Heroes haven't truly been a thing outside the mentally damaged dressing up to punch criminals, getting unceremoniously shot and bled out in alleyways, and seemed to only existed in myth, but in secret conspiracies, the shadows and beyond earths reaches, this is far from the truth, and for whatever reason, rumours of mutants, preternatural scientific breakthroughs and more are beginning to emerge.

Valliant City, Located in far western Iowa, protestants founded what was once a small town by the river, and with mining and agriculture managed to grow into a prosperous city, but as further west developments surpassed them in corn and beef production, it moved into manufacturing, but this too was quickly outstriped. The city nowdays has no industry it excels in and is increasingly suffering from the potential risk with a minor history of crime that’s on a steady rise. Their solution, however has been to offer themselves out to the federal government for funding, offering services for weapons development, technology, if you believe certain rumors, Experimental alien adoption and more. Like most government projects these are in a constant state of being cancelled or blowing up (though rarely literally) so there are now numerous abandoned facilities awaiting repurposing dotting the countryside.

  • Silicon Field, also unofficially known as Bowerstown, is a large section of sold Valliant City lands that are privately owned by numerous electronic corporations, and most notably by rising star in tech and social media Adezan Bowers, who runs the neighbourhood (And some might argue, city) from the tallest tower in the city. The district has dragged the city towards it and puts on a airs for the public with constant tech shows and parties, and on the rare occasions when some sort of event isn’t going on, the streets are still lively with protesters complaining about the latest current events.
  • Mandan Warrens, Often ignored, and consistently being sold piece by piece, the Warrens are an struggling section on the edge of the city, leading into the mountains where numerous caves have been dug into as sections of underground bases and older mineshafts. Further development has stopped under claims the land is sacred being taken more seriously.
  • RN 7720C, also known as Area 77-80, A larger, more heavily enforced restricted area of federal bases. Each supporting their own smaller sections of supporting town for staff manning them to avoid the checkpoints does little to decrease the rumors of alien conspiracies and strange experiments obviously held in the three areas and the mysterious trucks labeled Yggdrasil, Spider and Shroud that drive in and out of the three areas.
  • The Upper Circle, a collection of upper class neighbourhoods (Sos, Waterside and Lower Lahoal) and gated communities, and on their outskirts, the suburbs where crime is lowest in the city. Constant reports for how difficult it can be to move into the area circulate, but it has the highest happiness index ranking of the city.
  • Devils Talon Island, far out in the river, the forebodingly named island was long ago turned into the location for Devils Penitentiary, now expanded to accommodate other correctional facilities, it was once the site of a bloody religiously motivated mass murder and suicide by a cult in the early 20s, and although it prefers to go by the marginally less sinister name Talon Island and stresses a focus on rehabilitation, to no one's surprise it’s never escaped its ghastly reputation.
  • Silver Beach, the fallen pride of the city, once covered in art, statues and shops that now are all slowly shutting down and the landmarks being covered in graffiti have seen to it being removed from tourism adds. Now largely dominated by the youth around its schools, Darwin High and x university are the largest the city has to offer from the golden age and hold sway over its different sides.

for whatever personal reason, each of your characters happens to be in a bank as it is robbed, things will escalate from there!


Remember the games in third edition.

Power levels:

Players start at Power level 6, they're meant to be low and their powers all sealed, not understood, not fully exploited yet and the like. Feel free to be for whatever reason much more theoretically stronger but you can't go all out for whatever reason. At the end of each full adventure all players gain one full PL until the ending, where the whole cast of PCs will be PL 20. Yes a PL20 player character will be insane so do take into account the horror of dealing with that at some point when planning your character.


In essence, these are special Super Complications and given their own section on character sheets. Indented to show that between these adventures, you are your own characters in your own stories. You each have the ability to claim a positive issues but for each, you must take a negative issue as well, and during the game, you can claim these for benefits similar to how complications give hero points, as an example, a positive space police might claim they are part of a thousand space cops just about as strong, and they can guaranteed escort these villains to a place they're needed while we stop another villain who's going to abuse this distraction, but each use leads to a negative issue coming up later in that adventure or otherwise as soon as convenient (for me, the GM) such as the space police's evil enemies the space bloodfirepsychopaths get antsy because of the convergence and once the team can finally get to those captured criminals they're under siege by the bloodfirepsychopaths. These can be 'linked' because your stronger evil magic that deals with satan probably should only provoke satan's interest and not your unrelated cthulhu's interest issue, but I can fiat around these if I feel I have more convenient ideas at the time. Also, having some is mandatory.


Each of you have foes who are a little more personal then normal. At the start of the game some may not be active forces or even exist yet, but they'll quickly come into things. Each player comes up with two total, one for themselves and one for another player. These are pretty loose for what actually constitutes a foe, individuals, small groups or organizations are all legitimate. Theres no such thing as too many details though I'll handle the stats and there may be surprises.

