Tager Chan Log 2

<Thoon> It's a new day. Nothing weird happened during the night influenced by the last days events, and the school still seems normal. Though there is a news item of note passed around in the school's future-y wireless news thing mostly used for clubs/cliques to bitch at each other and sexual escapades to be pointed out: The upcoming Swim Club has been canceled and they've decided to stop working on the pool to use the money to improve other things.

  • shizuka_tuskioka does some more note taking noticably carying what seems to be a small suitcase by her desk
  • Saya_Koizumi goes through her usual school routine, though she's feeling much healthier than she was the other day.
  • Yumi_ comes to school with a book bag that is noticeably full and fastened tightly.

<Thoon> Beyond that, no excuses for this are given. This is also offical word form some teacher who's class you're not in, so you can't really expect much more or get clarification from them like you could most messages. Everyone around the school seems to not much care, and with a lack of hints as to what happened in that room yesterday, none are likely to notice it.

  • shizuka_tuskioka eargly watchs the digital clock on her palm computer between some minor note taking waiting for lunch time come up.

<Thoon> The lunch bell rings after a boring bit of early morning classes, some math stuff you'll never need.

  • Yumi_ continues to sleep with her head down on her desk.
  • Saya_Koizumi looks around for her friends, to get started with the usual lunchtime chatting. She spots Shizuka before too long and promptly corners the other girl.

<shizuka_tuskioka> "Ah Koizumi san ah here" she thrusts out the suitcase out "here!"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Huh? Uh…what's this?"

  • Saya_Koizumi looks taken aback.

<shizuka_tuskioka> "It is my dads old case it has the clothes you borrowed me yesterday… um Could I get the case back tommorow?"

  • shizuka_tuskioka looks around and sees a sleeping yumi "Um Should we talk wiht hyatt-san?"
  • Saya_Koizumi shrugs, and takes the case. "This seems awfully big, for just on set of clothes…" She opens it, removes her clothes, and stuffs them into her bag, before handing the case back to Shizuka. "And sure. I was going to see if you wanted to have lunch with me. Inviting her would be a good idea~"

<shizuka_tuskioka> "Umm Karasawa-san seems to be missing… do you think something may have happened like like cultists got her or somethign?"
<Thoon> That is true, she seems to be absent so far~
<Saya_Koizumi> "Huh? Cultists? Nah."

  • shizuka_tuskioka takes her case back and seems to be hugging it

<shizuka_tuskioka> "But she is not here and no one seems to be saying anything about the pool… It has to be a coverup!"
<shizuka_tuskioka> "and when there is a coverup there has to be cultists!"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Maybe. But, didn't you say something about Yumi-chan? Shouldn't we go wake her up or something?"
<shizuka_tuskioka> "Ah yeah… I don't exactly want to … Could you do it?"

  • shizuka_tuskioka fidgets a bit

<Saya_Koizumi> "Sure…"

  • Saya_Koizumi walks over to Yumi's desk. "Hey, Yumi-chan? You want to eat lunch together?" She doesn't resort to poking the other girl just yet, but she will.

<Thoon> Why just poke her~

  • Yumi_ doesn't seem to stir from your verbal communication, but starts mumbling and looks almost like she's having a nightmare.

<shizuka_tuskioka> "She must be really tired…"
<Saya_Koizumi> 5d10
<Filthy_Half-human_Slave> Saya_Koizumi, 5d10: 24 [5d10=8,3,9,2,2]
<Saya_Koizumi> "Yeah, I guess so…" Saya reaches over and shakes Yumi around a bit. "Hey! Wake up."
<Thoon> Anyways, the gentle shaking is probably enough to nicely wake Yumi up.

  • Yumi_ screams as she is startled, grabbing her assailant's head and pinning her to the desk.
  • shizuka_tuskioka is taken aback

<Yumi_> S-Saya? Oh my god I'm so sorry.

  • Yumi_ releases her grip.

<shizuka_tuskioka> "Ah ah Hyatt-san it's just a dream…
<Yumi_> …Yeah.
<Thoon> The clique of girls still hanging out in the class chatting look over, then back to each other snickering
<shizuka_tuskioka> "Um Good after noon hyatt-san" bowing a bit
<shizuka_tuskioka> "Would you like to eat lunch with us?"

  • Yumi_ glares at the other girls.

<Yumi_> …I didn't bring any.

  • Yumi_ looks embarrassed.

<Thoon> Those that look back over in your direction quickly stop at the sight.
<Saya_Koizumi> "It's ok. We could go to the cafeteria and buy something."

  • Saya_Koizumi seems to have brushed off the entire thing of being pinned to the desk as if it never happened.

<Yumi_> That works, I have money on me.
<Yumi_> You two go ahead, I'll catch up in a second.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Ok. See you there."

  • Saya_Koizumi fetches her lunch and heads out to the cafeteria.

<shizuka_tuskioka> "Ah ok… Um Karasawa did not show up yet, if you see her could you tell her I want to thank her?"

  • Yumi_ looks around suspiciously as everyone seems to be gone and searches her bag for a cylindrical stim injector.

<shizuka_tuskioka> "ah.. Wait for me" seems to quickly chase after saya

  • Yumi_ presses it against her neck and begins breathing and sweating heavily after the injection.
  • Yumi_ just before closing her bag she glimpses at the tablet, and heads off to the cafeteria.
  • shizuka_tuskioka catches up with saya "ah sorry for being slow."

