Tager Chan Log 6

11<@Thoon> Last time: The girls made contact with the man Shizuka found, and attempting to find out more information on the mysterious tablet, after spying on a phonecall of his, discovered he may be more then he initally seemed, and went to see the workplace of Yamada, where the translator should also be visiting on suspicion that Yamada may have done something to Yumi.
11<@Thoon> ((Not that the fine art of typing long lines seems long anymore, I'll never get used to this massive moniter.))
<shizuka_tsukioka> ((heh, so any starting information?))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Yet another day?))
11<@Thoon> As the three leave the lab after a very successful infiltration, especially for outfits, Enyo's phone vibrates, she pulls it out and looks at it "Uh, something important's come up, I need to go home."
11<@Thoon> OOC: Basically, should that be desired.
<shizuka_tsukioka> ((Fair enough))
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Oh, see you tommorow then?"
11<@Thoon> "Maybe. I might have to miss school, it's uh, nothing too major though. Don't worry."
<shizuka_tsukioka> ((which reminds me they are still in the outfits))
11<@Thoon> ((Yes))
06* shizuka_tsukioka looks a bit dejected 1"Oh… Um see you the.. no wait that's the weekend um… next week then?"
11<@Thoon> ((Also need to get used to this OOC tag. Easier to log~))
11<@Thoon> She nods "Sure. Hopefully tomorrow, though. Good luck with this, whatever you do."
<Saya_Koizumi> "Ok, bye~ You can keep that outfit if you like, just don't get it too dirty or anything~"
<shizuka_tsukioka> OOC: Ah ok
11<@Thoon> "I'll bring it back to you as soon as I can, don't worry."
06* shizuka_tsukioka tugs her short skirt a down a bit more 1"I..I will get this one back to you tommorow…"
11<@Thoon> And with that she takes off. You're now both there. It's getting kinda late, and its up to as to continue this or head somewhere.
<Saya_Koizumi> "You could come back to my place, get your clothes back, Shizu-chan."
11<@Thoon> It's kinda late, if you head back to the club you might be able to con a couple patrons into tipping you, Shizu~
<shizuka_tsukioka> "I suppose.."
<shizuka_tsukioka> OOC: I guess it's to saya's place and then home then tommorow unless you have some events in store?
<shizuka_tsukioka> OOC: testing testing
<shizuka_tsukioka> OOC: there script works, or should I say unless saya has someplans planed ;_;
<Saya_Koizumi> ((No, got nothing. Time skip, whatever.))
11<@Thoon> ((Well I more meant I'd adopt your own silly OOC tag, but eh. Whatevers~ Also fine with timeskipping, to Saya's or a new school day?))
<shizuka_tsukioka> (( Oh ))
<shizuka_tsukioka> (( well to next day unless you can throw something at saya's place or on the way to ))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((I'd say, whatever lets Yumi back onto the scene, myself.))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((So, next day is probably best.))
11<@Thoon> ((Fine by me.))
<shizuka_tsukioka> (( Same here))
<Yumi_> ooc: what happened last session?
11<@Thoon> The new day of school starts, if my memory's right and we care about being this accurate, it's probably the last day of the week. The school is fairly normal, there's less talking about dead sluts and no sign of Enyo. This time though if possible, she sent a text saying so.
<shizuka_tsukioka> (( That was up a bit, more or less checked out some people and went to Yamada's place of business ))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Well ,there's the summary posted somewhere above. Basiclaly, we met the translator guy, talked with him a bit. Snuck out to follow him and voerhear some phone covnersation, then we tried and failed to infiltrate a place where we assume Bad Things are done to nice young women. also, Shizuka and Enyo got forced into cosplay outfits.))
<Yumi_> OOC: kk
<shizuka_tsukioka> (( any sign of yumi ?))
