Tager Chan Log 16

11<@Thoon> Alright, the three girls arrive at Saya's house roughly about the same time, any specified time of arival, as they could have enough daylight hours to do stuff. Or enjoy the cities nightlife, 24 hour culture future and all.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((3 girls? Wouldn't saya just head home normally?))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Hm, probably around dinner time, early evening. And yeah, you'd think.))
11<@Thoon> (( You're forgetting black NPC girl, you racists. ))
06* Saya_Koizumi is there at the door to let everyone in . "Hello~"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((oh yeah))
06* Shizuka_tsukioka has an overstuffed bag with her 1"Ah Koizumi"6 she waves a bit
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Oh yeah… umm"6 she goes through the backpack she brought too 1"here you go"6 she hands over a picoha case
11<@Thoon> "Hey Saya-chan~" Ecchin says with a comparitivly very light bag.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JKQvXv80BA&feature=related DON'T HURT ME DON'T HURT ME NO MORE"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((er )) ))
<Saya_Koizumi> "Oh, Hi, Ecchin." Did she invite her? Oh whatever, it's fine. Can't turn a friend away~ "Come on in~"
06* Saya_Koizumi takes the picoha case. "Did you watch it all, Shizu-chan?"
06* Hatsumi arrives last, carrying a large purse-like bag with her things.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka seems to be a bit suprised 1"Yeah Um I think I missed a few parts when mother called me away I think but I saw the majority of it"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((rolling lie in a second~))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 1d5+3
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, 1d5+3: 6 [1d5=3]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( forget what it is but she doesn't have it anyways~))
11<@Thoon> Ecchin looks at the other girls probably normal sized bags "You guys brought a lot of stuff. Got a lot planned?"
<Hatsumi> (( What kinda house is this, anyway? ))
11<@Thoon> (( Misdirect? ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((there is a shrine in front, think that sort of thing))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Well, it's on the grounds of a shrine, so traditional Japanese-style. Maybe a bit small, though.))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( possibly, either way she doens't have it~)
11<@Thoon> Saya's house is the traditional style house of the nearby shrine. Yeah it's a little smaller then a normal one but the property its around is very sizable compared to most.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka looking at eroly1"Um… this is too much?"
06* Hatsumi finds the door left open, and steps in. "Mm… Saya-chan?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "No, no, it's fine. You only really need a change of clothes, though. Bringing cool stuff to play with is fun~"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((persuade is a lie one))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Presumably we're all by the door, still.))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Huh? It's not really cool… just some PJs and clothing for tommor, a pillow a blanket, um some soap for the bath and some other things…"6 she rifles through the baga bit
06* Shizuka_tsukioka pulls out what looks like a cheap makeup kit 1"Oh yeah here it is"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Oh, good~"
<Hatsumi> "Ah, there you are." She looks surprised to see Eroly for a moment, but it passes.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um excuse my intrusion"6 she bows and enters teh door taking off her shoes
11<@Thoon> "I brought some cool stuff to help too~" Ecchin says, shaking her bag around a bit. She then turns to wave friendily to Hatsumi as she arrives.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Oh? Do you use makeup alot?"6 she asks wondering if it's her normal set
11<@Thoon> "Only darkener sometimes normally, but I brought lots of fancy Nazzadi stuff that should help~" she says as she takes off her shoes and heads inside.
<Saya_Koizumi> "So, we're all here~" Saya sums it up and skips off toward the living room. "Dinne'rs going to be pretty soon, but we've got snacks and drinks if you want. just help yourselves to stuff in the kitchen."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um ok"6 she seems a little unsure 1"Ah should we put our things in your room?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Anywhere where you can find them, really. My room's fine."
<Hatsumi> "Alright~"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ok…Um it's this way"6 she says to eroly and hatsumi1"What's darkner?"
06* Hatsumi follows Shizuka to set her own bag down with hers.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((is it still a mess?))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((It's always a mess.))
<Hatsumi> "This could use some straightening…"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Umm yeah…"6 starts to try and do a bit of obvious straightning
06* Saya_Koizumi leans in. "hm? You guys aren't done yet?"
11<@Thoon> Since she normally spends weekdays with her and is used to seeing a mess, sounds sincere "Huh. You did a lot of cleaning for us, you really didn't need to."
<Hatsumi> "Done? Well, I put my bag down, and I don't need anything out of it yet."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ah no problem…"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Wait.. it's cleaner than it usual is?"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka looks around 1"I just straightened a few things….."6 seems to panic 1"What if someone was going through here and tried to make it look like they weren't looking for something… uwww whats that word…"
11<@Thoon> Ecchin puts her bag down casually somewhere while Kagami pops up behind Saya "So are all your girl friends over now?" with far too short a pause between those two words to not be hinting at anything
<Saya_Koizumi> "Why are you messing with my stuff, then?" She honestly seems confused. She knows where everything is, after all. "Hm? Yep~" She's also oblivious to her sister's implications.
06* Hatsumi gives Shizuka a surprised look, "Shizu-chan?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ah nothing…"6 she says to hatsumi but looks at kagami
11<@Thoon> "You girls won't make too much noise, right~?" she asks trying to hide a grin
<Saya_Koizumi> "We'll be good. Uh, we might stay up late, though."
06* Shizuka_tsukioka looks a bit worried due to a grin even she can't miss 1"Eh?!"
06* Hatsumi cocks her head to one side. "Aren't we supposed to be noisy during a sleepover?"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka seems less woried as she looks at hatsumi 1
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Really?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Well, we don't want to keep everyone else awake, too."
<Hatsumi> "Then we'll be noisy in moderation."