<Saya_Koizumi> "It's ok. Don't apologize for things like that."
<shizuka_tuskioka> "Um ok sorry" she seems a bit degected

  • shizuka_tuskioka looks at saya's lunch "Do you make your own lunch?"

<Saya_Koizumi> "Sometimes. I'm…not very good, though. Sometimes, onee-chan brings me lunch. Or my roommate makes too much and forces some on me…"

  • Yumi_ catches up while wiping the sweat from her brow, taking the nearest student's bought lunch and stuffing a couple bills in their shirt.

<Yumi_> Now where should we sit?
<shizuka_tuskioka> "Oh. I Make mine when I make my mothers"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Uh, anywhere there's some open seats?"

  • Saya_Koizumi looks around for a place to sit. It's pretty crowded, as usual.

<Thoon> The victim-student just blinks, stunned, but luckily they're not the type to stand off to someone of your reputation.

  • Yumi_ spots the girls from earlier and tells them to get up and get lost.
  • shizuka_tuskioka seems a bit speachless at yumi's actions

<Thoon> They leave, one muttering "Bitch." as she leaves.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Wow, you're pretty uh, forceful, Yumi-chan."
<shizuka_tuskioka> "I guess these are open haha" in the fakest seeming laugh ever
<Yumi_> What was that you slut?

  • Yumi_ puts my hand on her shoulder, turning her around.
  • Saya_Koizumi takes a seat, and starts on her lunch.
  • shizuka_tuskioka is now becoming a bit palier and looks at saya as if she's suppose to do something
  • Saya_Koizumi gives Shizuka a sort of look that says "What? Shouldn't we just ignore it?"

<Thoon> She tries to throw off your hand, without much luck, due to your stimmed up state "Get off of me you bitch!"
<Yumi_> Wrong day to try and start shit with me whore.

  • Yumi_ drives her fist in to the girl's nose.
  • shizuka_tuskioka gasps at the turn of events

<Thoon> The girl falls down bloodied, you messed her up a lot worse then you expected from that, though she's still concious. The cafeteria goes almost silent, and you're all very much the center of attention.
<Yumi_> None of you saw anything.

  • Yumi_ glares around the room.
  • shizuka_tuskioka sits down as if nothing happened as ordered
  • Saya_Koizumi is already content to pretend nothing happened and continue picking at her lunch. So much for a pleasant meal, though.

<Thoon> "Ahh- You- You fucking cunt!" she stammers, trying to crawl back and away. There's a few singular calls for a fight from the crowd, but more just seem to gather

  • Yumi_ spits on the girl and then licks the blood from her fist, smiling wickedly.

<Yumi_> If I actually were to fight you I'd kill you. Go home.

  • shizuka_tuskioka unpacks her food and starts to pick at it "ummm… So did you have any dreams last night?"

<Thoon> She gets up, and seems fairly knowledgeable of that as she just goes with a wicked glare
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm? No. Don't, usually."

  • Yumi_ goes and sits down at the table with Saya and Shizuka.

<Yumi_> Sorry about that…
<shizuka_tuskioka> "It's ok I guess…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Yeah…"
<Yumi_> You don't need to be nervous, that bitch had it coming and everyone knew it.
<Thoon> The crowd seems to die down with the lack of a fight and go back. You're given a LOT of room, and a few people mutter something about what's being said to the poor hikki and white girls they must guess you're also bullying.
<Yumi_> I'm not going to randomly pick fights with people.
<Yumi_> …I
<Yumi_> I'm not insane.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Oh. Ok then. That's no problem."

  • Yumi_ looks down with despair as she turns a pill bottle in her hands.

<shizuka_tuskioka> "Um you seem fine to me." seeming more confused then anything
<Saya_Koizumi> "So, uh…about what happened last night…" Saya tries to broach a potentially sensitive topic, but someone would have to mention it.
<Yumi_> I brought the tablet with me, it's in my bag
<shizuka_tuskioka> "Tablet?"

  • Yumi_ lifts her bag on to the table and opens it secretively.

<Yumi_> See?
<Saya_Koizumi> "Actually, that's what I wanted to ask about."

  • Saya_Koizumi leans over to peek into the bag. "I wonder what it is…must be important, or something."
  • shizuka_tuskioka seems generally interested in it "Oh where did you get that Ah I can't see it anymore"

<Yumi_> I picked it up from the floor where everything started and took it home with me.
<shizuka_tuskioka> "What laugage is it in? I don't think that was english or japanese"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Any idea what it is?"
<Thoon> You've deffinitly drawn too much attention here to pull it out and get a closer look in secret.
<shizuka_tuskioka> "I suppose you're right …. I think the roof genearlly doesnt' have people on it"
<Yumi_> I usually deal up there.

  • Yumi_ laughs.

<Saya_Koizumi> "Deal? Like…cards?"
<Yumi_> …Yeah. Cards…
<shizuka_tuskioka> "ah so to the roof?"
<Yumi_> I suppose.

  • shizuka_tuskioka starts to repack her lunch box
  • Yumi_ leaves her meal half-eaten at the table.
  • shizuka_tuskioka is up and ready seemingly eager to see the tablet
  • Saya_Koizumi packs up the rest of her lunch as well. "It's been a while sicne I had lunch on the roof~"
  • Yumi_ looks around to make sure no one else is up here.

