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The game:

A screw-up in an arcane ritual causes the Eldritch Society to lose several of its intended tagers, which instead occupy the nearest replacements, several young girls. Without a clue for what has really happened to them and no backing from the cult to offer support, they'll have to figure out exactly what's happened to them, and try to stay alive in a magical new world, while trying to get a grip on their new flashy, grandiose powers. Provided by horrific, violent and hateful monsters and the even worse beings they stand against.

Important notice:
Drama point rules per an 'episode' are now in effect. The beach events being one episode, meaning now Drama points are fully restored, but until the next closure-y events or true resting chance, they won't be restored. (they can be bought with exp in the middle of things perfectly fine though.)

In addition, metamorphosis' will happen pretty much as presented in the book, but there will be an alternative way to achieve certain messier details, but more on that will become apparent in time. This is still a very long term goal, just something you'll want to keep in mind.



Sanagi high school isn't one of the best, there are several more notable upper class ones, however it has an excellent location for even an Arcology, a short distance from a large residential area, many shops and has considerable room, enough to offer boarding for any students who cannot take regular trips to this prime location. However it was fortunate enough to be included in a restoration and improvement project that has given it great funding and influence in the business world, especially with its benefactor and many subsidiaries, Chrysalis Corp. It is extremely popular for many parents, as even a barely graduating student has a very high chance of being offered multiple jobs within one of the world's largest mega-corperations.

The sections for living are fairly simple, but not spartan. They come with a bathroom and a very simple kitchen for pairs to share. Genders are obviously kept on separate ends of the school, with limitations on visiting hours, not to say those hours aren't often violated, but teachers do try to keep things in order.

School has two 'terms', with them being primarily in spring (February to April) and autumn (August to October), part of winter is the end and beginning of year reward break and weather is simply too hot for real focus during the harsher part of summer. Students are encouraged to get temporary jobs and focus on responsibilities during these times, so its when people take their hard earned holidays.


Much of the local area is included with the Chrysalis Restoration project, which was mostly initiated to take absorb several technological development companies based nearby. Area between the students and housing sections is built to take advantage of it, with many high class fast food stores, shopping malls and the like line the streets, with holographic advertisements for all the latest products.

Daily Life:

It's simple to be growing up here. Being one of the more heavily contested warzones, it mostly manages by fact that the two invaders attack each other just as often. Being inland, the New Edo arcology and surrounding Tokyo City merely hear stories about what happens, through propaganda painting what little acknowledgement its given as a heroic and successful holding of a line. This has however had the effect of keeping Japan more isolated then most cities, and while it has many non natives, human and Nazzadi, it has kept its xenophobia to a surprising extent, Japanese being spoken far more common then the N.E.G would like, though most people still know english, it is often poorly practiced.

Stuck with almost its own culture, Japan instead gets its release from a heavy social scene, media from many games, anime, stories and other sources are constantly churned out, with a range of themes from mind numbing to downright perverse. Technology is ever popular, people are always waiting for the latest thing, from GP2 games to the obscenely expensive iPeek due out early next year, with many students desperately trying to earn enough terras to buy it in many imaginative ways.

Current Shards Found: (Please make corrections where I've forgotten)

  • The tablet found at School that started this whole mess: Shaped like a Tablet, was lost by Yumi to the Dhohanoids and hasn't been seen since
  • The shard found in the lab: Found by Saya near some gore. Its very small compared to the rest but has some runes on it.
  • The tablet found in the lab: Found by Enyo in a area filled with things for shipping somewhere. It's not the first one, but its a tablet.
  • The fragment found in the park: Considerably larger then the others, its shaped like a spike, it's runes faintly glow.
  • The first shard from the party: Found by Yamada and possibly given to Manami. Used by Nyar for many unpleasent things. It's been located at Manami's shrine and was collected by Shizuka. It has potent and obviously supernatural glow. The girls feel considerably stronger holding it.
  • The second shard from the party: Found in the flooring while 'entertaining' Nyarlathotep's minions. Was initially, but is now no longer glowing brightly since the girls second binding.
  • The trophy shard: This shard was won by Hatsumi during the cosplay contest during the school festival. It's been left with Shizuka.

The purpose of these is completely unknown, as are the translations (Andou is apparently working on several though) but the first one apparently said at least in part: "these holy warriors give us strength"


List characters here. Please include both full lists of human and tager form stats.

  • Saya - Played by Vega
  • Shizuka - Played by scribblefag

Yamada's Harem, AKA Missing players, presumed retired and property for the DM to do anything without permission

Regularly encountered NPCs:

Current EXP: 215

Last time on Tager-chan:
The girls, teamed up with the Dhohanoids, finally escaped to the outside world, though not pleasantly. They fought off their attackers and decided to try and find some rest.

Stupid drawings, mistakes and fan art

The Original cast, by Shin. Enyo, by Shin. Concept Art, by Unknown. My little tagers. And Dhohanoids. And Mortal Cast, by Thoon (with generator). Saya's Magical Girl outfit and Tager-form, By Vega.
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