11<@Thoon> ((Unless desired so, Yumi going to school today? She simply didn't show up the other day, which could have saved her bother as the dead bitch she beat up was found that day
09<shizuka_tsukioka> (( Don't know if thoon has plans that could have happened to her which would probalby have been taken care of in PM ))
11<@Thoon> ((Well, she could have contacted Yamada but thats possibly an event that would take more intense focus them a PM))
<shizuka_tsukioka> (( fair enough ))
11<@Thoon> ((General philosophy is if its only like, 5 lines of talk and actions, PMs work, otherwise I lack the multitasking speeds to manage that without the players willingly agreeing on it ahead of time.))
<shizuka_tsukioka> (( Ah fair enough, so yumi at school kev?)))
<shizuka_tsukioka> (( granted this could be a plot hook to use~))
<Yumi_> OOC: ok
<Yumi_> OOC: I'm going to be half-assing this for about 20-30 more mins, trying to handle some stuff
<shizuka_tsukioka> (( Ok ))
11<@Thoon> ((Okay))
06* shizuka_tsukioka waits for the final bell to ring
06* Saya_Koizumi seems oddly excited about something she wants to explain to her friends in private, today.
11<@Thoon> Last bell rings. Boring day, but you're finally free
06* shizuka_tsukioka gets her items together and heads over to saya
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Ah good afternoon koizumi-san"6 she says happily
<Saya_Koizumi> "Afternoon, Shizu-chan~"
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Um… Should we do something today?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Well, I've got a few things to discuss."
06* shizuka_tsukioka fidgets a little bit not sure what she should really be doing
<Saya_Koizumi> "Where's Yumi-chan?" Saya asks, looking around.
<shizuka_tsukioka> 6 seems a bit suprised 1"Oh?"
<shizuka_tsukioka> "I didn't see her today… you don't think she.. maybe saw that guy?"
<shizuka_tsukioka> "She did have his number…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "I…hope she didn't. That guy really creeps me out. Hm…did you get her number? We could call her?"
<shizuka_tsukioka> "I hope she wasn't who Touru-san was talking about…"
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Also, I fuckin' hate feeling like I'm running the game between me and scribs.))
11<@Thoon> ((Sorry~))
<shizuka_tsukioka> "No I don't think so."
<Saya_Koizumi> "Oh…darn. But I anted to tell everyone…"
<Saya_Koizumi> ((*wanted))
11<@Thoon> Saya's Nazzadi roommate Eroly, Ecchin approaches the pair "Hey Saya~ Uh, hey Tsukioka-san."
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Um hello"6 shizuka does a bow 1"Um you're a friend of saya's?"
<shizuka_tsukioka> ((er koizumi-san's))
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hi, Ecchin. Shizu-chan, this is my roommate." Saya introduces the two girls. "She's kind of weird."
11<@Thoon> "Yeah, we're roommates!" she quickly moves to half hug Saya as she does so
11<@Thoon> "Not nearly as weird as you are."
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hey, I'm not that weird. I can't pick locks or whatever."
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Oh "
06* Saya_Koizumi returns the hug in a friendly sort of way.
<shizuka_tsukioka> "You two must be close"
11<@Thoon> "Very~" she says with a wink
06* shizuka_tsukioka blushs a bit 1"Oh.."
<Saya_Koizumi> "We're just good friends. Ecchin does take care of me when I'm sick, though. Sometimes."
11<@Thoon> "So what are you two up to, whispering over here?"
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Um Ecchin-san by any chance do you know Yumi Hyatt?"
11<@Thoon> "Only a bit. I don't hang out with her or anything."
<Saya_Koizumi> "We were wondering where she went. And, we weren't whispering about anything. We were just wondering what to do today~"
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Yeah we needed to talk to her about something.."
11<@Thoon> "Oh, is that all? I saw her earlier today, I think she's trying to hide."
<Saya_Koizumi> "Oh? That's strange."
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Where did you see her?"
11<@Thoon> "She was near the sheds over by the fields when I saw her."
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Um.. Could you take us over to them? We just really need a few words with her"
<shizuka_tsukioka> "If it won't be much trouble"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Please~?"
11<@Thoon> "No problem, It was a while ago, but follow me~" and she quickly walks off. Probably enough out of earshot for you to talk if you have to do so
06* Saya_Koizumi starts following.
06* shizuka_tsukioka pauses for a second then starts following 1"uwww.."