<shizuka_tuskioka> "I don't see anyone else around lets see it~"
<Thoon> Yup. The roof seems empty right now, There's not too long of lunch, left, so the people that came up to eat are gone

  • Yumi_ pulls the tablet out of her bag and places it down.

<shizuka_tuskioka> "ohhh" and literally places herself over it readjusting her glasses

  • Saya_Koizumi tries to get a better look at the tablet, too, but with Shizuka in the way, this is easier said than done.

<Thoon> The tablet is a strange chunk of some sort of stone, with odd symbols carved over one side of it. It looks like it was broken from something on all the other sides.
<shizuka_tuskioka> 5d10
<Filthy_Half-human_Slave> shizuka_tuskioka, 5d10: 33 [5d10=6,7,6,5,9]
<shizuka_tuskioka> 3d10
<Filthy_Half-human_Slave> shizuka_tuskioka, 3d10: 14 [3d10=8,3,3]
<shizuka_tuskioka> ((16))
<Thoon> You don't have much clue what it is, but you've deffinitly seen the symbols somewhere in your studies before, but its not remotely common or of any language you can even identify.
<Saya_Koizumi> "So…what is it?"

  • shizuka_tuskioka seems to strain her eyes "It…. it…. it"

<Thoon> You can safely say though, its not human, and its something special.

  • shizuka_tuskioka looks up with sad eyes"I don't know. I have seen somethign like this here and there but it just is not in a language I know"

<Yumi_> I see.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Ah. Uh…I guess we should keep it, until we can figure out what it is."

  • Yumi_ puts it back in her bag.

<shizuka_tuskioka> "It seems important!.. but I don't know what for"
<Yumi_> Do both of you live in dorms?
<shizuka_tuskioka> "eh? I live off campus"
<Saya_Koizumi> "I do," Saya chirps. "live in the dorm, I mean."
<Yumi_> Well, I'm home alone for a couple weeks. My dad got some time off and took my mom on vacation.
<Yumi_> I feel really uneasy about this whole situation and I think it might be safer if we stayed together.
<shizuka_tuskioka> 1d10
<Filthy_Half-human_Slave> shizuka_tuskioka, 1d10: 1 [1d10=1]
<Yumi_> 3d10
<Filthy_Half-human_Slave> Yumi_, 3d10: 24 [3d10=10,4,10]
<Saya_Koizumi> "Oh? So…we should go to your place? Well…I'd have to talk to my parents about that, probably."
<Thoon> You suddenly think of the possiblity that it was just part of the rubble that got scratched up, as opposed to some strange alien tongue.
<Yumi_> …You know it might just been a scratched up piece of rubble.
<Thoon> Yumi, you're fairly sure its a lot older then anything you've seen before. It's probably been heavily preserved so it doesn't fall apart, but it could be worth several digits of terras to someone if you're right.
<Yumi_> This is worth a lot of cash.
<Yumi_> It's also extremely old.
<shizuka_tuskioka> "Hmm maybe it's just scratched up… I don't know maybe I can look at home to see if these are actually any of symbols"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Aren't most hunks of rock really old?"
<Yumi_> No, I'm positive this is more than chicken-scratch rubble.
<shizuka_tuskioka> "Ah I think we'll be late for class"
<Yumi_> …This thing is worth millions…
<Yumi_> We need to keep it very safe - If anyone finds out…
<Saya_Koizumi> "Yeah. We'd be in big trouble."
<Thoon> And as you say that, the bell sounds again for class to start.
<Yumi_> We'd probably be dead.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Or that. But first, we better get back to class."
<shizuka_tuskioka> "ahh I'm going to be late"

  • Yumi_ clutches her bag tightly and begins to have an air of paranoia about her.
  • Saya_Koizumi rushes down the stairs and heads for the classroom.
  • shizuka_tuskioka starts to hurry down to the door "ah ah can we talk about the tablet later?"
  • Yumi_ jumps the long stair case.

<Yumi_> Yeah, we'll go to my place after school.
<Saya_Koizumi> 2d10 athletics to not be too late.
<Filthy_Half-human_Slave> Saya_Koizumi, athletics to not be too late.: 14 [2d10=10,4]
<Saya_Koizumi> ((17, if that's based on agility.))
<Yumi_> 3d10 athletics same thing
<Filthy_Half-human_Slave> Yumi_, athletics same thing: 17 [3d10=10,3,4]
<Yumi_> OOC: 19 if based on Agi
<shizuka_tuskioka> 1d5+7
<Filthy_Half-human_Slave> shizuka_tuskioka, 1d5+7: 8 [1d5=1]

  • shizuka_tuskioka takes a tumble down the stairs

<shizuka_tuskioka> "uwwwwww"
<Thoon> OOC: You both make it. Shizu, you don't just fall behind, you trip, and they're too far ahead to notice~

  • shizuka_tuskioka opesn the door timidly after class has started and slowly shuffles to her seat

<Thoon> But, as you get up, you also notice the girl from before, bruised, but smirking as you look up from the floor. "Hello there, Hikki-girl. You were with that cunt before, right?"

