to look around for the two women
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10+9
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 2d10+9: 14 [2d10=1,4]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((a whole 13 ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( how lucky~ ))
11<@Thoon> You notice a guy pinch a girl's bottom as she leaves the nearby elevator, before quickly leaving it to wander off
<Karasawa_Enyo> Enyo glances at the newcomer. "Oh, someone new! Name's Karasawa Enyo! I'm one of Saya-chan's and Shizuka-chan's classmates." She offers a hand in greeting, a grin on her face.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Eh….It's that guy…"
06* Saya_Koizumi walks over. "So, that's where you were. You sure work a lot. I only have to do things on the weekend, at least."
<Karasawa_Enyo> "Oh, no, Shizuka-chan! I'm off duty, I just thought I'd give my coworkers a snack. It's an obligation after all!"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka stairs off near the elivator
<Karasawa_Enyo> She turns to Saya, a sheepish smile. "I kinda got lost track of the time…they say I got carried away with fixing machines. They should really tell me when I'm working double shifts already…!"
11<@Thoon> She happily shakes hands, returning the grin "Heya! I'm Eroly, I'm Saya-chan's room mate. Eh? What guy Tsukioka-san?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "You'd think. Then they don't have to pay you for them."
<Karasawa_Enyo> "And did you guys just come from that shop?" Enyo catches a glimpse of the bag the new girl is carrying. "Oooh. Swanky! You must be buying them for a special occasion!"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka blushs a bit 1"I .. I think it was the one who um… um.."
06* Shizuka_tsukioka mumbles a bit after that
11<@Thoon> "Well, if things go as planned~" she answers with a small blush and swoon
<Karasawa_Enyo> Enyo blinks, almost dropping the box. "S-Shizuka-chan!! I mean, um…I shouldn't meddle in your affairs, but I think you're a bit too young getting into those kinds of activities!!"
06* Saya_Koizumi is completely oblivious. "What're you guys talking about?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 6 definatlly suprised 1"Eh?!"
<Karasawa_Enyo> Enyo scratches her head, but makes sure to shake Eroly's hand in a prompt fashion. "Ah, nice to meet you!"
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<Shizuka_tsukioka> "W-What you mean?"
<Karasawa_Enyo> Enyo looks at Saya and Shizuka. "Eh, you don't have to hide it from me…just, uh, make sure you use protection…?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "uwwww It's nothing like that!"
11<@Thoon> "Are you sure? You're blushing an awful lot. Ooh! Why don't we go talk with him? See if he's the right stuff for you!"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Protection? We, weren't planning anything like that. Besides, onee-chan told me all that sort of advice already~"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "It's the guy who groped my ass on the elevat-…"6 she turns an even deeper shade of red on that
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( and the two women are long gone by now~ ))
<Saya_Koizumi> "Oh, Enyo-chan, I have soemthing to tell you later. Wait? That pervert? Damn it, I wish I could just smack him one."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "He.. he's over there"6 she points a bit provbably not even the right direction at this point
11<@Thoon> "Oh, was that it? We still can!"
<Karasawa_Enyo> "Eh? You got groped…?" Enyo's friendly smile immediately contorts into a frown. "Agh, I can't believe perverts nowadays, even targetting young girls
! Point him to me and I'll break one of his kneecaps!"
11<@Thoon> And yes, the women and possibly the man are out of sight now, you can make observation tests, though.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm, that might be a bit much. But in elevators? It's bad enough with the trains."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "H-he was over there I saw him.."
<Saya_Koizumi> 3d10 looking for either target
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, looking for either target: 20 [3d10=6,4,10]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10+9
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 2d10+9: 25 [2d10=8,8]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( 25 ))
<Saya_Koizumi> (( 17 again.))
11<@Thoon> Shizu's able to pick him out again. Saya's fairly sure the women are the two ladies now leaving the mall.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ah-um there he is again!"6 she actually points in the right direction this time
<Saya_Koizumi> "I think those women are leaving… Oh well, we cna go beat up a pervert."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "eh?"6 seemingly forgot about the women 1"..uwww…"
11<@Thoon> He seems to be casing the varrious girls, he's got an eye on any heading for the elevators, probably waiting till someone cute enough heads over.
11<@Thoon> "Why did you want to follow the women anyway?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Should we get him? Oh, they were kind of creepy, you know?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "I.. I don't know.. do we report him or something?"
<Karasawa_Enyo> "Let's make an example out of him! Guys can't go around groping little girls and get away with it!"
11<@Thoon> "Eh? They seemed normal to me."
<Saya_Koizumi> "We're not exactly little, you know."
<Saya_Koizumi> "There was just soemthing off about them."
06* Shizuka_tsukioka looks at saya not sure if she should add anything 1"ah.. I think he's getting away.."
<Karasawa_Enyo> "Yeah, but Shizuka-chan is!" Enyo brandishes the box of donuts at Shizuka's direction. "We have to protect her purity!"
06* Saya_Koizumi marches over. "Of course we do."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "I.. I'm as old as saya…"6 she blushes a bit
03* Enyo_ (PI.85A58B8A.CA7E65E8.AD2D5A27|criigc#PI.85A58B8A.CA7E65E8.AD2D5A27|criigc) has joined #Tager-Chan
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((hmm?))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((we need ot kick clones?))
11<@Thoon> "Yeah!" following. The guy sees you approaching and starts to get up from the wall he's leaning on, though you're already caught up and within shouting/charging range.