11<@Thoon> "Just don't be *too* noisey" she says, winking then walking off to do something else. She's still got a grin as she leaves though…
<Hatsumi> "I don't think I understand her very well…"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "uwww…. she seems creepy now…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "She's onee-chan. She wouldn't be a proper sister if she weren't weird."
<Saya_Koizumi> "Oh, hey. maybe we could go see what's in her room~"
<Hatsumi> "I might be curious enough for that."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "I guess…. eh?!"6 realizing the topic change
11<@Thoon> "To get that stuff she made you get~?" Ecchin offers
<Saya_Koizumi> "Uh, no, Ecchin. We don't need any of that. Besides, some of it's probably used already."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Why would we want that!"6 she blushes as she says
<Hatsumi> "'That stuff' being… ah." She remembers.
11<@Thoon> "We won't~? Well okay." She seems satisfied.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Yeah."
<Hatsumi> "I don't think it's needed for a sleepover, no."
06* Shizuka_tsukioka gives eroly with the same sort of look as kagami, suspitions are raised
06* Saya_Koizumi leads the group over to Kagami's room. Which is presumably unlocked, or lacking a lock entirely.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka seems to look a bit bothered but clearly the curiosity shows through
06* Hatsumi looks childishly excited.
06* Saya_Koizumi opens the door. Or tries to, anyway, and peeks inside. Wouldn't do if Kagami's in.
11<@Thoon> Ecchin doesn't seem to notice Shizuka's suspcions at all, but also looks quite excited.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka waits for the feeling of the Touru's house to come from the room
11<@Thoon> Opening up the evil succubus' lair, it seems… completely normal for a growing girl's room. A lot of posters though.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka seems a bit disapointed oddly enough considering the overwhelming feeling of dread that would come from it if it wasn't this 1"huh?"
06* Saya_Koizumi ushers everyone else inside. "I'll stand guard," she says quietly. Obviously, she's been here before.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka looks at the posters, maybe they hold the key
06* Shizuka_tsukioka gets ushered in
<Shizuka_tsukioka> 2d10+9 for looking at thing
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Shizuka_tsukioka, for looking at thing: 19 [2d10=9,1]
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((crit fail~))
11<@Thoon> Lots of really cute guys…
<Hatsumi> 3d10+7 search for porn!
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Hatsumi, search for porn!: 28 [3d10=1,10,10]
<Hatsumi> (( 27 ))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((These rolls should be good~))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((hatsumi critcially fails~))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((well critically succeed and fails~))
06* Hatsumi continues making small, excited noises as her eyes light up and she goes through the room with the firm belief that there are hidden things inside.
<Hatsumi> (( Eh? ))
06* Shizuka_tsukioka pays more attention to the posters… nad what looks like a closet
11<@Thoon> Ecchin's completely ignoring the posters and looking around. Hatsumi on the otherhand knows exactly where to look under the bed to find a large pile of magazines and futurevideos~
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((you'd need 4 dice I believe for crit failing to be 2 dice))
11<@Thoon> (( Not a critfail. Half or more of the rolls need to be 1s, so if you're rolling 3 dice hten it's 2. ))
<Hatsumi> (( Right ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((oh I thought it was rounded down or 1))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( my bad~))
<Hatsumi> "Ooh, what are these?"
06* Hatsumi looks at the magazines.
11<@Thoon> Shizu's however developed a minor crush on one of Kagami's favorite and most featured models~
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ah…."6 she looks at an androgonous yet muscled figure on the wall and blushes a bit
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((bishi~))
06* Saya_Koizumi keeps a look out for her older sister, as getting in (more) trouble with her migh be bad.
11<@Thoon> They seem like they're full of all sorts of fetishy appeals, seem's Saya's right about her sister. They should make for something entertaining later~
11<@Thoon> (( There we go~ ))
11<@Thoon> Make an observation roll Saya~
<Saya_Koizumi> 3d10 observation
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, observation: 22 [3d10=7,7,8]
<Saya_Koizumi> ((21))
<Hatsumi> "Oh… hm… what is… that kind of leather does not look comfortable…"
11<@Thoon> Saya can hear her sister approaching from the hallway~
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ah…"6 she still stares at the pin up boy
06* Saya_Koizumi quickly turns into the room. "Guys, we better get out of here, she's coming this way."
06* Shizuka_tsukioka seems a bit dazed 1"Huh?"
<Hatsumi> "Ohah, right!" She looks from the stack of unlooked-at magazines to the door before reluctantly returning the one she'd paged through.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ah!"6 she realizes the problem and heads for the door"
06* Hatsumi hurries out~
06* Shizuka_tsukioka looks back in at eroly
11<@Thoon> Ecchin also hurries out. You seem to be all clear and possibly away when Kagami arrives.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ah Eroly-san!"
06* Saya_Koizumi closes the door behind everyone and sampers off with the rest of them.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka scampers off
<Hatsumi> "I don't think that ball was even edible."
06* Shizuka_tsukioka gives a weird look at hatsumi 1"Huh?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "What?"
<Hatsumi> "There was some photos of a woman eating a red ball… or trying to, I think. She was drooling over it."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Also maybe I was wrong about your sister… She doesn't seem to have odd intrests on the surface at least"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka seems to be a bit confused now 1"…Strage"
06* Hatsumi continues, "…but it looked plastic."
11<@Thoon> Ecchin: "You didn't really seem to have a good look around though, Tsukioka-san…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Shizu-chan thinks onee-chan is some sort of soul-eating demon," Saya helpfully explains. "I'd notice, if it were true. Magicla girls don't just never pick up on stuff like that in their own homes."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "I guess… she couldn't hide it that well… also what do you mean Eroly-san?"