  • Saya_Koizumi makes it before she'd be late, and takes her seat with a sigh of relief.
  • shizuka_tuskioka she just makes herself small and avoids awnsering

<Thoon> "Pfft, whatever. When you get to class and see her, tell her one of her friends told you they wanted to get something from her and to meet on the roof after school. And if you don't, I'm going to make your life worse then hers, got it?"
<shizuka_tuskioka> "Um Ok…"

  • shizuka_tuskioka she slowly tries to pull away and get to class

<Thoon> She just turns around and heads for the class. She also makes it before you~

  • shizuka_tuskioka makes a quite apology as she enters and tries to slowly and quietly get to her seat

<Thoon> The teacher makes an exception to the normal berating he'd give a braver student in front of the class when you do make it there, just nodding and motioning for you to take a seat.

  • shizuka_tuskioka sits down and unpnacks everything needed
  • shizuka_tuskioka tries to catch yumi

<shizuka_tuskioka> "ah ah hyatt-san um"
<Thoon> The day passes quickly, slightly more interesting things are learnt, but nothing that'll stick. End of school bells ring and everyone starts packing up
<Yumi_> It's just Yumi.
<shizuka_tuskioka> "um ok … yumi-san um I bumped into someone in the hall around lunch they uh said they wanted to meet you on the roof"

  • Saya_Koizumi starts packing up her things, to head back to the dorm. Or…whatever. She approaches the other two when she's done.
  • shizuka_tuskioka she fidgets while saying this

<Yumi_> Alright, thank you.
<Yumi_> Meet me outside, I'll only be a few moments.
<Saya_Koizumi> "You want us to go to your place, right," Saya asks Yumi. "I'll wait for you, then."
<shizuka_tuskioka> "um ok" she turns a bit "ah Koizumi "
<Yumi_> Yes

  • Yumi_ smiles at you both and then heads to the roof.

<Saya_Koizumi> "You don't have to be so formal, Shizu-chan," Saya says, smiling at the other girl.
<shizuka_tuskioka> "Um she'll be back in a bit."

  • shizuka_tuskioka sitting on the stiars "um…um so saya what do you like to do?"

<Saya_Koizumi> "Uh…I don't know. We just have to wait a while, right?"
<shizuka_tuskioka> "yeah… just have to wait a while"
<Thoon> The roof, as you get up there seems quiet, maybe someone too wimpy to come up to you and ask for drugs?

  • Saya_Koizumi turns to Shizuka. "Why did you bring a whole suitcase for just the one outfit, anyway?"
  • Yumi_ clutches her bag tightly with one arm.

<Yumi_> Is anyone here?

  • shizuka_tuskioka blushs a bit "Um I didn't have anything else to bring it back in"

<Saya_Koizumi> "It wouldn't just fit in your backpack?"
<shizuka_tuskioka> "But it'd get wrinkled and messy.."
<Thoon> "Ah, there you are." that girl, who now has the name Asagawa calls out, stepping out into sight, next to an older, 18 maybe, guy, with a cruel grin on his face.
<Saya_Koizumi> "So? It's just some clothes."
<Yumi_> What, did you get your boyfriend to come beat me up?
<Yumi_> Is your man going to hit a girl?
<Yumi_> You must be really upset over your broken nose.
<Karasawa_Enyo> There is the roar of a large motorcycle being parked downstairs in the school grounds, followed by the sound of someone wearing boots running up the stairs. It is Enyo, wearing a rather grease-stained and somewhat worn pair of mechanic's overalls over an equally-stained white shirt. There is some grease on her face too, as well as on her hands.
<Thoon> He scoffs "I ain't with being a good citizen, and I can't have you fuckin' up my girlfriend's face.", she seems slightly annoyed, but smirks "I'll get over it when I see how you'll look, I'm sure."
<Karasawa_Enyo> She almost runs past Saya and Shizuka in her rush, but immediately skids to a halt as she sees them. "Aah…um…Saya-san and Shizuka-chan, right?" She grins embarassingly. "Sorry if I'm late, I had to pull a double shift…."
<shizuka_tuskioka> "Did you hear a moter cycle?"
<shizuka_tuskioka> "Ah Karasawa-san um thank you for taking me home last night" she gets up and dose a bow
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hi~ We haven' left yet, at least. Uh…you kind of missed class today."
<Yumi_> Now really. Wouldn't you rather be putting your hands on my big breasts at night when you're looking for some company instead of your flat chested girlfriend? 1d10 seduction
<Yumi_> 1d10
<Filthy_Half-human_Slave> Yumi_, 1d10: 9 [1d10=9]
<Karasawa_Enyo> "Eh? For last night?" Enyo blinks at Shizuka. "Oh. OH! That's alright. I didn't want you to go home by yourself. Besides, it was on the way anyhow." She laughs sheepishly.
<Yumi_> OOC: 13 then
<Saya_Koizumi> "Speaking of last night, Yumi-chan wants us to hang out at her place. I'm sure you're invited, too."
<Karasawa_Enyo> Enyo bows her head in embarassment. "Y-yeah, I kinda missed school. I couldn't help it, a convoy of bikers came through town last night and they all wanted their bikes tuned. I really couldn't refuse." She tries to wipe her hands clean on her overalls, but only smudges the grease further.
<shizuka_tuskioka> "ah so that's what it was I thought maybe cultists had gotten you or something" she smiles and says that with a straight face
<Karasawa_Enyo> "Oh? That's…that's nice of Yumi, I guess." Enyo blinks in surprise. "I hope she's alright with me barging in."
<Saya_Koizumi> "What kind of cultists would want to drag off high school girls?"
<Thoon> He smirks "Thanks for the offer, but I aint interested in a slut as loose as you must be." grinning with satisfaction "Sorry dear, don't think you'll be attracting anyone for a while. Remember to just mess her up, don't do anything too serious." she says as he starts to advance, pulling out a knife, muttering a dissmissive "Yeah yeah."
<Karasawa_Enyo> "Cultists? Ah, no. If there were any of those, I'd beat them up myself." Enyo replies airily, waving a hand. "Dunno about those polyp things, though. I'd probably need some help with 'em."