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Kicking a clone from a channel won't kill it on the network ,when it coems to reclaiming a nick.))
<Enyo_> (( Sorry abou that, accidentally closed the client…uwwww. ))
11<@Thoon> (( Can kick clones, but I'll only do it if requested. ))
04* Karasawa_Enyo was kicked by Thoon (Karasawa_Enyo)
<Enyo_> (( Thanks! ))
06* Shizuka_tsukioka fidget 1".. what do we do?"she seemingly asks eroly and saya
<Enyo_> "Asshole! What's the big idea groping my classmate over here?!" Enyo shouts at the young man, outraged. "I ought to rip your kneecaps off for that, you punk-ass bitch!"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka seems to be be in a bit of shock with enyo going off"
11<@Thoon> "I, uh. Have no idea what you're talking about." He lies, badly, glancing for a way out.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Yeah right. You totally pinched my ass. Pervert!"
<Enyo_> "You perverts are all alike, preying on helpless little girls who can't fend your unwanted advances off!" Enyo steps forward menacingly, the box of donuts crumpling under her grip. It's obvious that she's enraged.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "U..um.. yeah…"
<Enyo_> "I should fucking SPAY the whole lot of you!"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ".. I.. I'm not so sure about that one…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Spay? Wait, don't you mean neuter?"
<Enyo_> (( What's the difficulty of throwing something at the guy's face at close range? ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( I say go for it either way~)
<Enyo_> Enyo rears back and then throws the box of expensive donuts at the pervert's face, splattering baked confectionaries and cream everywhere.
11<@Thoon> "Wait, you went after Saya-chan too?! You Jerk, we should kick your sick ass!" Ecchin chimes in. "I… I-" he stammers. There's a throw skill, so half a dice, but you have drama points, remember~
<Enyo_> "Let's go, punk-ass bitch! You and me, right here! Let's ee you cop a feel from someone who can fight back!"
11<@Thoon> (( And its not like the plots arguing about who's music its gonna be playing on the drive back to maguffin labs inc, a subsidary of antagonist corp out in the parking lot so you'll likely have little demand to use them tonight~ ))
<Enyo_> (( Please assume I just used a drama point for that~! ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((you can roll it, it's 1d10 at this point + agi I think ))
<Enyo_> (( well it's not really something damaging, more like for the humiliation factor…and we were at close range, right? ))
11<@Thoon> Hell, yeah. So I won't even make a roll for it required, though. He stammers back from where he was standing "Ahh!" before falling on his back
11<@Thoon> Observations.
<Enyo_> (( No observations! Enyo's going to break his FACE! ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10+9
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 2d10+9: 16 [2d10=2,5]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((14))
<Saya_Koizumi> 3d10
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, 3d10: 15 [3d10=8,5,2]
<Saya_Koizumi> ((15))
11<@Thoon> he's landed on his back, he's kinda held up by the wall he was leaning against, but he's stunned from the sudden confectionary assault, the fact you have litterlly inhuman strength even as a human means you possibly winded him
11<@Thoon> "Kick his ass and teach him not to do it again!" Ecchin says, the rest of you are blind and see nothing but an explosion of sweets and a guy commicly fall in a pile.
<Enyo_> (( If possible, Shizuka and Saya can restrain Enyo, because she's pretty much willing to make a scene. ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "um.. umm"6 seems unsure about this corse of action
<Saya_Koizumi> "Uh, Enyo-chan, I think You've done enough. It's not really worth beating him up over."
11<@Thoon> "Yeah it is, unless you want strangers just touching you. …You don't, right?"
<Enyo_> Enyo gets on top of the fallen pervert in true MMA style and rears back a fist, in preparation for the most rewarding ground and pound action of her life. "I'll rearrange your face so that every girl ten miles of you will automatically recoil and run away!"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ah! Um um isn't this too much?!"6 shizuka squeeks out
11<@Thoon> He tries to wrestle you off, though Ecchin immediatly dives into the fray "Get him, Karasawa-san!" Though she is just a little girl so he's not really terribly inconvenienced by her.
<Enyo_> (( Dice roll for one punch to the face? ))
11<@Thoon> Why not, that'd be fighting.
11<@Thoon> (( Fists are a -1 mod weapon, to note. Though your strength guarantees it'd still hurt, also since he can't really dodge you'd probably be able to kill him, but I'm assuing you're gonna hold back enough to not realistically do that? ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Uwww Please Karasawa-san!"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka protests
<Enyo_> (( Yeah, just a black eye. ))
11<@Thoon> (( Then I'm more just looking for a success then damage, roll fighting. ))
<Enyo_> 3d10
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Enyo_, 3d10: 19 [3d10=9,5,5]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((10+ agility I belive ))
11<@Thoon> (( Yup. Plus agility, that would be 16 ))
11<@Thoon> He receives a solid black eye from the punch "Ahh! You-!" and Ecchin grins "Give him another!" before being thrown off by another flail of the mans
06* Saya_Koizumi dives in to pull Enyo off the guy. "That's enough, jeez. You've paid him back, ok?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um Um I think we should go now…"6 she says as she look saround woried
<Enyo_> "!! You're not going to get away that easily!!" Enyo scrambles to try and regain her position on the pervert, but is stopped by Saya. "Eh! He's getting away!"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Just let him go. He'll think twice before feeling girls up, I'm sure~"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um.. um I think we should go…"6 shes seemign more afraid definatly seeing the people looking at the scene
11<@Thoon> He hops up and quickly starts to go "Whatever, I'm sorry, alright!" before quickly running off "Come on, Saya, we could have taught him real good then!" Ecchin whines.