11<@Thoon> Ecchin slowly nods in agreement, looking sideways at Shizuka.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka blushes a little 1"uww…what??"
<Saya_Koizumi> "You're weird."
<Hatsumi> "I'm quite lost."
<Saya_Koizumi> "Uh, don't worry about it. So, what should we do now?"
06* Saya_Koizumi leads everyone back into the living room.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Hmm try the make up stuff?"
<Hatsumi> "We should get some idea of how to use it before we need to, I think."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Or should we wait till after dinner… Hmm we wouldn't have time to all take a bath before super would we?… no no not with 4 people"6 thinks outloud
<Hatsumi> "Four consecutive baths would take awhile, yes."
<Saya_Koizumi> "We could probably all fit in the bathroom, but it'd be kind of crowded. Hm, might be better to wait until after dinner to play with make-up."
11<@Thoon> "Then we'd have all night for messing around~"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "All of us at once?"6 she sounds a bit suprised
06* Hatsumi counts on her fingers (dividing time slices mentally), "So… two at a time would work?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Maybe… though that'd be a little embarasing…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Oh come on. Havne't you been to a public bath before, Shizu-chan?"
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Hm, speaking of, i wonder if the ban on tattoos is relaxed, what with Nazzadi?))
<Hatsumi> "Besides, we're all girls and friends."
11<@Thoon> "Yeah~ What'd be bad about it~?"
11<@Thoon> (( I think it outright says it is. Nazzadi get them when they're young I know. ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "I went a few times when I was younger when our tub broke down"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "it was… odd…"
<Hatsumi> "Odd?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Well ,it'd be like that, but with fewer people. So, come on. Not like any of us would hurt you or anything~"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "It was just strange…I guess your right"
11<@Thoon> "Do people keep talking about your tattoos all the time as well?"
<Hatsumi> "Tattoos?"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka cocks her head 1"What tattoos?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "I don't have any. Got some funny scars, though."
06* Hatsumi shakes her head, "I don't, either."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Same…except for the scars"
11<@Thoon> "Oh, I was just guessing. That's what always happens when people see my ones though."
<Hatsumi> "But, they're normal, right?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "You have tattoos?"
11<@Thoon> "Yeah, but I guess that they're pretty rare in japan or something. Wanna see though?" and she starts lifting up her shirt
<Saya_Koizumi> "They're really neat~ I've seen them before."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ah..um.. I guess"6 she blushs a bit
<Hatsumi> "I'm not actually that familiar with the practice…"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka watchs eroly lift her shirt
11<@Thoon> She finishes taking off her shirt and twirling around a little to show them off, mostly white and yellowish, all sorts of patterns around her, they seem like they'll look more fitting if she ever develops much of a chest on the front but the large pattern on her back area looks a bit like a target.
06* Saya_Koizumi claps quietly. "Told you they were nice~ Though maybe there's a little room to grow into some of them…"
<Hatsumi> "It' so… detailed. It means something, doesn't it?"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka is blushing 1"They're so intracate… didn't it hurt?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Hmmm…. Do-does the target have a spacific meaning? … it seems sorta silly to be on your back"
11<@Thoon> She puts her arms over her chest trying to ignore Saya "They all mean stuff in Nazzadi. And only a little, the first one hurts too much to care about any more."
<Hatsumi> "Oh, it does look like a target."
11<@Thoon> "A target?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "The first one? Which one was first?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Eh? On your back hmmm .. um you have a mirror in your kit?"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka shizu runs back to the room and returns with her cheap model and flips open the lid showing a mirror
<Hatsumi> "Well… any combination of circles and crossed lines at a center point looks like a target…"
11<@Thoon> "The first was the ones on my chest." she answers, before trying to look in the mirror to see. "It doesn't look anything like a target." she insists.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um I think if I place it like this…"6 she positions herself beyond eroly and opens the miror to her back 1"then maybe yo ucan see it
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "I mean it's more of an x than a cross but still…"
11<@Thoon> She puts her shirt back on quickly "You guys just don't understand complex Nazzadi symbolism." she says determindly.
<Hatsumi> "No, I'm sure we don't.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "S-Sorry!"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Yep, not a clue."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um… So baths?"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka tries to change the subject for the upset eroly
<Hatsumi> "So how many people can fit in your bath?"
11<@Thoon> "We were gonna all do it or pair off, right?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "I don't know, I saw it before but didn't really think about it…Let's look?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Well, we can probably all fit, but two at a time is probalby better. Onee-chan and I used to bathe together."
06* Saya_Koizumi leads the way to the bathroom.
<Saya_Koizumi> ((also, we can probably skip the little things like eating dinner, unless there's fun to be had there.))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((True~))
11<@Thoon> (( I have no plans for dinner, here~ Was Going to say such when it'd happen. ))
<Hatsumi> ((I can't remember the name of that drawing-lots game using lines on paper.))
11<@Thoon> (( Kissxsis has taught me unless absolutely plot critical, don't involve parents~ ))
11<@Thoon> (( Drawing straws? ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((kujibiki?))
11<@Thoon> (( oh, moon name. ))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Dunno the name here.))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((I only know because there was an anime in genshiken with it and my friend taking japanes said it was that thing))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((kujibiki unbalnaced I think it was))
<Saya_Koizumi> The bathroom is pretty typical for a house this size. Bathtub, shower, all that sort of stuff.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka thinks 1"I guess if two wash off while two are in it could go fast"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Yeah, probably."