  • Yumi_ scowls at him and places her bag on the ground, assuming a fighting stance.

<shizuka_tuskioka> "I don't know.. maybe because of last night everythign is all secretive and all… secrative" she gesteres with her hands to make a point
<shizuka_tuskioka> "I wonder why yumi-san is takign so long…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "I don't know. Why did she need to go, again?"
<Karasawa_Enyo> "Huh." Enyo looks around. "Speaking of which, where is she anyway?"
<Thoon> You start to feel something well up in you, as he advances, as if it were trying to rip itself out above your body, but its constrained by some faint force of will. His wicked little grin assures you he isn't bluffing with this.
<shizuka_tuskioka> "She's up on the roof, some girl wanted to talk with her"

  • Yumi_ "What the fuck." She thinks to herself.

<Saya_Koizumi> "Oh. Well, I'm sure she won't be too much longer."
<Yumi_> Are you going to keep pacing around or are you going to fucking start this you tiny-dicked faggot.
<Yumi_> Don't worry, when this is all over your slut of a girlfriend will be more than happy to lie about how much it satisfies her.
<Karasawa_Enyo> "A girl?" Enyo thinks. "Friend of hers, probably. But you don't usually call someone out on the roof unless…." Enyo's voice trails off as she glances up the stairs.
<Thoon> His grin just widens into bared teeth and he lunges, instantly the surge to let go within you explodes, but its still constrained by your will.
<Thoon> OOC: Roll initiative now, 1D10+ reflex number,
<Yumi_> 1d10
<Filthy_Half-human_Slave> Yumi_, 1d10: 6 [1d10=6]
<Yumi_> 18
<Yumi_> errr
<Yumi_> 16
<Thoon> 1d10+6
<Filthy_Half-human_Slave> Thoon, 1d10+6: 9 [1d10=3]
<Yumi_> was looking at tager lol
<Yumi_> woops, yea +6

  • Yumi_ black liquid as thick as tar starts spilling from the center of her chest, encompassing her body and almost swallowing her whole. She shudders as she stumbles to the ground, and screams in pleasure as two jets of darkness erupt from her back, manifesting as some form of wings. Skin like liquid, and doubled in height she jumps and wing buffets the ground, creating a sinister landing.

<shizuka_tuskioka> "Um… So you work with bikes karasawa-san?"

  • Yumi_ cackles with a distorted voice, "You will feel only pain in your last breaths."

<Thoon> On seeing you transform into a horrible monster, the man's grin suddenly drops, along with the knife, as he steps back, Asagawa barely stammers as she faints "W-wh-what the fuck are you?!"
<Karasawa_Enyo> "Yep!" Enyo replies, a wide smile on her face. "It's my part time job! I'm sort of the chief mechanic down at Tachibana's Repair Shop, at least when it comes to motorcycles."

  • Yumi_ laughs as she bears her fangs, "I'm going to fucking kill you both."

<Saya_Koizumi> "Wow! That's really cool. I can't do anything like that at all."
<Thoon> And yes, like any skill, you add the base skill (Agility) to your attack roll.

  • Yumi_ walks towards the faltering man faster than most could run, and places her hand on his chest attempting to forcefully draw out his blood.

<Yumi_> 2d10
<Filthy_Half-human_Slave> Yumi_, 2d10: 13 [2d10=9,4]
<Saya_Koizumi> 2d10 int, totally missed that
<Filthy_Half-human_Slave> Saya_Koizumi, int, totally missed that: 10 [2d10=5,5]
<Yumi_> 21
<Saya_Koizumi> ((14, yay~))
<shizuka_tuskioka> 1d10+8
<Filthy_Half-human_Slave> shizuka_tuskioka, 1d10+8: 18 [1d10=10]
<Karasawa_Enyo> 1d10
<Filthy_Half-human_Slave> Karasawa_Enyo, 1d10: 3 [1d10=3]
<Saya_Koizumi> "Yumi-chan's really taking her time…" Saya says, sounding a bit worried.
<shizuka_tuskioka> 4d10 for agility then
<Filthy_Half-human_Slave> shizuka_tuskioka, for agility then: 22 [4d10=8,8,4,2]
<Karasawa_Enyo> "It's not exactly cool…" Enyo blushes a fair bit. "But I've been doing it since I can remember, so it comes naturally to me."
<shizuka_tuskioka> ((14))
<Karasawa_Enyo> Enyo looks up at the stairs. "Yeah, she is…maybe we should take a look to see if she's alright…?"
<shizuka_tuskioka> "Um do you guys… feel something?"
<Thoon> 2d10
<Filthy_Half-human_Slave> Thoon, 2d10: 16 [2d10=9,7]