11<@Thoon> And yeah, a few people are looking. There might be some security here soon.
<Saya_Koizumi> "We're kind of making a scene, though. Isn't that usually a bad thing?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Of course it is!"
<Enyo_> "…Tch. Fine, fine, let's head out." Enyo stands up, shaking the hand she used on the punk. "I may be out of donuts, but at least I taught him a lesson he won't soon forget…"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "We can get more can we we just go!"6 seems more panicy now
<Saya_Koizumi> "Ok"
06* Saya_Koizumi calmly walks away, adjusting her uniform as she does. "So…what do we do now?"
11<@Thoon> "Well, what about those creepy women?" Ecchin offers.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "I don't know…"6 follows saya but looks around
<Saya_Koizumi> "I think they're long gone by now."
06* Shizuka_tsukioka looks at eroly 1"yeah… um…"
<Enyo_> "Okay, okay." Enyo wipes the sweat from her forehead, hurrying after Saya and Shizuka.
11<@Thoon> "Oh. Well, we can keep shopping. Maybe we can find more fun shops." she offers, with a shrug
<Saya_Koizumi> "Yeah, that's better than nothing. Shizu-chan ,anywhere else look interesting?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "… I don't think I want to find anymore shops like that…"
<Saya_Koizumi> 3d10 looking for a nifty shop
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, looking for a nifty shop: 21 [3d10=5,10,6]
<Saya_Koizumi> ((17, jeez))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( er that one))
<Enyo_> "Can we go to a toy store or a hobby shop? I heard the new Kamen Rider G figures are out!" Enyo volunteers, wiping the sweat from her forehead with a sleeve.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Kamen rider g?"
<Enyo_> "Yeah!" Enyo grins. "It's this guy in a suit of powered armor that fights tentacle monsters, with the aforementioned monsters always rampaging through a school or somesuch. I'm into that stuff!"
<Saya_Koizumi> "So? I think there's somenew Picoha stuff. Or was that Nanorymer, this week?"
11<@Thoon> The result isn't amusing enough to inspire any awful discoveries, so you spot no truly appealing looking shops. Maybe Enyo's idea would be best.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10+9 cause she knows how to pick them
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, cause she knows how to pick them: 15 [2d10=4,2]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((or not~))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> eh
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d10
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 1d10: 10 [1d10=10]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( 19
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( abuse them before we lose them~))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( http://images.4chan.org/tg/src/1267153980417.jpg oh fun~))
<Saya_Koizumi> "I know some shops that sell the kind of stuff you're looking for though, Enyo-chan."
11<@Thoon> (( One of the twin blasphemies, just floating along, chilling. ))
<Enyo_> "Oh? In that case I'm interested! I usually have to order them online, and it's such a chore to." Enyo shakes her head. "I'd rather buy my stuff from brick-and-mortar stores than wait for them to arrive by mail!"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Instant gratification~"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((http://images.4chan.org/tg/src/1267154070277.jpg more such things~))
06* Saya_Koizumi starts heading for an exit to the mall. "Well, let's go ,then~"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka seems a bit confused 1"What are you getting?"
<Enyo_> "Toys!" Enyo replies, ruffling Shizuka's hair with a friendly pat. "Well, action figures, if you want to be specific…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "You know those things all over my room? More stuff like that."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "uwww.."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Oh…"
11<@Thoon> "You don't have enough already?" Saya leads you to a massive otaku-y store full of many fandoms figures, games and so on
06* Shizuka_tsukioka looks in 1".. interesting… I guess…"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10+9 if rolls are wanted~
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, if rolls are wanted~: 23 [2d10=8,6]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((17))
<Saya_Koizumi> "You can never have enough stuff. I've got more at home, too~"
06* Saya_Koizumi heads on into the store to look around.
<Enyo_> "Well, I've only just started collecting, really. I just collect what I want!" Enyo glances at the figures on sale. "Well, at least they're not as marked up as the ones online…"
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<Saya_Koizumi> "Oh, it's hard to stop once you've started, isn't it~?"
<Enyo_> "Ahh, definitely!" Enyo smiles, glad to find a kindred spirit in Saya. "It got so bad I had to make a display case for the figures I've collected, and I'll have to make another one soon since the first's already full…"
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11<@Thoon> There's many, many shiny figures on all the shelves, mostly kept in their own sort of sections so the fanbases don't colide too much. Even more things too, daimakura, hologram companions, manga, and more~
<Saya_Koizumi> "Oh, I don't bother with that. i just have lots of shelves and other palces to put mine~ And it's not just figures~"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Eh? What else would you get?"
<Enyo_> Enyo laughs at the display of dakimakura. "Ha! I could never get the people who dig this stuff. It's like…"
<Enyo_> She falls silent as she realizes that there's a Kamen Rider G dakimakura also displayed. "…."
11<@Thoon> "We could do with something like that, free up a little room, maybe" Ecchin mubmles quietly. She's only a casual fan it seems.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Display cases aren't cheap. Besides, why do you care what I do with my own room, Ecchin?"
<Enyo_> "Oh, I can make one for you! That is, if you don't mind them made out of spare polished metal I get from engines. I clean them first, though…!" Enyo volunteers.
