Suzuha Jackson

She was a normal girl at first, wondering why she was here with her mother instead of with Father, but he was always away, “Saving Japan,” but yet, others resented her, calling her “Occupier,” before she fought them, and eventually found a place as a delinquent, going to enough classes to avoid the Saturday lessons that were the bane of the middle school years. At her peak, she was told by the principal she would be “Just like all the other occupiers, taking over and pushing over Japan,” to which she said “Good, this school, and country will be mine!”

However, age tempered the girl, making her realize that bullying, and fighting weren’t the way of justice, and as a new older sister, she had to try and be responsible, and she took up her responsibilities, studying, helping new students out, and eventually, with much effort, gaining the reputation of the local Knight, aloof yet helpful with problems that small circles of friends, 3ch, and adults couldn’t solve.

Through this job, she came into tracking one girl, after her friends complained she seemed to disappear, and this task introduced her to a world of strange and arcane magic, and the monsters that were hidden in this world.

Contracted with Reser after taking the long road back home to become "A Friend and Warrior of Justice. She met the being after noticing something strange, what would be an Eldion, and a fish trying to call someone, a dying magical girl, and a monster eating her. Suzhua could never let something like that stand, and she contracted, wishing to be a friend of justice, and leaping, shooting the monster, before realizing what she had gotten into.

“So.. I guess I have to take this role on… well this is too hard for a girl… but I’ll try, as a real man, Washington, Delphi… let me have your power, and drive these monsters from my home, for my brother.. for Mom.. for DAD!”

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