Strega Kiyohime
Name Strega Kiyohime Age ~14
Original Name Maria Hoshi Testarossa Plane Su-47
Call Sign TBA Affiliation EMA Kiyohime UNAF
Profession Fighter Pilot Education +3
Intelligence 10 Body Power 6H|12H|9H
Cool 8 Stability 20
Attractiveness 7 Run 21
Reflexes 10 Jump
Empathy 6 Running Jump
Tech Ability 7 Stun
Move Allow. 7 Encumberance Value
Body Type 6 Lift
Luck 6 Throw


Grooming +1 Wardrobe and Style +1 Intimidate +3
Awareness +6 Gunnery +6 Handgun +1
Missiles +4 Electronic Warfare +1 Fighter Pilot +7

Automag - Kiyo's old EMA pistol. Holds special significance to her, both good and bad. Holds 8 rounds, 2d6 damage. +2 to weapon rolls.
Bullets - A few less than she used to have.
Flightsuit - A standard issue flight suit. She's not good enough to jazz something like that up.
Minidress - Because you can't wear the same flight suit all the time.
Guitar - Maria's old guitar. Kiyo doesn't feel worthy of it any more.
Photo-mini-shrine-thing - A shrine to Maria's dead parents.. and Maria herself, to some extent.
Cellphone - Used to ring her friends… wait… does she have any?
Canteen - Holds water
Sleeping Bag - Kept just in case…
(Camping Kit - Likewise)
(GPS - Don't get lost again)
(Laptop - A holdover from Kiyo's days as Maria. The HD has been wiped clean since then, though.)
Handbag - Contains whatever random things she wants to carry with her

Birth of the Pure One

Little is known about Kiyo's parents, or early life, only that she was orphaned in the war, and taken in by the EMA. Taking the officers of the EMA as parent figures, and yearning for approval, she threw herself into her studies.

Flight of the Sky Princess

"When I'm in the cockpit, I'm a genius!"

The young Kiyo's studies paid off, placing top of her class. The acclaim she found was intoxicating, pushing her harder into her studies and missions, every success both rewarding her further, and deepening her love for flying, while simultaneously allowing her studies outside of the cockpit to decline. Although some of her peers envied her or worse, she was able to avoid it getting to her. After all, she was the greatest pilot around, undefeatable, wasn't she?


Fallen Princess

"I'm waiting for my next mission…"
"Am I not worth your time any more…?"
"… how dare you take away my reason for living…"

This state of affairs continued for over a year, until revelations about her past made her doubt herself, causing her usually top level performance to degrade slightly. This, combined with a new starlet emerging, caused the loss of her "top pilot" status, which was unacceptable to her. Unfortunately, with her attempts to correct this bordering on recklessness, and her unstable ego, she was increasingly pulled off missions. With flying missions as her reason for living, she snapped, shooting several of her now-ex comrades, and stealing a plane. She had no goals, no destination, and only destruction in mind. It wasn't too long before she was shot down, though she managed to avoid the worst of the crash, and, once her chip was destroyed, she was presumed to be dead.

(Incidentally, she does not remember this beyond it being a mere dream… or perhaps nightmare.)

The Witch's Rebirth

(Coming… once I figure out details on her being picked up)

Current Life

Kiyo is a cheerful seeming girl, even in the worst of circumstances. For some people, this would be reassuring, yet for Kiyo it seems as if she is completely unaffected by tragedy. While not strictly true, it's not completely false, either. Perhaps she blanks out any such thoughts… or perhaps she no longer cares. More likely, some of both is true.

She takes both pride and shame in her previous affiliation, the two mixed intermingably, yet knowing that she could never return there, even if she wished to. In some ways, she hates the EMA, in others, she envies them, or at least, their pilots.

However, she is confused by life outside, being a freedom without direction. What sort of actions are desired from her? What sort of things should be performed? The memory of a normal childhood is too far away.

In any case, she is devoted to piloting, remembering happiness drawn only from there. Even if she seems cheerful on the ground, flight is absolute bliss.

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