06* Saya_Koizumi looks around for anything particularly interesting, herself. "Oh, that sounds really cool, Enyo-chan~ I'd have to pay you back somehow, though."
<Saya_Koizumi> 3d10 looking for rare figures
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, looking for rare figures: 22 [3d10=6,10,6]
<Saya_Koizumi> ((19))
11<@Thoon> "Well, a shelf or two more for books would be nice, plus I can't set up the nice thick curtains I got while all those figures are on the windowsill."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Why would you need curtains?"
<Enyo_> "Ah, that's no big deal! I make them as a hobby anyway, so it'll be free!" Enyo grins. "Consider it a present for you and Eh…er…Ecchin over here."
<Saya_Koizumi> "Oh. Ok. And, curtains wouldn't be bad, actually."
11<@Thoon> Saya spots a very shiny clothes swapable (and thus also remoable) Picoha figure in a furious battle pose. Ecchin grins "Yeah, you can call me Ecchin. It better and beats trying to pronounce my real name anyways~"
<Enyo_> "Probably for soundproofing, in case something happens inside that they don't want to be seen or heard." Enyo jokingly suggests as she looks around, hunting for more Kamen Rider G merchandise.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Ooh~" Saya gravitates toward her find, to check the price.
<Enyo_> "Oh, I see. Alright, Ecchin it is, then!"
11<@Thoon> She nods at what Enyo says "Yep. Don't want people looking inside or hearing while you're naked, right Saya?"
11<@Thoon> The price is affordable, if only barely.
06* Saya_Koizumi freezes. "What?"
11<@Thoon> "Well, you don't, right?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Well yeah, but should you really be mentioning stuff like that?"
06* Saya_Koizumi grabs the figure anyway. It's worth it.
11<@Thoon> She shrugs "Tsukioka-san asked."
<Enyo_> "Ahahaha…." Enyo tries to laugh, but somehow she didn't expect her suggestion to be taken seriously. She tries to hide a blush by looking at more toys.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "… I still don't get why you'd need them in your appartment…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "It's a dorm."
06* Enyo_ pets Shizuka on the head. "To keep the flying polyps out, Shizuka-chan."
11<@Thoon> "Yeah, we don't want anyone else looking in on us."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "uwww…Ok I guess…"6 she doesn't seem completly comfortable being peted
<Enyo_> (( What's it going to take to make Shizuka comfortable with Enyo petting her? A bribe? ))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Keep doing it. She'll get all moe after a while, I'm sure.))
11<@Thoon> (( Inductiong of stockholme syndrome ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((nothing~))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((heh))
<Enyo_> (( I have to draw that in any case. ))
<Saya_Koizumi> "So, Enyo-chan, find anything?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((heh))
06* Shizuka_tsukioka looks a bit more and checks the time
11<@Thoon> It's getting sort of late. Though if you try, you may be able to make it back to that lab and see if Yamada arrives at the same time as last night. Or head to your homes. Or enjoy the nightlife, in a couple more hours maybe.
11<@Thoon> Either way, the stores mostly won't close on you or anything. It's just getting to be late evening.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka goes up to saya 1"Um.. Should we try to tell Karasawa-san about what you found… in some way?"6 she looks at eroly at the last bit
<Saya_Koizumi> "Yeah…"
11<@Thoon> She tilts her head to the side curiously as she's looked at "Huh?"
06* Saya_Koizumi shrugs. The direct approach may be the best. "Hey, Enyo-chan, I learned something the other day. Well, sort of."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "uww but …"6 she looks at the cock headed eroly
11<@Thoon> With a look on her face that's clearly hopeful "Oh?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ah nothing"
06* Saya_Koizumi just leans in a bit toward Enyo to keep her vocie down. "So, I think I found a way to keep our clothes on, so to speak. Or…something. I should really try again ,but I got my gym uniform that disappeared a while ago back."
06* Saya_Koizumi turns when that's done, and goes to buy her totally-not-naughty Picoha figure.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka watches saya 1"Um wait… so.. um… um you colect the toys too?"
11<@Thoon> She tries to listen in, but is smart enough to back off from any sinister looks or the like.
<Enyo_> "…Oh?" Enyo perks up. "Well, that sounds good, then. At least we won't be carrying extra clothes around!"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ".. um um so what would be a good one to start with?"6 she tries to keep eroly out of the conversation
06* Saya_Koizumi returns with her purchase. "Yep~ I'm not exactly sure how though. I think it was the seals…"
11<@Thoon> Eroly gets quickly frustrated and wanders around the store, looking at the varrious products.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Uwwww…."6 she says in disapointment but as long as she's out of the way
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( hmm possible time skip?))
<Saya_Koizumi> "So, I'm done with my shopping here~"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um.. I guess back to your house maybe saya? ))
<Saya_Koizumi> "I suppose. If we're done. I need to head home for the weekend, too…"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Oh? What you doing this weekend"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm? Cleaning the shrine, things like that. It's part of my duties."
11<@Thoon> "Oh? Hm. I might shop a bit more. I want some matching accessories for today's outfit. I do know a good place for that stuff that only opens up about this time anyways…"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( oh ho~ ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Huh? Why would it open up so late?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Ok. See you later, Ecchin."
11<@Thoon> (( That I do, and should really get to. I kinda have an idea for it that the lab may help with, though. Though it does require some forework. Hm. ))
06* Shizuka_tsukioka quickly realizes that may not be the best idea to aks considering her shoping habbits
<Karasawa_Enyo> "Later, Ecchin! Have fun with your shopping!" Enyo bids Ecchin goodbye.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um see you latter eroly-san"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm…you guys want to go back to that lab or wherever they're torturing girls?"