11<@Thoon> Well, if not, the three of you arive at the sheds.
11<@Thoon> ((Still busy, Kev?))
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Around here Ecchin-san?"
11<@Thoon> "Yeah, she was talking with some guy around here, I think. I didn't get a close look or anything"
<shizuka_tsukioka> (( also does Erory have any anz tattos? this may be importatn.. ofr other things~ ))
11<@Thoon> The shed area is fairly large, a few places to hide in the small alleyways for storing bits of equipment and the like.
11<@Thoon> ((Yes, a proper selection of them~))
<shizuka_tsukioka> (( well there are a few styles too but anywyas~))
06* Saya_Koizumi looks around. "Well, we could go look for her." She cups her hands to either side of her mouth and takes a deep breaht. "Yumi-chan~! You out here?" she shouts.
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Uwww why do these places always have to have so much junk…"
06* shizuka_tsukioka looks around unsure of where to start
11<@Thoon> (( Hmm, observation rolls ))
<Saya_Koizumi> 3d10
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, 3d10: 14 [3d10=1,3,10]
<Saya_Koizumi> ((17))
<shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10 + 9
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> shizuka_tsukioka, + 9: 9 [2d10=7,2]
<shizuka_tsukioka> (( 16 ))
11<@Thoon> There doesn't seem to be much sign of her here. If she was, she's long gone. Everyone seems to be, its very quiet over here compared to the more distant school, Ecchin meets up with the two of you at an intersection of the buildings "Any luck?"
06* shizuka_tsukioka pushs on a door a bit to see if it'll open 1"Ah no, um thank you for brining us over here"
<Saya_Koizumi> "No, I haven't found her."
<Saya_Koizumi> "How about you?"
11<@Thoon> She frowns "Nope, sorry."
06* Saya_Koizumi sighs. "What do we do now?"
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Oh, thank you though"
11<@Thoon> The doorway to the shed opens up, there seems to be a bit of sports equipment in there.
11<@Thoon> Roll observation, though~
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Uhh"6 catchs her balance1"Strange it wasn't opening before…"
<Saya_Koizumi> 3d10
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, 3d10: 20 [3d10=1,9,10]
<shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10+9
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> shizuka_tsukioka, 2d10+9: 12 [2d10=1,2]
<Saya_Koizumi> ((17 again.))
<shizuka_tsukioka> ((That's a crit fail right?))
11<@Thoon> OOC: Sadly no, if one more 1 was rolled it would be
<shizuka_tsukioka> ((ah 11 then))
11<@Thoon> There's a bit of a funny smell in the shed. Something all fruity and shit.
11<@Thoon> ((Er, that's Saya only. Poor Shizu's blind~))
06* shizuka_tsukioka pokes the door hinges a bit 1"strange…"
11<@Thoon> "What's up?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm…something smells funny."
06* Saya_Koizumi opens the door a bit wider to peek inside.
<shizuka_tsukioka> "I thought this was locked"
<shizuka_tsukioka> 6 looks at saya "Huh? Um are you sure we should go in there? I mean we didn't hear Hyatt-san or anything.."
<Saya_Koizumi> "Yeah, sure. We'll be fine."
06* shizuka_tsukioka gets up from croutching and walks in with saya
11<@Thoon> The inside seems really normal, dusty summer sports equipment, it does have a very faint odd smell, though. Assorted plants of all kinds.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Huh…why are there plants in here?"
11<@Thoon> "Oh, its not like there's some big scary girl-eating monster in there."
06* Saya_Koizumi goes deeper into the shed to keep looking around. "Nope, can't be soemthing like that around here~"
<shizuka_tsukioka> ".. Why would there be something like a Chatoka here?"6 says nerviously
<Saya_Koizumi> "A what?"
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Ah nothing.."
06* shizuka_tsukioka looks around
<shizuka_tsukioka> (( what sort of plants? I doubt physical science could hazzard a guess ))
11<@Thoon> Make an occult roll, Shizu, Saya too I suppose, but only Shizu gets the specialty.
<shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10+8
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> shizuka_tsukioka, 2d10+8: 20 [2d10=7,5]
<shizuka_tsukioka> 1d10 drama
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> shizuka_tsukioka, drama: 8 [1d10=8]
<shizuka_tsukioka> 1d10 drama
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> shizuka_tsukioka, drama: 7 [1d10=7]
<shizuka_tsukioka> (( 22 is good enough))
<Saya_Koizumi> 2d10 ok
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, ok: 13 [2d10=8,5]
<Saya_Koizumi> ((I only get a 13 there.))
11<@Thoon> You realize this is the same kinds of herbs used in that spell you've been reading lately.
11<@Thoon> Saya however, you're clueless, as is Ecchin as she breaks the silence "Bleh, this is boring. She's not in here."
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Eh"6 shizu tips a pot over a bit to look at it 1"these are herbs for spel-"6 she looks at erory 6"…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm? You know what these are, Shizu-chan?"
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Um I think they're used in spells… Purifying herbs and such"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Oh, cool. Think you could take some or something, then?"
06* Saya_Koizumi has no use for them, though, so she takes one last look around and exits the shed. It'd be bad if someone caught them in there, or closed the door and locked them in.
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Uh but someoneelse is growing them"
11<@Thoon> "Eh. They're for what?" Ecchin asks as if she was making sure she heard correctly. The herbs themselves seem old, if it was used as a special arcane space, the spell's broken now, but it was active for a little while.
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Ah wait"6 she hezatates for a second and picks a few before following sayas lead
<shizuka_tsukioka> ((scratch grabing herbs then))
<shizuka_tsukioka> "For purifying spells… um maybe blessing a space?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Weird."
11<@Thoon> "…Huh." she simply says, following on the way out. She doesn't seem particularly bright on the magical subject.
<Saya_Koizumi> "So…what do we do now? Maybe we should just go hang out like normal for once?"
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Um you purify an area so you can do things there… I think…"
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Maybe…Hyatt-san doesn't seem to be around"
11<@Thoon> "That's fine with me! Sorry again I didn't help finding her. I could have sworn she was hanging out around here."
<Saya_Koizumi> "That's ok. I'm sure she'll turn up eventually~"
<Saya_Koizumi> "And when she doesn, I'll just get her cell number~"
<shizuka_tsukioka> "I hope so…"
<shizuka_tsukioka> "So.. how do you 'hang out'?"
<Yumi_> ooc: kk
06* Saya_Koizumi gives Shizuka a really, relaly strange and bewildered look. "You…don't know?"
<shizuka_tsukioka> (( god I swear I ask for shizu to be picked on ))
06* shizuka_tsukioka fidgets a bit 1"I never really had friends so no I guess…"
<Saya_Koizumi> ((You wish to out-moe everyone. That's all.))
<Saya_Koizumi> "Jeez, that's kinda pathetic. What'd you do all the time, anyway?"
11<@Thoon> Gives Saya a quick sideways look before chiming in "Yeah. Don't you go out for food or shopping or anything?"
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Just sorta study and do chores…"
<shizuka_tsukioka> "I go shopping for food and clothing every once in a while"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Well, it's kinda like that. Except with friends."
11<@Thoon> "Yeah, Exactly."
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Oh.."
11<@Thoon> (( So, your back there, Kev? ))
06* shizuka_tsukioka says sounding suprised
<Saya_Koizumi> "So, let's go shopping or something~"
11<@Thoon> "We can do some clothes shopping then, if you've at least somewhat used to that."
06* shizuka_tsukioka blushes a bit 1"I-I'm used to it, I go shopping for clothing by myself every year"
<Saya_Koizumi> "And I bet you could use some new stuff~"
11<@Thoon> "Yeah, we've got a bit of work to do then~"
06* Saya_Koizumi grabs Shizuka's hand and starts dragging her off. "Come on ,there's a really nice department store not far from campus."
<shizuka_tsukioka> "ahh.."
06* shizuka_tsukioka seems she has no choice but to follow
11<@Thoon> Ecchin helps drag her along too however she can.