<Hatsumi> "Oh, so we can all fit in there?" Hatsumi looks around the others' to see in.
<Saya_Koizumi> "It'd be a tight squeeze, and we certainly couldn't all use the tub at once, but yeah, I think so~"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( http://images.4chan.org/tg/src/1275015224302.png :3c I'm at FFFFF- for bad puns~ ))
11<@Thoon> "It's okay if we're a little bunched together, right?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ".. I think it'd be better if we just sorta took turns…"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((also obnocious anime references))
06* Shizuka_tsukioka looks at eroly 1"… Though I guess it's fine… it'd be quicker at least…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Either way's fine ,but more people means more fun, right?"
<Hatsumi> "One way is quicker, and the other would probably work better."
<Hatsumi> "Well, if you think we can actually all wash properly, then alright."
06* Shizuka_tsukioka goes to the tub and starts it up 1"I guess if dinners soon we should hurry up"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Yeah."
06* Saya_Koizumi closes the door to the bathroom and starts taking her clothes off. Can't bathe with clothes on.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka "Ah what about my bathroom stuff?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((… herp herp))
06* Hatsumi is presumably inside with everyone. "Oh, but my clothes… well, I guess I can use a towel to get anything."
<Saya_Koizumi> "Just use some of mine. It's no big deal."
06* Hatsumi satisfies herself that Saya has the necessary cleaning elements (shampoo, etc.) before hesitantly removing her clothes.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um… I guess…"6 she blushes a bit as she strips
11<@Thoon> "Just a towl should be fine." Ecchin offers while getting naked herquick quickly
06* Shizuka_tsukioka tries to get a look at eroly's back just to see if she was missing something, why would anyone put a bulleye on someones lower back?
06* Saya_Koizumi gets started bathing herself. Probably no time for a good soak like this, but it can't be helped.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Yeah…"6 she finishes putting her clothing in a pile and starts to rinse herself off and wash up
<Hatsumi> "But now we all have wash at once before getting in… maybe we should have thought this through a little more."
06* Hatsumi shrugs and pulls out one of those little stools to start soaping herself off.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "I guess…"6 shes blushing a bit 1"Uwww this is awkward"
<Saya_Koizumi> "What? No it isn't." Saya answers as she starts lathering up her hair. "It's normal. Well…ok, maybe a little weird."
<Hatsumi> "Is it?" Uncertainly. "Actually, I rarely have to use a public bath…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "We don't usually do it either. It's kind of fun, sometimes, though~"
11<@Thoon> Ecchin seem's quite comfortable "It's perfectly fine. Why are people weird about this stuff?"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka looks for the shampo a bit before finding it 1"… I don't know it's just.. weird"
06* Saya_Koizumi shrugs. "I dunno. Seems natural enough. I mean, it's just a bath."
<Hatsumi> "I guess…" She looks over her shoulder at Saya. "Oh, for some reason I thought your outfits were less… honest about your figure."
<Saya_Koizumi> "Huh? What's that supposed to mean?"
11<@Thoon> "She thought you were padding~"
06* Saya_Koizumi does her best to give Hatsumi a puzzle look while she rinses her hair off.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka blushes 1"Why would you want to pad yourself…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hey, I might go to the doctor really often for operations ,but it was never for anything like that~"
<Hatsumi> "It's because our uniforms hide it so well,"
<Hatsumi> "So, ah, nevermind."
<Hatsumi> "…why would you need a doctor to pad a costume?"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka tries to get her back as best as she can 1"Um… I think she meant um implants?"
11<@Thoon> "Well technically you've had a few of those, right, Saya~?"
<Hatsumi> "I didn't mean anything like that, and that wouldn't have anything to do with outfits, anyway. Here, let me get your back for you, Shizu-chan."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Eh?"6 she looks up at saya 1"Ah um.. you don't need to do that…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Huh? Implants, or pads? Because I do have some for some of the costumes, because, well, I can't relaly fill them out yet…" This admission comes quietly.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka blushes a bit getting her back washed for her 1"How may costumes have you made?…"
06* Hatsumi works up a lather and rubs it gently into Shizuka's back. "Nonsense, you can't reach your own back well enough by yourself."
<Saya_Koizumi> "Oh, a lot."
<Hatsumi> "I think you're lucky enough to still be growing, Saya-chan."
11<@Thoon> Ecchin: "I meant other things implanted. Speaking of, what happened here?" And she rubs one of Saya's sides, where the faint signs of the pretty grevious wounds from the bear thing fight are still visible. "I don't remember seeing that before."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um… Can I do your's Tanaka-san?"
<Hatsumi> "Just a moment, almost done here."
06* Shizuka_tsukioka looks at saya's scars 1"… I .. didn't know you had so many…"
06* Hatsumi lifts the nearest bucket to rinse Shizuka off.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "aw…"6 she says as the water hits her back
06* Saya_Koizumi giggles. "Hey, that tickles, Ecchin~ Uh…what happened? Nothing much. I slipped and fell."
<Saya_Koizumi> 3d10 misdirect, becuase why not~
<Unlovable_Halfbreed> Saya_Koizumi, misdirect, becuase why not~: 18 [3d10=8,2,8]
<Saya_Koizumi> ((damn. 23))
<Hatsumi> "There, all done." She turns around, now able to see Saya again. "Even having seen it before… it's quite a lot."
<Saya_Koizumi> "Well, when you keep needing organ transplants…"
11<@Thoon> She falls for it convincingly "You should have said, it looks pretty big~" and she rubs the area more tenderly.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka starts to lather up Hatsumi's back 1"heh… I this reminds when Mother and Father used to take baths with me"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "well sorta rember… It was a long time ago, but I tried to wash their backs…"6 she looks a bit lost in thought
06* Hatsumi draws her hair to one side, pulling it over her shoulder.