11<@Thoon> "I'll show you if I pick up anything that suited your own outfit~"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Eh?"
<Karasawa_Enyo> (( Oops! Saya let the cat out of the bag! ))
<Karasawa_Enyo> Enyo frowns at Saya's description. "Er, sure. Hopefully they're not doing that stuff again…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Yeah. I think I remember where it is…"
06* Saya_Koizumi heads off.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka follows after 1"ah wait"
11<@Thoon> Alright, Ero's ditched, she goes off to buy more daterape drugs that'll not work on her target anymore. As you get to the lab, it seems no different from before. It's about the same time you left, though, and several cars are pulling in and about the same amount are leaving, probably as they swap shifts.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm…how do we get in?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "I.. I don't know uww.."
11<@Thoon> (( crap. afk a sec
<Saya_Koizumi> "We could just walk in like last time…"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((fair enough, I suspsect cats are to blame~))
<Karasawa_Enyo> "We can just pull the fire alarm to get everyone clear out of the building." Enyo rummages in her pockets for a lighter. "I can heat a sprinkler if we can find one…"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "… That didn't work too well… Maybe we should have brought eroly-san … she picks locks right?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Uwww "6 she looks around looking for SOMETHING
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10+9
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 2d10+9: 25 [2d10=6,10]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( 19))
<Saya_Koizumi> "I think so. She can get into my room easily enough."
06* Shizuka_tsukioka seems concreened 1"… why would she want to get in your room?"
<Karasawa_Enyo> "And what does she do when she gets into your room…?" Enyo asks before she can even think of the possible answer.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Huh? She just talks. We hang out, msotly. I'm not sure why else she'd want to get in."
06* Saya_Koizumi blushes a bit, though.
11<@Thoon> (( Back. sorry about that ))
06* Shizuka_tsukioka seems a bit more concerened, she's never seen saya blush which must be something considering how pale she is~
11<@Thoon> The lab is fairly unfortified, you could probably get in any number of ways. The front door is obvious but maybe a tad unsubtle. There's gotta be other doors, though. Or other general options. Feel free to try rolls you think could be relevent.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka looks for some stairs or fire escapes
06* Shizuka_tsukioka also keeps an eye out for cameras
06* Saya_Koizumi doesn't just head for the front door, but it's her immediate back-up plan.
<Saya_Koizumi> 3d10 looking for stuff with observation.
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, looking for stuff with observation.: 15 [3d10=7,4,4]
<Saya_Koizumi> ((15.))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "… Maybe we should just watch the place for a while? See if any of those.. strange people come out?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Cause… cuase those two seemed to talk about Yamada… Maybe they are all conected…"
11<@Thoon> There's a lot of windows on the upper floors, a few are even open, there's no direct way up, but maybe something to climb in the parking lot.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Maybe. We might be able to climb up to a window somewhere."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um.. how did you keep your cloths with you… cause … I .. I think we can climb… while you know?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "I dunno. I just sort of…did. I really wish I could explain it better."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "uwww.."6 she looks for any ally ways
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10+9
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 2d10+9: 23 [2d10=7,7]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((23))
<Karasawa_Enyo> "That sounds fine, I think…" Enyo scratches her head. "We could just try the front door, but I guess that's not the wisest route to take…"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((or any suitable dark place by the building))
<Saya_Koizumi> "Well, front door works for me, too. I could maybe just bluff my way in. Hm…is this some sort of medical place, I wonder…"
11<@Thoon> There's a bit of an alley near the building, not directly behind but probably approachable.
11<@Thoon> The majority of cars seem to have stopped leaving, so its fairly clear. There's no armed patrols outside.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um Um… could you guys follow me?"6 she heads towards the ally
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((er alley)
06* Saya_Koizumi follows Shizuka.
06* Karasawa_Enyo does so, still trying to find a way into the building.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka gets a bit in the ally 1"Um.. umm could you watch the entrance "6 she looks around to see if there is any cameras
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10+9 in before Schrodinger's camras
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, in before Schrodinger's camras: 22 [2d10=3,10]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((19))
11<@Thoon> Looks all clear.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um…Um… could you not watch…"6 she starts to seem a bit teary and starts to unbutton her top
06* Saya_Koizumi nods. "Ok." She turns around, and keeps an eye out for any other prying eyes.
<Karasawa_Enyo> "
!! Er, sure, Shizuka-chan!" Enyo turns around posthaste, and keeps watch as well.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka takes a bit but she finally gets all her clothing off in a pile 1"uwww…"6 and then shifts into tager form
06* Shizuka_tsukioka looks at her hands for a second before turning invisible and proceeds to climb up the buildings wall
06* Saya_Koizumi looks for a way to sneak in as a person.
<Saya_Koizumi> 3d10
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, 3d10: 9 [3d10=6,1,2]
<Saya_Koizumi> 2d10 DP
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, DP: 2 [2d10=1,1]
<Saya_Koizumi> ((…I'll live with that~))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( The random guard zips up his pants "that was lovely but I still can't let you in" ))
11<@Thoon> (( oh boy~ ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( so anything on the roof?))