<Saya_Koizumi> ((in b4 lingerie store~))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Or however it's spelled.))
<shizuka_tsukioka> ((time skip drop yumi in someway?))
11<@Thoon> (( Well, as I asked, again, you there Yumi? You can catch up with the group in any number of effective ways. Otherwise they're going to go on a bus and I desperatly try and pull up a plot from my ass~ ))
11<@Thoon> (( Guess not. yeesh. ))
<shizuka_tsukioka> (( nope ))
<shizuka_tsukioka> (( no msn responce either ))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Jeez.))
11<@Thoon> The two sluts drag Shizu against her will to the extremely large and fancy shopping mall, the place is very fancy and modern, and most everything inside is a month's food supplies in cost.
06* shizuka_tsukioka looks around 1"uww… I don't think I can buy anything here…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Why not?"
11<@Thoon> "We don't need to buy anything. We'll try stuff on and only when we like it too much to put it back do we buy it."
<Saya_Koizumi> "Besides, who said you had to buy anything? We're here to shop. Part of that is looking at stuff way beyond your means~"
<shizuka_tsukioka> "It looks really expensive…"
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Huh?"
06* shizuka_tsukioka cocks her head slightly
<Saya_Koizumi> "You'll get used to it~"
06* Saya_Koizumi wanders off in a random direction.
06* shizuka_tsukioka follows after saya 1"ah wait koizumi-san"
06* Saya_Koizumi stops. "Hm? What is it?"
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Shoudn't we stick togheter?"
11<@Thoon> Ecchin shrugs "We can meet up when we find a place that looks fun to start?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "We could stick together, but we've got to start by going somewhere, so I was just picking a place to start~"
<shizuka_tsukioka> "I don't think I have your numbers…"6 she fumbles around to bring out her older lookign PDA
06* Saya_Koizumi means she wants to look for Picoha merch.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm? Oh. Could I get yours, too?" She tells Shizuka her number.
11<@Thoon> "Oh, right. That might help." Ecchin seems to be a bit act first, think later, probably why she <s>obviously crushes on</s> gets along with Saya, she then quickly recites her own number and enters Shizu's as she hears it.
06* shizuka_tsukioka tells saya her number and goes about entering saya's 1"Um could I get Ecchin-sans if you're alright with it?"
06* Saya_Koizumi programs Shizuka's number into her phone.
<shizuka_tsukioka> (( I had it half typed out had to finish~))
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Ok I guess we look around till we find an interesting store?"
06* shizuka_tsukioka seems a bit usure 1"right?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Yep~ We could stick together, if you want."
11<@Thoon> "Either works for me." Ecchin chimes in.
<shizuka_tsukioka> "I-I guess it'd be better to split up right? cover more ground?"
06* Saya_Koizumi shrugs. "Maybe."
11<@Thoon> "That works, lets start, then!"
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Ok see you latter then"6 she waves
11<@Thoon> Ecchin also waves and dashes off, getting lost in the crowd
06* shizuka_tsukioka waits till Erory dissapears into the crowd
06* shizuka_tsukioka turns to saya 1"um you wanted to tell me something?"
06* Saya_Koizumi nods. "Mm. Remember how, uh, we can't get our clothes back after…you know?" She looks around nervously, then starts walking.
<shizuka_tsukioka> "um yeah…"
06* shizuka_tsukioka walks a bit presumably with saya and looks in teh big windows of the stores
<Saya_Koizumi> "Well…I think maybe I figured something out. It's got something to do with some of those seals I was using. Or maybe it was the ribbons. Anyay, I got some of my stuff back, somehow."
06* shizuka_tsukioka sounds a bit exited 1"Really? You mean I don't have to cary two sets of clothing anymore?"
<shizuka_tsukioka> (( one second))
11<@Thoon> There are so many fancy and expensive clothes and accessories, here, in any number of styles.
06* Saya_Koizumi fidgets a bit. "I'm…not sure about that…I can't really explain it."
