Heroes haven't truly been a thing outside the mentally damaged dressing up to punch criminals, getting unceremoniously shot and bled out in alleyways, and seemed to only existed in myth, but in secret conspiracies, the shadows and beyond earths reaches, this is far from the truth, and for whatever reason, rumours of mutants, preternatural scientific breakthroughs and more are beginning to emerge.

The city of X, for whatever personal reason, each of your characters happens to be in a bank as it is robbed, things will escalate from there!

I need names for this stuff.


Do I need to explain these?

Remember the games in third edition.

Power levels:

Players start at Power level 6, they're meant to be low and their powers all sealed, not understood, not fully exploited yet and the like. Feel free to be for whatever reason much more theoretically stronger but you can't go all out for whatever reason. At the end of each adventure all players gain one full PL until the ending, where the whole cast of PCs will be PL 20.


Super Complications. Indented to show that between these adventures, you are your own characters in your own stories. You each have the ability to claim a positive issues but for each, you must take a negative issue as well, and during the game, you can claim these for benefits similar to how complications give hero points, as an example, a positive space police might claim they are part of a thousand space cops just about as strong, and they can guaranteed escort these villains to a place they're needed while we stop another villain who's going to abuse this distraction, but each use leads to a negative issue coming up later in that adventure or otherwise as soon as convenient (for me, the GM) such as the space police's evil enemies the space bloodfirepsychopaths get antsy because of the convergence and once the team can finally get to those captured criminals they're under seige by the bloodfirepsychopaths. These can be 'linked' because your stronger evil magic that deals with satan probably should only provoke satan's interest and not your unrelated cthulhu's interest issue, but I can fiat around these if I feel I have more convenient ideas at the time. Also, having some is mandatory.

Other house rules

I'm sure i'm forgetting a bunch I came up with, please remind me.


Each player must come up with a villain, it need not be THE antagonist, a joker to their batman, but they should be important and prominent.

After that, each player must have someone else make an additional villain for themselves to fall into a similar role.

These villains can work any way you want, but they need to pose challenges, obviously. A powerless weak human's just fine if they have a league of assassins or run a militant country, and on the contrary a super strong villain isn't bad either, for whatever reason they won't need to just directly try and murder you first encounter, after all. An organization is also valid for all of this.


Leave your characters and sheets here.
Runa Yggdrasil - Played by Vega. Human/alien hybrid with a variety of powers derived from her heritage, leaning toward altering her own physiology in often disturbing fashion.
Turner Locke - Played by Scribblefag. Ex middle management effectively cursed with strange keys that unlock everything and leads to everywhere. Currently living on the edge of society wiggling through many international shipping, tariff, and trade laws in his word of mouth only international small packages shipping business. Was considerably more relaxed until his life got legally destroyed by drunken key usage, now he avoids anything shady and traceable while dodging eldritch cults who beat him into a pulp and use the keys on a nearly yearly basis.

Rogues Gallery
A brief listing of all your foes. Or the important ones at least.

Episode Listing:

Names (themes, content, villains, existential state) pending:

  • (pl 6) bank robbery.
  • (pl 7) framed?
  • (pl 8) Team Up
  • (pl 9)
  • (pl 10) Space!
  • (pl 11) ? Team up #2 Combined attack harder
  • (pl 12) Dinosaur Nazis!
  • (pl 13) Not-so-civil War
  • (pl 14) Mirror Universe
  • (pl 15) Freedom is Free
  • (pl 16) Sidekicks
  • (pl 17)
  • (pl 18)
  • (pl 19) Tensions
  • (pl 20) The Final Showdown
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