11<@Thoon> (( you could run inside and scream there's a monster upstairs, that'll totally get everyone going after it and give you lots of opportunity to look around. ))
11<@Thoon> (( In fact, impulsive to do that one. If you make it, front door and bluffing sounds smart. ))
<Saya_Koizumi> 5d10
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, 5d10: 33 [5d10=10,7,7,3,6]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( shizu ;_; ))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((25))
11<@Thoon> (( Fucking tagers. ))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((No kidding. Too much shit hinges on Tenacity.))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Engel pilots are about the same, but without a "and you need even more tenacity to qualify for this…" option.))
06* Saya_Koizumi shrugs and heads for the front door. "I'm going to go try the direct approach."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((perception roll to hear this~?))
11<@Thoon> (( Don't worry, you're safe. And you do hear it. Super hearing and all.))
<Karasawa_Enyo> Enyo follows. "Alright. I have your back, Saya-chan."
<Saya_Koizumi> "Ok."
06* Saya_Koizumi opens the door and walks right into the lobby, then keeps going, acting liek she has every right to be there.
11<@Thoon> The way up to the building, esspecially invisible is very easy, by the way. You manage to notice a nearby open window, and it seems like an empty cubical inside.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((I know paranoid, like how many thing sare goingt to have xray specs?))
06* Shizuka_tsukioka moves towards the entrnce to see if it works
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((scratch that))
06* Shizuka_tsukioka double checks the room and sees if she spots anything interesting from the outside
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10 observation
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, observation: 10 [2d10=1,9]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( 18 ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((wait))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((20))
11<@Thoon> (( And also a critfail~ ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((yep~))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((hmm))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d10
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 1d10: 5 [1d10=5]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((cause well use it before lose it))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((and this IS important))
11<@Thoon> It looks full of computers and papers and all sorts of wonders that totally need snea- Bah. It itself is empty of details, but there's a way out and it is an empty way into the building.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "hmmm"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka takes a step in to do a better look
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( take a better ))
06* Saya_Koizumi meanwhile picks a random way out of the lobby and further into the building. Doesn't relaly matter where she ends up at the moment, as long as she's unchallenged.
06* Karasawa_Enyo follows Saya close behind, trying to act the part of someone who has every right to be there, while at the same time trying to keep alert for everything.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((so how are the doors in the room?))
11<@Thoon> Probably best to not screw around with the inside materials, they'll not exactly say "And then at 3:30 PM we'll disect that little whore because we're evil and work for Shugoran, ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!" but there are a few pieces of paper that could be relevent. You do hear people up there, though. Not many, but some around you. One door, leading out to a hallway.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "uwww…"6 and decides it's probalby not the best idea with people so close and exists the window
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((er via the ))
11<@Thoon> Now Saya, as I can finally get to, make a presence check to seem all normal
11<@Thoon> Enyo, too.
<Saya_Koizumi> 3d10
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, 3d10: 23 [3d10=7,6,10]
<Saya_Koizumi> 2d10, why not
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, why not: 12 [2d10=2,10]
<Saya_Koizumi> ((26))
<Karasawa_Enyo> 2d10
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Karasawa_Enyo, 2d10: 13 [2d10=9,4]
<Karasawa_Enyo> (( I'm betting 14 isn't good enough…? ))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Could always use a few drama points.))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((as put, use em before we lose them))
<Karasawa_Enyo> 1d10
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Karasawa_Enyo, 1d10: 3 [1d10=3]
<Karasawa_Enyo> (( 17, then? ))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Nah. DP add dice to the roll ,but it's jsut like any other dice, so it won't change your results unless you roll something that can work for such.))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((nop no dice poker))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((er dice poker with that roll ))
<Karasawa_Enyo> (( Ohh, I see…sorry if I'm still confused with it. I'm horrible at card games. ))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((It's alright. But, CTech dice are either highest singe, highest double/multiple, or highest striahgt of three or more.))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((keep droping the DP~))
<Karasawa_Enyo> (( Okay. Let me try again, then. ))
<Karasawa_Enyo> 3d10
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Karasawa_Enyo, 3d10: 27 [3d10=9,10,8]
11<@Thoon> (( Sorry, someone's distracting me over MSN~ ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( Oh ho ho, that's something))
11<@Thoon> (( That it is. ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( 27 + your presence it looks like it ))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Yep.))
<Karasawa_Enyo> (( Oh, wow! So that's 32? ))
11<@Thoon> (( Yup. ))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((The dice are a funny combination of average rolls, spectacular failure, and spectacular successes. Notably when you roll a lot of them.))
11<@Thoon> You both manage to blend in, Saya looks all sick and asks for a the location to the test lab, while Enyo supports her and they're lead to a point deep inside the place. Then you're left alone, as you probably know what you're doing.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka shizu is down on the ground agian wondering if they got in. She looks around and changes back and tries to hastly put on her clothing in the alley
06* Saya_Koizumi heads to the test lab, as good a palce to start as any. Sh'es had plenty of practice looking and acting sick, though she usually had to pretend the opposite when she actually was ill.
11<@Thoon> So now you're in a lab room full of all sorts of equipment, probably able to be used as weapons, but they'd almost all be lethal in real applications. There's certainly a hell of a lot of things for disecting, though, and the beds have straps on them. Theres vials of funny colooured liquid…
06* Shizuka_tsukioka finishes geting her clothign on noticing it got a bit dirty 1"Uww… Koizumi-san… Karasawa-san?"6 she goes to the front of the building to see if they are there
<Saya_Koizumi> 2d10 medicine, I've probably seen some of this stuff before.