06* Saya_Koizumi giggles some more.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "You have such long hair… maybe I should grow mine more…"6she countines a bit more before getting the bucket of water 1"Um I'm going to dump water now?"
11<@Thoon> Ecchin moves her hands around rubbing more of Saya. Enough soap on hand to not seem completely transparent and creepy.
<Hatsumi> "I like it, but it can really be a bother… it tangles if I even forget it for a day."
<Hatsumi> "Hm, I think you'd look cuter with long hair, Shizu-chan. Saya-chan, what do you think?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Oh?"6 she takes that as a yes and dumps the water 1"Koizumi-san, eroly-san you keep yours somewhat long is it really that hard?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Oh yeah. Long hair can be a real pain. But, it's so nice to have~ And, hm…Maybe if she pulled it back into a ponytail? That would be a good look for her~"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "A pony tail hmmm… um I guess I'll get in the tub…"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka she heads over and starts to dip in 1"Ah… it's a little too warm…"6 but gets in anyway
11<@Thoon> "That's the easiest way to have it too. But you still need to look after it all the time."
06* Hatsumi shivers a bit as the water hits her, "I suppose we'll go ahead, then," and gets in across from Shizuka.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Hmmmm I do have a lot of free time it seems.."6 she plays with her hair a bit and shizuka scrunches up to try and make enough room
<Saya_Koizumi> "It's not really that much trouble. Takes longer to wash and all, and you have to brush it and stuff. Oh, Ecchin, wnat me to wash your back?"
<Hatsumi> "You need enough of it for a pony-tail, or it just looks silly. Like," she takes a moment to think back through the faces of their fellow students, "Like the junior in the music club, you know the boy I mean? Too thin~"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Not really…"6 You can't tell if she's blushing or if it's from the tub at this point
11<@Thoon> "Oh, sure." she says, reluctantly stopping and changing positions.
06* Hatsumi stretches out, shifting her legs when she inevitably bumps into Shizuka. Her back's to Saya and Eroly, but she lounges such that she can bend back to see them upside-down, which she does for a moment.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka bunches up a bit more 1"um.."
<Hatsumi> "Oh, don't sit like that, Shizu-chan. You can at least stretch forward if you don't mind your feet being to my side, see?" She leans back into the bath and pulls on one of Shizuka's legs.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ah!"6 she tries to resist a bit but being a 3 strength waif it's for not, she at least atmpet to cover herself a bit 1"… I was fine before…"
11* @Thoon tries to look over her shoulder at the two and whispering to Saya "Think they're getting along~?"
<Hatsumi> "No, you were completely tense. And you still are. Here, relax~"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Ah what are you doing!"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Seems that way," Saya whispers back.
<Hatsumi> After pulling both her legs forward, "This? It' just a massage. See, I start at the foot like this…" She uses both hands and her thumbs, and is rather good at it despite her own low strength score.
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Hm, skip past more of this~?))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "I … guess.. Mother says she gets them every once in a while"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((I'm game we have to fit all of them in the tub at least~))
11<@Thoon> (( Fine with skipping any points here~ ))
<Hatsumi> (( Well, skip to which part? ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((not sure))
09<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((Hmm supper if thoon has somethign planed or makeup))
<Hatsumi> (( Skipping as soon as I get close to molesting Shizuka… /grumble ))
11<@Thoon> (( let's continue on then~ Just skip the eatning part after~ ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((yea yea~ I mean Shizu: uwww ;_;))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um.. do you do this often it actually feels pretty good"
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Fine with me~))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((saya you have to hurry~))
<Hatsumi> "Well, both my parents are rather tense a lot, so my mom showed me…" she works up under her calf and to her thigh. "Just gave me a couple of pointers, really. Applying pressure like this relaxes your muscles… you're really thin, though… maybe we should feed you more…"
11<@Thoon> "They sound like they're really getting along~"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "I'm too thin?! Uwww…"
06* Saya_Koizumi is meanwhile busy with Eroly. Either washing her back or fighting off an attempt to beat the other two at physical intimacy.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Saya… this is sort of reminding me of the one scene in picoha when they went to a hotspring … ok maybe not that much…"
06* Hatsumi stops on reaching the top of her leg, pauses, and feels around her stomach. "Just a little bit."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Wait what are you doing!"6 she says suprised and squirms a bit
<Saya_Koizumi> "The hot spring? Oh, yeah. That was a good episode."
11<@Thoon> Ecchin grins and has no complaints about the physical intimacy but tries to keep watching the other pair.
06* Hatsumi says, "Hotsprings? What are you talking about?" while murmuring, "Such a cute reaction…" and continuing to feel up Shizuka's sides.
<Saya_Koizumi> "Picoha. You haven't seen it?" She sounds shocked that someone wouldn't have seen her favorite show.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "They said it was skinship but it seemed a bit… much-Kya..Tanaka-san what are yo udoing!"
<Hatsumi> "Ah, that show, I
hehehe, Shizu-chan's so sensitiveI haven't seen it, though I've heard you talk about it before."