<shizuka_tsukioka> ((appologies back))
<shizuka_tsukioka> "oh…hmmm"
<shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10+9 for observation of stors
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> shizuka_tsukioka, for observation of stors: 20 [2d10=6,5]
<shizuka_tsukioka> (( 15))
<shizuka_tsukioka> ((er stores))
<shizuka_tsukioka> "um.. But you managed to not ruin your clothing?"
11<@Thoon> There's a big store name upstairs that catches your eye, "Arcane Fashions", its right by the elevator, too.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Well…uh, I got a gym uniform back, but it was all…slimy."
<shizuka_tsukioka> "… Slimy…"6 she says looking confused then notices a store behind saya 1"Hmm"
06* Saya_Koizumi tilts her head to one side. "Hm?"
<shizuka_tsukioka> "That store looks .. um interesting?"6 she points at it
06* Saya_Koizumi looks up at it. "Ooh, you're right. Wanna go check it out?"
06* shizuka_tsukioka fidgets 1"I guess… um should we get Ecchin-san over here?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "If you want…uh, her name's Eroly, Ecchin's just her nickname."
06* shizuka_tsukioka looks down and blushes 1"oh…um I guess she said if we find something interesting right?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Yeah."
06* Saya_Koizumi heads for the elevator.
06* shizuka_tsukioka follows and takes out her pda and goes through the screen changing the name before callin gher up
11<@Thoon> The elevator's moderatly crowded, but you both fit in easily. As the door closes, Ecchin answers "Hey, find anything~?"
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Uww yeah a little store upstairs um… west side Arcane Fashions is the name I think. We're taking the elivator up"
11<@Thoon> As Shizu answers, she feels something like a hand crawl across her butt, having a small squeeze, while the phone responds "Oh? I'll be right there, then."
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Eh!?"6 she looks around
06* Saya_Koizumi glances at Shizuka. "Hm?"
11<@Thoon> The experienced chikan's hand quickly goes back into the crowd, no one seems to look down or particularly guilty judging by the faces.
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Um… nothing…"6 smoths out her school skirt
<Saya_Koizumi> "Oh."
11<@Thoon> "Tsukioka-san? You there?" the phone asks.
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Oh sorry yeah um see you at the store then, um bye?"
06* shizuka_tsukioka waits for a responce before hanging up
11<@Thoon> "Seeya there." And she hangs up.
06* shizuka_tsukioka hangs up 1"umm.. Erory is going to head up there…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Ok~"
06* shizuka_tsukioka straightens out her skirt more blushing
06* shizuka_tsukioka waits for the elevator to stop while looking aorund
11<@Thoon> Just as the elevator opens up, now Saya feels another sharper pinch on her own butt, as a group of people start to leave.
06* Saya_Koizumi looks around. "Ow! hey, who did that?"
11<@Thoon> Observations from both of you~
<shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10+9
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> shizuka_tsukioka, 2d10+9: 20 [2d10=5,6]
<shizuka_tsukioka> 1d10 drama
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> shizuka_tsukioka, drama: 2 [1d10=2]
<shizuka_tsukioka> ((oh well 15 ))
<Saya_Koizumi> 3d10
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, 3d10: 16 [3d10=6,1,9]
<Saya_Koizumi> 2d10 DP, while they're still free-ish
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, DP, while they're still free-ish: 3 [2d10=1,2]
<Saya_Koizumi> ((that did nothing. 14))
06* Saya_Koizumi doesn't hang around on the elevator, at least.
06* shizuka_tsukioka follows saya out 1"umm… you alright?"
11<@Thoon> The chikan seems to have gotten away, given the majority of the crowd has left, you can't tell if they stayed on or not, even.
06* Saya_Koizumi rubs her butt. "Yeah, some perv pinched my ass, is all."
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Um… you too?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Yeah. Wait, they got you too?"
<shizuka_tsukioka> "yeah…um… do we report it or something?"
06* Saya_Koizumi crosses her arms as she marches over to the store. "Jeez, people these days. Can't even ride an elevator without someone copping a feel. We can, but it won't do anything."
06* shizuka_tsukioka follows her while looking for Erory
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Eroly))
<shizuka_tsukioka> (( my bad))
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Hmm I wonder if she wandered off somewhere far… so you can't say anything about the clothing?"