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, medicine, I've probably seen some of this stuff before.: 13 [2d10=5,8]
<Saya_Koizumi> 1d10
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, 1d10: 10 [1d10=10]
<Saya_Koizumi> ((15))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( is there anyone in the lobby?))
<Karasawa_Enyo> Enyo stays silent, her hand in her pocket as she looks for any computer terminals around.
06* Saya_Koizumi looks around the room, perusing the various bits of equipment and bottles of stuff. "What do they do here, I wonder?"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka heads into the lobby sheepishly
11<@Thoon> There are people in the lobby. There's no computers in there, but the stuff in this room is quite a bit above anything you saw in the hospitals. Most notably the buzzsaw like tool for… bones? and the optional blade next to it that's actually a pair of these blades beside each other.
<Karasawa_Enyo> "Um…I think we'd better call Shizuka-chan. She may be looking for us…" Enyo rummages for her cellphone. "I just hope she has it on vibrate…"
11<@Thoon> No blood on any of this or anything, its quite clean.
11<@Thoon> (( this game really, really needs a luck roll… ))
<Saya_Koizumi> "Yeah, that's probably a good idea…Man, what is all this stuff?"
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Just roll 1d100? Also ,the best any of us are likely to get even with tenacity*5 is 55% on a d100 ))
<Karasawa_Enyo> Enyo dials Shizuka's number and initiates the call. "Looks like the lab that Kamen Rider G was made in. Human experimentation and stuff…"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 6 PDA goes off in her backpack 1"Ah… Hello?"
<Karasawa_Enyo> "Shizuka-chan, we're inside the building already." Enyo replies. "We're at…uh….where are we again, Saya-chan?"
11<@Thoon> 1d100 I'll go ten*1.8*5
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, I'll go ten*1.8*5: 82 [1d100=82]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((what is the labs name?))
11<@Thoon> And for Shizu, that was 80, Hopefully she doesn't have an obnoxious ringtone.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Uh, I think we're in a medical lab or something."
11<@Thoon> Make either a presence or stealth roll, Shizu.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um.. I'm not sure.. I'm .. I'm in the lobby no one has thrown me out…yet"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 2d10: 3 [2d10=2,1]
11<@Thoon> "Oi!"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 3d10 drama
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, drama: 21 [3d10=7,4,10]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((too late))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ah!?"
<Karasawa_Enyo> "…the medical lab. Just get inside, but carefully…I think we're still in the first floor…" Enyo furrows her brow as she hears the commotion on the other end.
11<@Thoon> Someone calls out at Shizu, which you hear over the phone, make a fear test as you see Yamada quickly approaching you.
<Karasawa_Enyo> (( Who's Yamada approaching? Us? ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 4d10+7
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 4d10+7: 23 [4d10=3,8,1,4]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d10
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 1d10: 1 [1d10=1]
06* Saya_Koizumi looks for a door to peer through to see where she could go from here.
11<@Thoon> (( Shizu. ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d10
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 1d10: 3 [1d10=3]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((one more…))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d10
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 1d10: 3 [1d10=3]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( 14 ugh))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((How are you getting 14 from all that?))
11<@Thoon> (( you're the only one my fear tests work on, Shizu, don't worry, I won't kill you~ ))
<Saya_Koizumi> (9Or do you have a penalty from a flaw?))
11<@Thoon> 2d10
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, 2d10: 11 [2d10=6,5]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((-2 ))
11<@Thoon> (( One of these days someone will roll a 3, stunned, 1 round on inactivity. ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((2 rounds actually~))
06* Shizuka_tsukioka just freezes
11<@Thoon> Paralyzed by fear, he's almost instantly on you, and you notice now that he's truely towering even to other males. He effortlessly takes the phone from your hand, hanging it up. "And what are you doing here, little girl… Hm, I've seen you before."
11<@Thoon> He's grinning, very widely.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "ah…"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka still just stands there
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((just give the signal for when she is unforzen))
<Karasawa_Enyo> "…Shizuka-chan got caught." Enyo grits her teeth as she stuffs her phone back into her pocket. "We have to make a diversion and fast!"
11<@Thoon> "Ah, right. The slums, you were Andou-kun's little friend. Now why are you here?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "e-e-"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Like what? Pull a fire alarm? I don't know what to do."
11<@Thoon> You actually notice other people from security look in your direction from behind the man, who came running from his shout, but as soon as they see who is addressing the problem, they back off, which probably helps immensly.
<Saya_Koizumi> 2d10 int roll works for getting ideas
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, int roll works for getting ideas: 6 [2d10=1,5]
<Saya_Koizumi> ((hm…))
11<@Thoon> Run out and rescue her!
<Karasawa_Enyo> "Anything!" Enyo looks around for a fire alarm. "There's got to be one here we can use!"
<Saya_Koizumi> "We could just go out there and rescue her!"
11<@Thoon> He bends down on one knee now, looking Shizu in the eye "Come now, you've got to tell me or else you'll get in trouble." and his tone of voice reeks of pure threat, but now the same terror and sense of inhuman-ness starts to kick in, amplified by being face to face with the monster, and you feel more strongly then ever that feeling of the tager wanting to burst foreward.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "E-E"6 Tries and bolts if possible
<Karasawa_Enyo> "We're…we're already in here, and if we do that, we'll be helpless if we get caught…" Enyo tries to think, but pulls her lighter out just in case.
11<@Thoon> Opposed agility tests, I'd say.