At the moment, these are

Self made:

  • Runa has her creator, genius geneticist Dr. Hisakawa and 'Mother' Ymir
  • Turner has the Association of Vacancies, a completely legitimate buisness gathering not connected to cultlike rumors at all.
  • Moira has The Dragonmoth, A mysterious foe not fully established yet.
  • Anthony has Adezan Bowers, businessman, innovator, celebrity of the internet age, shameless patent thief
  • X (Reapergirl) has Jormungandr the devourer

Fan made:

  • Runa has Einna, the improved version of a human/X hybrid.
  • Turner has Sara Store, endangered animal killing billionaire adventurer thief.
  • Moira has the Time Travelers Beau, a constant snarl in fates plans.
  • Anthony has The Golemancer, traditionalist, challenging the new age of machinery.
  • X (Reapergirl) has X (Bodyhopping immortal deathdodger)

Other house rules

I'm sure i'm forgetting a bunch I came up with, please remind me.


Each player must come up with a villain, it need not be THE antagonist, a joker to their batman, but they should be important and prominent.

After that, each player must have someone else make an additional villain for themselves to fall into a similar role.

These villains can work any way you want, but they need to pose challenges, obviously. A powerless weak human's just fine if they have a league of assassins or run a militant country, and on the contrary a super strong villain isn't bad either, for whatever reason they won't need to just directly try and murder you first encounter, after all. An organization is also valid for all of this.


Leave your characters and sheets here.
Runa Yggdrasil - Played by Vega. Human/alien hybrid with a variety of powers derived from her heritage, leaning toward altering her own physiology in often disturbing fashion.
Turner Locke - Played by Scribblefag. Ex middle management effectively cursed with strange keys that unlock everything and leads to everywhere. Currently living on the edge of society wiggling through many international shipping, tariff, and trade laws in his word of mouth only international small packages shipping business. Was considerably more relaxed until his life got legally destroyed by drunken key usage, now he avoids anything shady and traceable while dodging eldritch cults who beat him into a pulp and use the keys on a nearly yearly basis.
Kayleigh Moira - Played by Orrin. Descendant of Fate Spiders and unusually (for her kin) focused on direct intervention and the idea of heroics. Stepped outside her previous work to encourage heroics in others, and accidentally ended up a hero herself (kind of). Has a fondness for weaving and webs, whether physical or metaphorical, and you'd be amazed at the freakish bad luck of her enemies (and sometimes her allies as well).
Anthony Tacticus - Played by starf. Genius Engineer and professor. Overworked, underpaid, depressingly sober, and engaged in a constant legal struggle over precisely who owns the rights to his robotic creations. Also teaching three sections this semester (ME 307: introduction to robotics), or at least his grad students are.

Rogues Gallery
A brief listing of all your foes. Or the important ones at least.

Runa's diary of events - There's probably some sort of warning not to read this written on it.

Episode Listing:

Names (themes, content, villains, existential state) pending:

  • (pl 6) Just a simple bank robbery
    • The heroes were caught up in a mysterious robbery. They fought with the superpowered idiot Cosmass but failed to prevent the money being taken. Following it, they discovered a crazed scientist Dr. Hasegawa was paid to enhance a poison, and billionaire Adrian Bowers unknowingly tricked into distributing it. They then learnt, through an unfortunate incident where this was related to a mysterious ritual and after passing several trials, discovered an unknown military commander. After (hopefully) interupting his plans, the group disrupted a disaster that seems to doom humanity.
  • (pl 7) Frame Job
    • Turner is charged with a crime he didn't commit, and of a cult leader who's desperation for the keys threatens both Turner andhis friends. Forced to delve into the magical world, the group infiltrate his headquarters and sabotage the source of his power, however they wind up summoning something far worse and after a great struggle, manage to defeat it and destroy the place.
  • (pl 8) Team Up
    • The Heroes are attacked by an alliance of all their greatest enemies, under constant assault, will the group figure out how to beat them?
  • (pl 9) Reinstatement
    • A deposed enemy is once again given a chance in society, but a series of disasters matching their MO start up, is it as simple as it seems?
  • (pl 10) Space!
    • The group are forced to travel beyond earth and learn about its place in the greater cosmos
  • (pl 11) Team up #2 Combined attack harder
    • Not to be outdone, a tighter bound team of villains form, with tactics and plans on their side, how can they be defeated?
  • (pl 12) Dinosaur Nazis!
    • Two of the most dire threats to humanity combine in a world shattering moment. Can the heroes figure out a way to win?
  • (pl 13) Not-so-civil War
    • Pushed by one too many superpowered threats, governments start drawing lines and start making bids for the loyalty of metas, including the heroes
  • (pl 14) Mirror Universe
    • The heroes find themselves trapped in an alternate universe where they have very poor reputations.
  • (pl 15) Freedom is Free
    • The group stumble their way into learning about an overwhelming threat, more distant yet closer then anything they've yet imagined.
  • (pl 16) Sidekicks
    • Facing the largest alliance of villains yet, the heroes are doomed to lose by numbers alone.
  • (pl 17) Task Force: Sparkle Fantastic
    • A new threat comes for earth, and the key to victory has already been shattered
  • (pl 18) The End
    • An apocalypse like no other has finally come. Can the heroes figure out a way to stop a truly unstoppable force?
  • (pl 19) Tensions
    • The heroes are challenged by a force they can't fight, their view in the public eye, while a hidden foe makes moves for a greater plan.
  • (pl 20) The Final Showdown
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