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<Saya_Koizumi> "Maybe we should. It might be better than waiting. Can't hurt to check on her. Feel what, Shizu-chan?"
<Thoon> You do hit, 4 dice damage.
<Yumi_> 4d10
<Filthy_Half-human_Slave> Yumi_, 4d10: 24 [4d10=7,6,2,9]
<shizuka_tuskioka> "I don't know … I just feel… conected to somethingup there.." she sort of walks up the stairs
<Karasawa_Enyo> Enyo blinks, but follows on ahead. "Well, good as a reason as any. I trust Shizuka's feelings, she told us about the polyps, you know."
<Thoon> The man screams in fear, anyone close enough to the door probably heard it, he starts to explode into a bloody mess

  • Saya_Koizumi heads up the stairs as well. She stops when the scream filters down. "Did anyone else hear that?"
  • Yumi_ grabs his severed head by the hair and starts to suck the blood out.

<shizuka_tuskioka> "Yeah I think I did…"
<Thoon> He's effectivly, and will so- is putty in your hand.
<Thoon> It tastes delicious.
<Karasawa_Enyo> "I did. Something's going on upstairs." Enyo rushes ahead of Shizuka. "Saya-san, Shizuka-chan, stay sharp."
<Yumi_> …Must have more.

  • Yumi_ turns her attention to the slut who sent her such a delicious treat.

<Thoon> Asagawa is lying on the ground, unconsious.

  • Saya_Koizumi starts taking the stairs a few at a time, rushing out onto the roof as soon as she gets there. She immediately stops to take in the scene.

<Thoon> A giant blood coated vampire stands over a hbeheaded corpse and is advancing on an unconcious girl.
<Thoon> Fear check please, little tager-virgin~

  • Yumi_ slashes her jugular and begins sucking out her delicious blood.

<shizuka_tuskioka> "Sa-saya what's going on?"

  • shizuka_tuskioka comes out after saya to see the mess

<Karasawa_Enyo> Enyo reaches the top of the stairs as well, coming in from behind Saya, her eyes growing wide at the scene in front of her.
<Thoon> OOC: You both too, now~
<Saya_Koizumi> 5d10 fear check?
<Filthy_Half-human_Slave> Saya_Koizumi, fear check?: 30 [5d10=7,1,10,4,8]
<Karasawa_Enyo> "What in the name of—"
<Saya_Koizumi> ((I think 21 passes darn ridiculous tenacity.))
<Saya_Koizumi> "Monster!" Well, that's what it is. It probably already ate Yumi or something, too.
<Thoon> OOC: Just barely, This is deffinitly 'only' a hard test.
<shizuka_tuskioka> 5d10-2+10
<Filthy_Half-human_Slave> shizuka_tuskioka, 5d10-2+10: 38 [5d10=10,7,2,8,3]
<shizuka_tuskioka> ((18))
<Thoon> OOC: you don't make it
<Karasawa_Enyo> 5d10
<Filthy_Half-human_Slave> Karasawa_Enyo, 5d10: 12 [5d10=2,2,3,4,1]
<Thoon> 2d10 spin the fear wheel~
<Filthy_Half-human_Slave> Thoon, spin the fear wheel~: 13 [2d10=8,5]
<Thoon> 1d10
<Filthy_Half-human_Slave> Thoon, 1d10: 1 [1d10=1]
<Thoon> Shizu, for two minutes you've got 'twitch' as a fear effect, basically leaving you, barely able to function and you'll forget this even happened.

  • shizuka_tuskioka falls down and just seems to jitter

<shizuka_tuskioka> "sa…" she can't even make words as she sits on her kneesbarly kept up by her arms

  • Saya_Koizumi is still staring at the scene in horror. Not frozen in terror so much as indecision. She can't fight a monster. Can she?

<Thoon> Assuming Yumi isn't completely drunk with power and classmate yet and has no internal hostile intentions, you're merely gripped by horrible fear and no feeling of your own latent abilities is advertising its presence to you to protect you from what it considers a friend, if she is though, then you feel the same quickening of the tagers.

  • Yumi_ sates her thirst for blood for the moment by feasting on the now dead girl on the ground.
  • Yumi_ holds the small body in her large, clawed hand as blood slides down her smooth, almost slimy symbiotic skin.
  • Yumi_ turns around and lays her eyes upon girls she's having trouble remembering in her current bloodlust.

<Karasawa_Enyo> "Y-Yumi? Where's…where's Yumi?" Enyo clenches both her fists as she visibly tries to force herself not to run despite every cell in her body screaming at her to. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO YUMI?!"
<Saya_Koizumi> "What's going on here? Did you eat Yumi-chan too?"

  • shizuka_tuskioka is postivly shaking eyes blankly looking at the ground
  • Yumi_ 's voice distorts again, "My name is… Yumi."

<Saya_Koizumi> "Wh-WHAT!?"
<Karasawa_Enyo> "LIAR!" Enyo screams at the monster. "Y-You're…you're not Yumi, that's…that's impossible!"
<Thoon> The local area probably now bares description, while unlikely anyone on the immediate campus can see, the shout may have been heard, and well, once this is found by anyone serious shit is going to happen. Fortunantly the rooftop is for now empty of anyone else, but that really won't last long.