<Karasawa_Enyo> She looks at the ceiling for any sprinklers. "Help me find a sprinkler or a smoke detector we can trigger
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 3d10+7
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 3d10+7: 19 [3d10=2,4,6]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d10
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 1d10: 4 [1d10=4]
11<@Thoon> 5d10
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, 5d10: 29 [5d10=9,8,6,5,1]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((15 ;_;))
<Saya_Koizumi> 3d10 observation, looking for something diversional
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, observation, looking for something diversional: 16 [3d10=6,2,8]
<Saya_Koizumi> 2d10 DP
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, DP: 5 [2d10=1,4]
<Saya_Koizumi> ((13))
11<@Thoon> You try, but he's experienced. He grabs your arm and squeezes it, with strength that could break an arm if it wasn't fortified like yours is.
<Saya_Koizumi> (9wait, observation is perception. 15))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Eh-eh.."
11<@Thoon> 1d5 damage
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, damage: 3 [1d5=3]
11<@Thoon> There doesn't seem to be any sort of fire alarms or anything in the area. No carts to push down. You could shout maybe, fight him off? Lure him away?
<Karasawa_Enyo> (( That's odd, a lab should have a sprinkler or something, considering it can be a cause of fire….))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d10+3 to fail to struggle
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, to fail to struggle: 12 [1d10=9]
11<@Thoon> (( At least not in this immediate area. Maybe they don't work with flamable materials though. ))
06* Saya_Koizumi heads into the hallway, maybe she can at least make a commotion elsewhere in the building.
<Karasawa_Enyo> "Tch! What kind of lab is!" Enyo curses and takes her brass knuckle from her boot. "I really didn't want to do this, and in front of so many people…"
11<@Thoon> He chuckles in amusement and picks you up by your arm alone "If you're not going to talk then, come with me and let's see who you are." and begins to carry you off for in the lab just… hanging there, his fellow guards not wanting to get within 10 feet of him.
<Karasawa_Enyo> She blinks at Saya. "H-hey! Where are you going? We have to save Shizuka-chan!"
<Saya_Koizumi> "I'm going to try doing soemthing! Maybe there's an alarm in the hallway."
11<@Thoon> Trying anything specific, Saya?
<Saya_Koizumi> 3d10 look for an alarm ,or a nearby door of interest or something
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, look for an alarm ,or a nearby door of interest or something: 28 [3d10=8,10,10]
<Saya_Koizumi> ((27))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((somewhat specific.))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "I…I…I…Touru..I"
11<@Thoon> Now you spot an alarm, oddly, it was located outside of the lab, labled "outbreak", it's behind glass, but this is desperate.
11<@Thoon> Yamada gives Shizu a good shaking, "Hm? What's your name?"
06* Saya_Koizumi ehads over to the alarm and waves Enyo over. "Hey, we should set this off!"
<Karasawa_Enyo> "S-Saya-chan? Find anything?" Enyo asks, her voice desperate now.
<Karasawa_Enyo> "O-oh! Okay
!" Enyo immediately rushes to the side, and wearing the brass knuckles, punches desperately through the glass to activate the alarm.
11<@Thoon> Another violent shake, this time his voice almost seems to echo around the hall, or maybe the panic is getting to you too much "Tell me!"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Tsu-tsu-tsu-tsu"6 the poor girl tries to not say
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((is this a seperate hallway outside the lobby how far has she been dragged?))
11<@Thoon> The glass shatters, and the button is pressed, glowing red. There is a sudden locking sound from the lab door and alarms raise all over the building. Everyone, including Yamada quickly run for the sound, though he's now distracted enough for an escape attempt of opposed strengths, and he'll even get a penalty.
11<@Thoon> 5d10
09<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Thoon, 5d10: 22 [5d10=9,10,1,1,1]
<Saya_Koizumi> ((And he critfails his roll~))
06* Saya_Koizumi looks around. "We better get out of here."
11<@Thoon> Well, never mind. He basically throws you to the side as he dashes for the lab. Its a couple hallways away, and you make a loud 1 damage dealing thud against the wall, but you're free and he let go his bumdumpster.
<Saya_Koizumi> ((would it be agility, or athletics, to flee the scene?))
06* Shizuka_tsukioka gets up as fast as she can and runs for the door
11<@Thoon> OOC: Athletics using agility? I'll also accept stealth.
<Saya_Koizumi> 2d10 no stealth ,so athletics to run like a little girl~
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, no stealth ,so athletics to run like a little girl~: 13 [2d10=9,4]
11<@Thoon> Shizu will want to make this too, distracted guards are still guards, the test is low though.
<Saya_Koizumi> ((16))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d5+8 for Running like the wind
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, for Running like the wind: 13 [1d5=5]
<Karasawa_Enyo> 3d10
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Karasawa_Enyo, 3d10: 17 [3d10=7,1,9]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((13))
<Karasawa_Enyo> (( 15, I think? ))
11<@Thoon> You manage to dash down a hallway away from the comotion and not towards the guards both Saya and Enyo, Shizu, you're seen, and a guard dashes for you, but you hear Yamada say "Lab first, I'll take care of her once thats delt with."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((so how's the dashes stacking up~?))
11<@Thoon> You manage to wind up, still seperated, but the two undiscovered girls are at a set of stairs, Shizu's in empty halls leading to a few labs like the first one. She's also known though, and unless she goes for the front door, probably got many prepared guards between her and her friends.

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