Tager Chan Ideas

Feel free to edit and add on other things you think are important, or to put down comments of yours.

Tager Chan questions:


I'm basically wondering what to do with the school, tempting ideas include making it an all girls school and a possibly/vaguely religious school, largely inspired by KnK6. This has the side effect of making no guys allowed,which could be a problem, but is also easily fixed by simply not caring about rules, which is fun.

Also uniforms, if its religious, no question you're using KnK6 nun-thing ones, if not, well they'll still be an option, as will other things. Or it could be some fancy shancy liberal school that doesn't care about that stuff. I want opinions on this too.

Girls appearances:

I'm not particularly fussed about appearances, myself, if you want blonde american blooded big tit sluts, go nuts. It's gonna (likely) be set in japan, so there's obvious inclinations, but there's excuses for every shape and appearance out there. Also you regenerate, if the monster wants you to look a certain way, it'll cut flesh off your body until you do.

Fancy excuses for things like breast sizes include future food is overstocked in healthy vitamins, even normally flat asians often end up busty with a standard diet, alternativly all that fancy future food is going to keep you alive for likely over 100 years (ignoring the whole massive wartime mortality rates) but it lacks that natural growth enhancer old food had. Different companies can produce different results should you want conflictions.


I am indifferent on this one, generally, I think like, 10, give or take a d6 fits. Probably less then 16 would be best. Don't worry too much about intellectual development, you don't need to be arcanotech anti-gravity generation pod scientists, the mystery's will be childish in nature and I activly expect walls to be knocked down. I'd like the girls to be within the same one or maybe two classes, but that's easily solved. Someone can be dumb and held back, smart and moved ahead, a slut and got in by her own talents, rich parents, crappy school, mass classes, whatever. I suppose the only thing holding you back is your levels of guilt. Then again if you have no problem with a girl being partially amputated, raped, impregnated by some horror and then attacked by her own spawn, unless she's 12 or something you should probably examine your position on things here.


Unless everyone says so, I'd like to stick with Japan and tokyo. If everyone really needs it, we can change to another continent, sure, but this is my vote. It's got a nice mix of things, it's got its own culture, sort of, it's got weird mythos gods, which is fun, and it's really really doomed, so its full of propaganda to make the dumb civilians not panic, which keeps things quaint and small time like it should for tagers.

Propaganda levels:

Basically how much should the girls understanding of reality be warped from the actual thing, should they be aware of the horrible things that could happen, blindly naively ignorant, some mix of stages?


This is a tricky one, we've got a lot of options for how the girls regenerate due to their symbionts. Do they regenerate to a general human form to a supernatural extent, or are they just as humans heal, but faster, sealing missing limbs without replacing them. There's surgery to fix this in the setting, but it's not really for little girls. This also applies to both humand AND tager forms, if its different for either one, other options include regenerating to some 'unblemished' human state, fixing things like hymens (and would such fixing include things lost BEFORE getting the symbiont, or once you get it, is THAT your 'unblemished' form?). Hell, does a Tager's regeneration let you eat without getting fat? Do you still scar? Does it affect breast size? Thoughts on this would be fun.

Personally, I like the idea of a broad 'unblemished' form that gives you back all your stuff even before you got the symbiont, but its imperfect and not exactly rapid. Potent diseases are suppressed, old injuries still hurt, psychosomatic twitches don't leave and so on.

Parents and other family

How much should things like Parents be involved? Want them to be involved in the plot for better or worse? Deal with lying about them? Should they give a damn about the horrible news the school gives them about their daughters being found naked in pools of cum in the basement? Or crappy grades? Basically after some input on how to have this for people, it doesn't have to be the same for the entire family, or for every player's family, naturally. For the most part, I think things will be best if they're fairly apathetic or distant from things, so they'll handwave the overheard news of killing tentacles as games or movies, or imaginary friends, and murderous yandere obsessions as 'just a crush'.

Tager Sentience

Here's a tough one that gave me a lot of trouble, should the tagers talk? I kind of never got into it for some part, I did for others before. Something more uniform would be better, I think. This isn't to say they should be chatty, if I did, it would be rare and something to not depend on, but it's hard to say where if anywhere I should place that, from helpful guide to subversive beast, and player opinions on this would very much be appreciated. I'd rather if anything, play them like The Darkness, especially as the game presents it, horrible and mocking evil and monstrous, but on your side and mostly under your control without a problem. Not quite as railroady when it comes to killing loved ones though.

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