Soran Laters


As the ultimate in human-robot interactivity, Soran was modified to be both aggressive and cute at the same time, leading to an odd frame. However, Soran was not always a robot, and as an orphan due to many of the criminal mages, Soran was given a choice by the local social group. Stay in a group home, or sign up for experimentation with the regional megacorperation. The megacorp made her better, faster, stronger, and gave her a home, and she returned the favor, serving as the ultimate living tech demo…

Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
Score 15 16 17 18 17 15
Bonus +3 +3 +3 +4 +3 +2


She generally appears to be a young woman of the brown persuasion, but she usually carries one of her many heavy external weapons as a object of comfort.

Toughness Fortitude Reflex Will Attack Defense
+3(+3 armor) +2 +2 +0 +3 +3


Programed with a "Covert Agent" mentality, Soran can get "Things Done" thanks to her ability to both create new machines, disable old ones, and hide in plain sight, her cloaking field being the pride and joy of the Megacorp.


Skill Rank Bonus Total
Acrobatics 7 +10 +10
Craft(Electronic) 5 +9 +9
Craft(Mechanical) 5 +9 +9
Disable Device 5 +9 +8
Disguise 3 +2 +5/
Stealth 10 +13 +13
Swim 1 +3 +1


Feat Name: Effect
Accurate Attack: Can trade up to -5 on DCs for up to +5 attack
All Out Attack: By focusing, Soran can reduce her Defense bonus to increase her attack Bonus
Attack Specialization (Unarmed): As a master of the basic palm, Soran's entire body is a weapon (+2 to unarmed attack //
Equipment (5): Soran has many tools for proper operational usage
Improvised Tools: As a proper cyborg, Soran is a master of converting spare parts into tools
Inventor: To repair and self grow, Soran was given a dictionary of basic internal tools
Precise Shot: Being taught to treat melee range like shooting range, Soran's guns do not loose their targets, even at point blank ranges
Quick Change: As a proper magical girl, Soran can quickly change into combat mode from a normal, unassuming civilian maner
Quick Draw: Related to the above, Soran's weapons are called from their storage in Magical Space
Well Informed: Through reading all sorts of networks, books, and other media, Soran knows a lot about the world in general//


Variable Bullet System
Hard to Loose
A Heavy Integrated Blaster System, the Variable Bullet is Soran's forward weapon and a room clearer, meant to blast THROUGH the vast majority of foes in war. (Blast 9, Boost (Damage) Power Feat Slow Fade = 20

**Automatic Magical Repair System, Projective Version X, or AMRS-X

Regeneration 11 (Aspects)
(Ability Damage (5 minutes),
Recovery Bonus (+2)
Recovery Rate (Bruised - Std. Action)
Recovery Rate (Staggered - 1 minute))
The Automatic All Ranged Automatic Magical Repair System is intended to show off the Megacorp's future mass production android, Medical class androids for the future..


Power: Information:
Device (7 (Hard to Loose)): A collection of magical artifacts follows Soran into battle and exploration
Flight 4: By spreading her own magical fields and thrusters, Soran can fly like a bird through the air
Force Field 6: Adjusting magic and energy at her will, Soran can produce a basic energy field as a means of defense
Strike 6: Mastering melee methods makes Soran an all around useful forward attacker


Equipment Name: Information
Blaster Rifle: A powerful remote weapon, a complement to the main Launcher system
Chainsaw: A built in chainsaw for melee attacking and defense
Armored Jumpsuit: A Basic suit of protective clothing, custom fitted for the wielder
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