06* Saya_Koizumi waves the whole thing off dismissively. "Oh, it's jsut skinship, Shizu-chan~ As for not seeing it, we'll fix that tonight."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "I'm .. just not used to it… It's also embaressing…"
11<@Thoon> "I think I've got something that'll make that more fun, too~"
<Hatsumi> "I'm not really sure what people mean by
<Hatsumi> ((derp))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((ah yes enter key~))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Huh?… how would you make watchign that more fun… it was more awkward than fu-Hey … don't pinch…"
<Hatsumi> "I'm not really sure what people mean by 'skinship.'" While saying this, she continues her exploration of Shizuka's reactions to having her sides and underarms lightly touched.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka squirm a bit about sides but doesn't seem as fidgety about her underarms
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((oh wiat underarms~))
<Saya_Koizumi> "Oh, you know. How there's always that talk about who's gotten bigger and wanting to feel where? That stuff. It's natural."
06* Shizuka_tsukioka squirms a bit 1"Tanaka-san that tickles~"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Really?… it just seems sorta… weird"
11<@Thoon> "It's completely natural." Ecchin adds.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Jeeze Tanaka-san quit poking there it really tickles~"6 she giggles a bit which is probably the first time you guys have heard
<Hatsumi> "Feeling where? But I can see how you've gotten from over here, Saya-chan." Even when she looks to the side, she continues moving her hands down around to Shizuka's back and then to below the waterline.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Jeeze under my arms and sides~"6 she then tense up 1"Uwww don't grab that!"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka fidgets aroudn trying to get out of the grip
06* Shizuka_tsukioka looks at saya 1"Ah saya help me!"
06* Hatsumi retracts her hands. "Oops. Ah, but you're not too thin there; that's about right."
<Saya_Koizumi> "Huh? Help you? Uh, haven't you soaked enough? We should probably start drinyg off."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Don't you have to get in too but yeah… I'm wrinkling a bit "6 she looks at hatsumi and covers keeps her arms down at her sides as she gets out
11<@Thoon> "I guess."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((shizu canonly has an ass that attracks all hands~))
<Hatsumi> (( So is she covering or are her arms at her sides? ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((yep and problem soemwhat over her stomach~))
06* Saya_Koizumi rinses herself off with the shower and then starts with the towel.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka gets out 1"hmm where's a towle I cna use, hmm not getting in the tub Koizumi?"
11<@Thoon> Ecchin starts drying herself off along with the others.
06* Hatsumi lets out a sigh. "I should get out, too." She turns around and reaches out for a towel.
06* Saya_Koizumi hands Shizuka a towel.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Thanks"6 she starts to dry herself off
06* Hatsumi sits at the edge, drying off. "Well, that was fun."
06* Shizuka_tsukioka gives a stare at hatsumi 1"Uwww you seemed to have had too much fun…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "What do you mean?"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka blushes 1"Uwww she grabbed my butt…"
<Hatsumi> "D-don't be misleading! It was an accident, and I was getting carried away…"
11<@Thoon> "She's just being friendly, right?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hey, it's not that bad. And it was all in fun. not like she's some eprvert on the train, you know?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "… I guess, she wasn't beeing bad till then and that massage was good…"
<Saya_Koizumi> ((*pervert))
<Saya_Koizumi> "You usually are really tense, Shizu-chan."
06* Shizuka_tsukioka seems a little sad 1"Sorry for thinking like that Tanaka-san…"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((Blame the victem~))
11<@Thoon> "Yeah. Come on. Lets go have dinner and get started on having more fun~"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Ok~"
06* Saya_Koizumi puts on the same clothes she was wearing before, and skips out of the bathroom.
11<@Thoon> (( Hmm. Since its late by americatime, stop here, pick up next session/some point in the week? ))
06* Hatsumi recovers, "That's alright, Shizu-chan." Wrapping the towel around herself, she gives her a quick hug before heading out to retrieve her night clothes.
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Might work.))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((True, unless we have an idea for 15 minutes or something, also fluffy time in games EATER OF SESSIONS for our groups~))
03* Retrieving #Tager-Chan modes…
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((maybe skip over dinner leave at horrible cliff hanger in saya's room~))
03* Thoon changes topic to 'Symbiont-On!! Remember to occasionally check the wiki a13 http://everydaymagicalgirls.wikidot.com/tager-chan to update your characters and keep refresehed on current events, EXP handed out and so on.'
<Hatsumi> ((That comes of not having a system that makes combat last hours. ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((after all eroly had ideas, she can at least talk about them~))
11<@Thoon> (( Watch picoha with a drinking game based on the amount of tentacles seen? ))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((There is a reason to hurry stuff on. The problem here is we're never relaly poked to go do more fightan or something. Hm… not a bad idea.))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((I So eroly brought drinks sure~ I wouldn't mind staying up a bit more even~))
11<@Thoon> (( Anyways, yeah I'm fine with skipping dinner. Like I said, kissxsis has shown me unless they matter to the plot based on PCs requests, avoid parents like the plague. ))
<Hatsumi> (( It had kinda creepily supportive parents as I remember. That what you mean? ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((heh~))
11<@Thoon> (( So Saya's folks are nice calm people and if they were more involved in their daughters lives they'd probably be less slutty and/or insane. Dinner was good. Kagami implied more lesbianism wittily. ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((They werne't that fucking creepy in the mango. They were teasing at best))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Yeah. and now we're in Saya's room?))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "I should ask your mother for the recipe it was really good!"
11<@Thoon> And now you're all in Saya's room.
11<@Thoon> To be continued, next time on Lucky Stars are right.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((Hmm?))
06* Hatsumi still can't follow Kagami. It took great force of will not to ask her about some of the things in her magazines.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((god I'm trying to think of a horrible pun for this game to have such a thing at the end, we also lack a dawwwwgoth))
11<@Thoon> (( The Insanity of Saya Koizumi? Ta-ger-na-wo-to? I can't come up with any other witty ways to diss my plotless garbage~ ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((We asked for this remeber~))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((S'allright. We're having fun~ I'm sure you'll get plot down our throats eventually.))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( >You'll get plot dow our throats eventually< Oh ho ho~))
06* Shizuka_tsukioka looks at hatsumi 1"… You know the more kagami talks the more I feel uneasy about her…. she's always smiling in a weird way when she talks about us uwwww…."