11<@Thoon> Ecchin is already at the store as you get there, she seems to have selected a small array of outfits already, the majority of which is lingerie, which is what the store in fact seems largely full of, covered in sorts of arcaney symbols. Its very fetishy, to the point some of it has chains and the like. "Finally, what kept you? Seem's you've got good taste though~"
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Uww… how you get here so fast?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Huh? Oh, the elevator's slow. I think we'll take the stairs next time. We could both probably use the exercise." She laughs. It sounds forced. "So, what's all this?"
06* shizuka_tsukioka looks at the clothing "I.. didn't think it was a store like this…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "So? You cna at least try a few things on and show off a bit to your friends~ It's all in fun~"
06* Saya_Koizumi considers showing off the pictures she took of herself the other day.
11<@Thoon> "Lots of fancy underwear, some of it isn't bad, see~" And she holds up a string bikini, the parts that cover things up are all thin spirals symbols of cloth.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Ooh, Shizu-can, can you recognize any of those symbols?"
06* shizuka_tsukioka turns a very dark shade of red 1"I'm not so sure…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Oh, come on. Don't be so shy. You'll never break out of your shell if you don't have a sense of adventure."
<shizuka_tsukioka> "I'm not sure I want to break out that way…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "You're no fun."
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Uww….I.. I guess I could try on some…"
06* Saya_Koizumi looks around. "They've got to have some things that aren'y just underwear, though…"
<Saya_Koizumi> 3d10 observation
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, observation: 16 [3d10=3,10,3]
<Saya_Koizumi> ((17.))
11<@Thoon> You find some more fullbody clothes that are your size. Robe like things.
<shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10 for getting out of string panties
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> shizuka_tsukioka, for getting out of string panties: 16 [2d10=6,10]
<shizuka_tsukioka> ((19 there~))
<shizuka_tsukioka> (( I assume she at least sees that~))
06* Saya_Koizumi holds up a few robes. "Hm…So…you wear really racy underwear, and then cover them up with one of these? Is that how magic works? …I think I like the miniskirts and funny scepters approach."
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Funny scepters and miniskirts?"6 she cocks her head a bit
11<@Thoon> Saya, you manage to find a nice ritual outfit thats designed to easily be both naked and wearing only simple clothing~
<Saya_Koizumi> "You know. Magical girl stuff~ It seems a lot better than this. Well, usually."
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Oh… I should really watch it sometiem…"
06* shizuka_tsukioka ended up holding the spiral set eroly forced on her
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Um.. are we even allowed to try things like this on?"
11<@Thoon> Ecchin, being shameless, tries several sets of clothes out, she seems esspecially fond of the black ones that are practically invisible.
06* Saya_Koizumi picks out a few things to try on. "Yeah, sure. Hm, now where are the dressing rooms?"
06* shizuka_tsukioka is blushing watching erory parade herself aorund the floor
11<@Thoon> "Over there near the back. They're sorta hidden behind the cashier if you look from the outside" Ecchin says, pointing.
11<@Thoon> Make observation rolls as you've spent some time around the store.
<Saya_Koizumi> 3d10
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, 3d10: 15 [3d10=4,4,7]
<Saya_Koizumi> ((15.))
<shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> shizuka_tsukioka, 2d10: 16 [2d10=7,9]
<shizuka_tsukioka> (( 18 )
06* shizuka_tsukioka goes to the back practicly crying and trys out the picked outfit
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Uwww…."
11<@Thoon> Something seems odd about the two adult women getting ready to leave, the longer you watch, the more you start to feel a familiar sinking feeling in your gut.
06* Saya_Koizumi wonders what's going on, and heads away from them to try on some stuff as well.
06* shizuka_tsukioka tries to peek out to look for saya
11<@Thoon> Shizuka notices this while dressed somewhere between a fancy sorcerous robe and something bondage mistress related.