  • Yumi_ gorges on more blood from the corpse. "I feel great." She laughs.

<Saya_Koizumi> "Well, those people don't! And I won't believe you're supposed to be my friend, either! You're just some sort of monster. Prove you aren't lying!"
<Yumi_> My bag is underneath your feet.
<Yumi_> Containing the tablet I brought to school today.
<Karasawa_Enyo> Enyo tears her eyes away from the horror before her and instead focuses on Shizuka, making to kneel down beside the stricken girl. "S-Shizuka? Are you okay?"
<Yumi_> This is what's left of the girl I hit in the face today.
<Yumi_> Do you believe me now?

  • Saya_Koizumi glances down. "So what? What if…what if you ate her and got her memories or something."
  • shizuka_tuskioka is generally unresponsive

<Yumi_> Her lover is in pieces around here… you could probably piece him back together if you wanted.
<Saya_Koizumi> "That's gross. Er…wait a minute, that's completely besides the point, here!"
<Yumi_> Maybe it was her pimp?

  • Yumi_ laughs again.


  • Yumi_ reverses the process from earlier and collapses to the ground, panting and soaked with sweat.

<Thoon> Yumi, also, is now naked. Not even a shred of her clothes remain.

  • Saya_Koizumi stares, dumbfounded for a moment, at the monster, er, Yumi's transformation. Then she marches right on over and slaps her squarely across the cheek. "Just what the hell were you DOING!?"
  • Yumi_ gasps for air, her heart easily racing above 220 BPM.

<Yumi_> I-I don't know…
<Thoon> Transforming back also leaves you spotlessly clean, but given the circumstances, thats not likely to last long
<shizuka_tuskioka> "I … I…Need t…" saying this something seems to creep over shizuka but before anythign can be seen it seeminlgy flakes off like dying flower petals only nothing exists beneith it. Shizuka is dissapearing "to… leave" and she is gone
<Yumi_> He had a knife *Gasps again*… something came over me…
<Karasawa_Enyo> "S-so…so it really was you, Yumi? You killed and ate this girl…" Enyo shakes her head. "I…I didn't think you could…"
<Yumi_> I couldn't stop myself!
<Karasawa_Enyo> "A-ah! Shizuka-chan!" Enyo calls out, but the girl is already gone.
<Saya_Koizumi> "That's…horrible. You better clean up this mess! And, uh…find some clothes."
<Thoon> The accelerated metabolism also starts to leave you feeling like you are in desperate need for another fix.

  • Yumi_ scrambles for her bag, taking out a small glass vial filled with powder and snorts it up her nose.

<shizuka_tuskioka> the door to the roof swings open by itself and closes just the same a flicker of soemthing maybe for a second but not enough to really see

  • Saya_Koizumi pretends she didn't see Yumi just snort any mysterious white powder.

<Karasawa_Enyo> "…" Enyo shakes her head, before looking around. "I-in any case, we have to get rid of the evidence before someone else sees this…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "I'm not helping her clean that up. She's the one who killed them, she has to deal with it."
<Yumi_> It's fucking EVERYWHERE.
<Yumi_> No one could clean this.
<Yumi_> …Where did Shizuka go?
<Karasawa_Enyo> "I'll…I'll make some calls." Enyo replies, pulling out a cellphone. "I know someone who can fix this. Just…just promise me you won't do this again."
<Thoon> Removing the evidence would likely require proper tools for cleaning a slaughter house. There's about half an older guy here, and giblets of a girl. They'll probably take a while before realizing theres been two murders here.
<Yumi_> I'll try not to…
<Saya_Koizumi> "Uh…I don't know what happened to Shizu-chan. She was here a while ago…" Saya looks around, bewildered.

  • Yumi_ starts to sob.

<Karasawa_Enyo> "No. Promise me." Enyo marches up to Yumi, grabbing her shoulders. "Promise me you won't. Say it to my face."
<Yumi_> Just because I [promise I won't do it doesn't mean "it" won't make me!
<Yumi_> You don't understand the thirst I felt
<Yumi_> I can't control it. What if I turn in to that again!
<shizuka_tuskioka> shizu is nowhere to be found
<Karasawa_Enyo> "This is you. You're the one who did this, you can control it." Enyo insists. "And if you turn into that again, I'll…I promise to stop you."
<Saya_Koizumi> "Well, you have to try. Just killing people is wrong. And, uh…what was that, anyway? What happened to you?"
<Yumi_> I-I'll try.

  • Yumi_ looks up at Enyo as her eyes are welled up with tears.

<Yumi_> I don't know, Saya. I had a similar feeling from the pool incident - I think it's related
<Karasawa_Enyo> Enyo nods, before giving Yumi a small smile and hugging her briefly.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Huh. Uh, well…we'll talk about it later. Right now, you need to do something about all this. And, uh, you might want some clothes."

  • Yumi_ blushes, and manages a weak smile back. She hasn't really had friends before.

<Karasawa_Enyo> "We can talk about it more when we get back to your house. In the meantime…" Enyo breaks away as she auto-dials someone in her phonebook. "Hello…? Grandfather? It's Enyo. I need a small favor."
<Yumi_> …I don't have any clothes, what happened to what I was wearing?