11<@Thoon> (( I'm not saying its a bad thing. You know I'm very tsundere about plotless garbage shows and can't really hate them~ ))
<Saya_Koizumi> "She's been like that lately. She's probably just teasing."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((>can't really hate tehm< …. god you're right…))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "That's the way she teases?"
09<Hatsumi> (( You know I'm just in this to act as an ambiguously gay Japanese girl, anyway, Thoon. The promise of getting to rip people to pieces is a bonus. ))
<Hatsumi> "I understood that from her tone, but… it's hard to tell what she's teasing about."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((>You know I'm just in this to act as an ambiguously gay Japanese girl< You know this would be horrible, but I laughed my ass off at it~))
11<@Thoon> (( You fit in well around here, then~ ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((want to play an electric parapsychic~?))
<Hatsumi> (( And to think, two years ago and it felt too awkward to even play female NPCs. ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((welcome to the club~))
<Saya_Koizumi> "I'm not sure either. Maybe it's something naughty. You know, like we're not just friends?"
<Hatsumi> (( Then I ran Touhou D&D. ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((YOU BELONG HERE))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((That'll change your ability to play female characters fast. Also, yes.))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "S-Somethign naughty?! Like what"
11<@Thoon> (( But yeah. Sorry it wasn't that fast. I lost track of time, I guess. I, uh, would speed things up if you really honestly wanted it. Either way I'm not too upset, frankly, It DOES work to my advantage as I want that bloody tager book before you're invulnerable in combat~ ))
06* Shizuka_tsukioka seems to have not caught the last bit of that
<Hatsumi> "But we're not, we're also
" She stops much too suddenly, realizing a non-transforming magical girl (?) is present.
06* Shizuka_tsukioka seems a bit shocked with hatsumi talking
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((er about that))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((Spending mostly on spells here, I think the other people are fluffing out, also that means we can have epic fights~))
11<@Thoon> (( BUT, I've got good ideas, they're all thought out and so on and it should be good for both being monsterous girls doing cute things and tagers fightan monsters and going insane and dancing in menstral blood and other such coming of age symbolism. ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((where is that gif))
<Hatsumi> (( I haven't really touched my combat skills because we haven't been using them, so I don't think I'll end up at all invincible. Also, fuck the mega-damage system. ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((also totally up for that))
11<@Thoon> (( I want that edited over some monstergirl gifs like that gif for the wiki. ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((mega damage system?))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( http://www.privatepaste.com/download/ffa0b8fe00 ))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((I'm same way on not bumping combat skills until they become more relevant.))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((yeah))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((I've been bumping them up as needed))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "um…umm….umm"6 she looks at saya seemingly pleading her to solve this
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Very cute~))
<Saya_Koizumi> "Hm? What?" She's as oblivious as always, it seems. "We're magical girls, is that it?"
<Hatsumi> (( I'm referring to the Integrity scale thing being as ridiculous as it is. ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((ahhh))
11<@Thoon> (( Trust me, I understand raising it so you're not hopelessly incompetant. But eh. I'm trying to encourage lots of stat growth, so aim for whatever directions you want and try to play to them. Everything should be usful in some way if you try and I do it right. ))
06* Shizuka_tsukioka looks at saya seemign a bit horrified
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Yeah. And, integrity scale's not as big an isuse as we won't be likely to deal with it much.))
11<@Thoon> (( Eh. Integ won't ever come up. Alternativly, wait for ex mode before you bitch. ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((Yeah, it's mostly for mecha and such))
<Hatsumi> (( We could always sink enormous amounts of excess exp raising stat scores. ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> (( heh))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((It does get fucking huge, I'm buying spell shere))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um.. I … I guess… Um I was working on a new spell …"6 tries to salvage thi
<Hatsumi> "Magical… er, yes."
11<@Thoon> (( Seriously, if you fuck up so much that you fight integ it doesn't really mean integ would even be needed to kill you, if anything that'd be easier for you with your hybrid damage and escape 1/days. You could also just attract the attenton of MANY cops or something and be just as fucked, but with even less odds. ))
<Saya_Koizumi> "Really, Shizu-chan?" Ssaya perks right up and gleefully seizes upon this direction for the conversation. "What kind?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um..umm… since I don't feely I have enough orgone I was looking up mana battieries…"
<Hatsumi> (( Yeah, true on the fact we can do hybrid damage. I guess I just don't like how stupid the scale is. ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((Eh it's to prevent D&D "Just be a few levels higher and you can kill those huge monsters!" thing))
11<@Thoon> "Aren't those in Picoha?" Ecchin asks, and yes, she's completely clueless about the monster thing.
<Hatsumi> (( Yeah, but 50x? On powered armor? ))
11<@Thoon> (( only on punches from power armor. No on looks at weapons. ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((Yeah I can understand that, though in reality if tha'ts coming at us shit is going down, also you'd kill the guy in the suit too))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((oh yeah~ They don't carry integraty scale guns))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Umm yeah… they were… though they don't have to look like that…"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "It'll take a while to make… um I just need to pick something… then I think I'll be able to make magical clothing…"
<Saya_Koizumi> "What's wrong with a funny amulet? Or did you mean the other one, because yeah, that was weird."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Yeah the ones that sorta… looked like the things we got for your sister… acutally an amulet one woudl be nice…"
11<@Thoon> (( Only things that are integ are like, missiles and a charge beam and fists/blade. Not the crowd stuff. The power armor using police just stick to the Anti-personel machineguns which do vit damamge. ))
<Hatsumi> "Magical clothing?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((baiscalyl swat armor))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((only more NO WE DON'T GET HURT))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Um yeah"6 she pushes her fingers togheter 1"I-I still have to work on it and talk to people but it should be magical."