<shizuka_tsukioka> (( hmm wouldn't eroyi have beeter contrast with pure white lingere~? ))
11<@Thoon> ((But that would be visible~))
<shizuka_tsukioka> (( Well it can be basicly transparent too~))
06* Saya_Koizumi shows Eroly (and Shizuka, if she isn't hiding) the various outfits (or underwear sets) she decided to try on.
06* shizuka_tsukioka blushing walks up to saya as she heads back to the dressing room in her near bondage gear 1"Um… did you notice those two women?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm? Yeah."
<shizuka_tsukioka> "…Do.. do you get a feeling from them… too?
<Saya_Koizumi> "Yeah, like something weird in the pit of my stomach."
<shizuka_tsukioka> ((one second))
<shizuka_tsukioka> "… It.. it reminds me of Yamada … What if it's connected?"
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Like.. like if they are following us or something…."
11<@Thoon> The two actually seem fairly chatty with each other, one giggling is actually to herself, belying the slightly terrifying feeling they give you.
<shizuka_tsukioka> (( back ))
11<@Thoon> Scary person 1: Unsure "I'm not sure mistress seems the sort for this."
11<@Thoon> Scary person 2: not paying real attention as she quickly starts paying for a purchased box "That's why we're not going to tell her who got it. She needs to unwind, kicking some internal ass will help her forget the mess with the ta'ge fragments."
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm…maybe. I dunno, it's kind of weird."
11<@Thoon> Scary person 1: "She'll slaughter the sender. If we get found…"
11<@Thoon> Scary person 2: Dismissive "Relax. This is exactly the type of thing Yamada-san would do-"
11<@Thoon> Scary person 1: "-So when she strips off your stupid skin, don't snitch."
11<@Thoon> Scary person 2: Grinning back like she's talking with a friend, dragging the start of the word out for some reason "Sssure."
<shizuka_tsukioka> "eh… They said ta'ge… that's what Touru-san said…"
11<@Thoon> Scary person 1: Mutters "Slut." The two then go to leave the shop.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Yeah…I wonder what that was about."
<shizuka_tsukioka> "… and talked about Yamada….. um… should we follow them maybe?"
06* shizuka_tsukioka fidgets a bit 1"Or .. I don't know… um "6 she seems a bit panicy now 1"we need to do something right?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Do something? Like what?"
<shizuka_tsukioka> "I don't know… follow .. them?"
06* Saya_Koizumi heads back to the dressing room to put her uniform back on.
<Saya_Koizumi> "May,be but not in that outfit~"
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Eh ah… uwww"6 she hurries back to put all her clothing back on and get the clothing ready to put back on therack
11<@Thoon> Ecchin pokes her head out of a changeroom, you're fairly sure that this time her upper body is genuinly naked, not that she cares "You guys not gonna try anything else on?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm? No, i think we're good."
<shizuka_tsukioka> "A-Ah no…"
06* shizuka_tsukioka fidgets getting her skirt straight
11<@Thoon> "Alright then. Anything you like? That outfit looked good on you, Tsukioka-san~"
06* shizuka_tsukioka looks up a bit 1"Which one?"
11<@Thoon> "The one that was supposed to come with the whip you left on the rack." she calmly says, while shuffling about in the dressing room, getting back into her uniform.
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Um.. It doesn't suit me"6 she looks for saya
<Saya_Koizumi> "A whip? Hm, that can be a good accessory. I think Providence's mom used one. You're right though, it doesn't suit you."
11<@Thoon> OOC: so, 10 minutes to time, wrap up, any other actions?
<shizuka_tsukioka> "Um so… what should we do now "6 she looks out the door trying to look for the two she saw earlier
<shizuka_tsukioka> ((Might be a good time to wrap up
<Saya_Koizumi> "I dunno. Follow those two? Maybe look for other places to shop?"
11<@Thoon> ((Wanna follow or something, or just finish up here or just talk or something? Fairly open, I'm probably not gonna bleed the plot stone more tonight~ ))
06* shizuka_tsukioka mouth opens at the revealing mention 1"Uh yeah lets look for more shops…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Ok~"
06* Saya_Koizumi skips out of the store.
06* shizuka_tsukioka follows wondering if they are going the right direction to shop while scouting

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