Sora (GSS)


Henge 2
Animal 3
Adult 0
Child 3


0 Little Bird
You’re an ordinary little bird, the kind of animal that people see all the time.
Even when you are in your animal form, you will not Surprise people who see you, and they will not find your presence strange.
2 Wings
You have wings that let you freely fly through the sky.
You can also carry things that are smaller than yourself. Furthermore, when you are running away or searching for things, add 2 to your attribute. However, you cannot use this power when you are in full human form. This effect lasts until the end of the scene.
4 Wind Song
You can call on the wind to blow how you wish.
If you use this power, you can make the wind blow in an unnatural direction, such as making a piece of paper in the air move how you want. You can cause sudden, powerful gusts too, but not so strongly as to damage things like a typhoon.
8 Gift of Wings
You can make it so that a human or another henge can fly.
You can only use this on people and henge with whom you have a connection. Whoever you use this on can effectively use a bird’s “Wings” basic power by spending 2 Wonder or Feelings until the end of the scene.
10 Rumors
You can spread rumors through the town.
However, you cannot spread rumors that are directly hurtful to someone or that deviate too much from the truth. There is no numerical significance to using a rumor, but depending on what it’s about, it can potentially help someone (but that doesn’t mean you can go speaking ill of people).
12 Down Pillow
By embracing someone with your downy feathers, your hearts become closer.
This strengthens that person’s connection to you by 1. However, you can only use this power while you have wings, and you can only use it on a given person once per story.


Additional Powers:

You have a weakness for eyeball patterns. (In Japan, these are used like scarecrows.)
Any time you see a large eyeball pattern (large concentric circles of different colors, etc.), you’re automatically affected by a level 7 Surprise. Needless to say, you can’t get close to things with such patterns by yourself.
14 Flock
You can get many other birds to come help you.
This will bring out a number of birds equal to the sum of your Henge and Animal attributes, times two. However, with so many birds in one place, you cannot use your Little Bird power. If you and your friends don’t do a good job of hiding, you’ll probably Surprise people you meet.
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