<Saya_Koizumi> "Awesome~ Ooh, cna you makbe do that with an outfit i'm working on?"
11<@Thoon> (( and remember power armor's slow and NEG kind of needs PR. They send PA out to guard large areas and stop riots. Its not "There's a shoplifter in the local mall." "SEND IN THE POWER ARMOR."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((yeah))
<Hatsumi> (( It just seems weird to me that it's practically invulnerable until you get any hybrid weapon, and then it's wet tissue paper. ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "I guess, um could I see it?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((not really when hybrid is rocket launcers and anti armor gernades))
<Saya_Koizumi> "Sure~"
11<@Thoon> (( Hybrid damage being a railgun or a rocketlauncher. ))
<Hatsumi> (( +4900% effectivevness is still odd. ))
06* Saya_Koizumi goes into her closet and comes out with something that looks like a leotard with most of a skirt attached, and some strategically-placed paper (well ,cloth) seals.
<Saya_Koizumi> "There's some gloves and socks and other bits, but that's msot of it. Neat, huh?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((Eh, it's understandable, less silly then 10d10 to represent it or something))
<Hatsumi> "I'm confused as to what magical clothing is for…"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka looks at the seals 1"Um…. actually those might be good, I can write on them… though it's oddly placed"
<Hatsumi> (( I mean, a hybrid weapon that will evenly kill PA is weirdly nonthreatening even if it hits lightly armored people.))
<Saya_Koizumi> "No it isn't."
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((that is an odd bit I must admit but eh))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((I think there's some logic there. Really high-penetration stuff meant to kill hard targets kind of loses some of its effect if used agaisnt soft targets.))
06* Shizuka_tsukioka looks at saya a little strange 1"But.. it's on your crotch … breasts…it sort of draws attntion to them…"
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Shooting a big block of meat with a flechette meant to punch holes in tank armor 9assuming said flechette is small-arms scale and not a full-on anti-tank round) will probably result in less damage than what gets done to the tank armor.))
<Hatsumi> (( Yeah, I understand a boost, but something like 5x would make more sense than 50x. And if they just said, "It's invulnerable" I think I'd have to less complain about, though I'd find that a little silly in a system with magic. ))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Eh, some people houserule it to *5. Me, I don't give a fuck.))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Magic in CTech is msotly rituals, not blasty shit like in D&D.))
<Hatsumi> (( I consider tagers to be kinda magical. ))
11<@Thoon> (( Actually the railguns are in the top area for any gun damamge, they just happen to ALSO do hybrid. The rocket launcher IS +0 damage though, so it sort of needs to be aimed well and hit a person dead centre to kill them.
06* Saya_Koizumi cocks her head. "Nah, it's there for protection. You know, in case some sort of monster tries to get grabby."
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Eh, I'm going to bed.))
<Hatsumi> (( I'm kinda sorry I brought it up. ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "uww… you are right in that series that space bug really did grope like that…"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((s'llright))
09<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((thoon could you at least leave us with eroly's horrible idea~?))
11<@Thoon> (( also well, personally if I'd houserule PA, i'd probably make it x25. 10 at most. Certainly not ALL integ at 5, integ's the proper property of the engels and so on, and I hink no one has a problem there~ ))
11<@Thoon> (( G'night veg. Uh. I wasn't kidding about the tentacles. ))
<Hatsumi> "But isn't the paper easy to grab?"
<Hatsumi> (( I still want to know how long it takes for that Cute Girls Doing Cute Things show to get blasty. ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((I suppose this is sorta torturing~ night vega))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((What about tentacles?))
11<@Thoon> (( As do I, as I said I'd watch it for that and want to know how much hell I'm infor to get to it~ ))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((hm?))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Also, mostly need to get to bed. not particularly feeling super-tired, though I do hoenslty just not care about integrity and bitching thereof. It's kinda weird Pa is integ. Scale. it's kinda tactical to have tanks you can wear. They're tachikoma from GitS. Same role. Anyway, I ened to wake up and go to work tomorrow.))
11<@Thoon> "Speaking of that space bug, weren't we going to watch that? I figured we'd do something like that, so I brought this~" and Ecchin pulls a bottle out from her bag covered in weird Nazzadi words.
<Shizuka_tsukioka> "Eh what is it?"
<Saya_Koizumi> "Ooh~ Watcha got there?"
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((er that))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((Hard cap 7 minutes~))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((I save last thing few things said and then we all stop~))
<Saya_Koizumi> ((Good time to end officially?))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((Actually yes))
<Shizuka_tsukioka> ((Though it would be fun to start a bit of this~))
<Hatsumi> "What's it say?"
11<@Thoon> "I stole it from dad, it's a fancy drink that was made back when we were in space before that war thing. It's apparently really really good and strong. We should make a game out of it, everyone drinks when something like tentacles or eyes in places they shouldn't be show up on the monsters!"
<Hatsumi> "…is it safe?"
06* Shizuka_tsukioka thinks a bit 1"Um… that would be a lot how is this a game?"
11<@Thoon> "I think so… Um. We each pick a bit. Someone does tentacles, someone does eyes, someone does mouths, and someone does naughty bits? That's all these silly crazy monsters are ever made out of any way."

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