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<Thoon> "Enyo? What's wrong? You sound upset."
<Saya_Koizumi> "I thought you'd know that. Uh…you probably can't fit into something my size, can you?"
<Yumi_> it would be really tight and look slutty because of it - Clothes are clothes though, right?
<Karasawa_Enyo> "N-no, Grandfather, I'm alright. Just fine." Enyo laughs briefly, as if still unbelieving of what is currently happening. "I'm just in a bit of a situation right now, and I could use your help with some…um, cleaning."

  • Saya_Koizumi pulls the clothes she'd lent to Shizuka the previous evening out of her bag. "These can do for now, then." she offers them to Yumi.

<Thoon> He sighs, slightly "I… won't ask, What is it exactly you need?"
<Yumi_> I really have to wear this?
<Yumi_> I'm going to look like sailor moon - With enough cleavage to stop half the male population of the city in their tracks.
<Thoon> You could use the oversized and bloody remains of the guy's clothes, too…
<Saya_Koizumi> "Unless you want to be naked until you can find some better clothes. There are still people around school, you know."
<Yumi_> On second thought, I'll cosplay "Fighting evil by moonlight" until I get home…

  • Yumi_ struggles to get the petite outfit on, but succeeds.

<Karasawa_Enyo> "A cleanup crew and a fast car to get us to our safehouse. With a reliable driver." Enyo notices the sigh, and bows her head low. "I…I apologize for troubling you with this request, Grandfather." She apologizes meekly.
<Yumi_> …I look stupid.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Oh, it could be worse. I do have some actual cosplay outfits back in my room…"
<Yumi_> …I'll take your word for it, Saya.
<Thoon> Affirmativly "Alright then, where to, Enyo?"

  • Yumi_ laughs.

<Karasawa_Enyo> "I'll give you the directions in a bit, Grandfather. This isn't exactly a secure line." Enyo smiles a bit as she looks at Yumi somehow getting back to normal. "Thank you for your assistance, Grandfather. I will find some way to repay you."
<Saya_Koizumi> "So…what do we do now? I'm kind of worried about Shizu-chan. And, uh, don't really like standing up here with all the blood and stuff."

  • Saya_Koizumi looks around nervously.

<Karasawa_Enyo> "But if we're not being tagged, it's at my school, at the main building's rooftop." Enyo looks at Saya and holds up one finger.
<Karasawa_Enyo> "Do you remember where that is, Grandfather?"
<Thoon> With a moment of out of character hesitation "The school?" then silence for a moment. "That will make it more difficult. The people in charge don't have much incentive to help… If it's important, we will. But if this is something you can handle yourself, this isn't a good idea."

  • Saya_Koizumi waits nervously while Enyo finishes her call. She glances at Yumi. "So…"

<Karasawa_Enyo> "B-but…" Enyo's brow furrows at this. "I mean….we could try to clean it up ourselves, Grandfather, but there's just too much of a mess. It'd take forever if we tried, and we don't have much time…"
<Karasawa_Enyo> "I…I'll personally repay the people in charge, if that's what is required of me…"
<Yumi_> Saya, what happened to Shizuka?
<Yumi_> Did she go back down the stairs?
<Saya_Koizumi> "I don't know. She was here, and then she wasn't. I guess she must have."
<Yumi_> I think I scared her…
<Saya_Koizumi> "You kind of scared all of us. We weren't really expecting…all this." Her gesture takes in the whole roof.
<Thoon> "This isn't just a matter of repayment, it's the location. The schools benefactors aren't as simple as you would think for their position, and theres only so much we can do. Again, if you ask, we will, you've earned the right to get us in some trouble, after all, it is just… a bit more difficult then normal."

  • Yumi_ looks down, ashamed.

<Saya_Koizumi> "I, uh, think I'm over the initial shock. Now we just need to figure out what it all means, right?"

  • Saya_Koizumi smiles at Yumi, trying to cheer her up a bit.

<Karasawa_Enyo> Enyo shakes her head. "I…I apologize, Grandfather, but I really need your help. I apologize for the poor choice in location, but we did not have any choice in the matter…"
<Yumi_> You're right.
<Thoon> "I understand. I'm sorry for stressing the point. I'll send the people there right away."
<Karasawa_Enyo> Enyo sighs in relief. "Thank you, Grandfather. If there is anything I can do to repay the inconvenience, say so and I will do it."
<Thoon> "I've got some ideas you could help with. I'll be in contact with you about them once this is done, however."
<Karasawa_Enyo> "That's fine with me, Grandfather. You know how to reach me." Enyo bows her head slightly. "Goodbye, Grandfather."
<Saya_Koizumi> "Can we go now?"
<Karasawa_Enyo> Enyo nods at Saya. "We can go. My grandfather's sending some people over to take care of this."
<Yumi_> Is he bringing a car, or are we leaving now back to my place?
<Saya_Koizumi> "Ok." Saya sighs in relief. "I'm getting kind of nervous, up here."
<Karasawa_Enyo> "He'll also be sending a car to take us to Yumi's, so we won't have to be seen." Enyo pockets her cellphone. "Let's wait downstairs."
<Karasawa_Enyo> She looks around. "I hope Shizuka-chan's alright…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "I do too. Maybe we'll run into her on the way downstairs."

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