Sophia Davies
Player: Thoon Virtue: Charity
Age: 16 Vice: Sloth
Concept: Bloodbender Nature: Penitent
Chronicle: EDH Demeanor: Martyr

Sophie, as she likes to be called is a slightly shorter then average 16 year old girl. A bit of a health nut and a practicing gymnast for most of her short life has left Sophie quite skinny, barring some slight muscles and a lack of female development. She has short blond hair she normally keeps tied back, though before too long, a bang or two tends to get loose. The most notable part of her however has to be her eyes, after a particularly nasty fall during practice she suffered a minor bleed, it turned out to be harmless but changed her eyes to a deep red.

A young prodigy in training, Sophia has always been two things, a softy and energetic. She discovered a silly fondness for gymnastics after her parents signed her up for lessons to give her some focus, she's turned it into her main hobby. A successful member of the school gymnastics club, she's balanced this out with a simple high school girls life, gossiping with the girls, having parties, and such filled her social encounters. Her home life could be considered much slower, since a young age, Sophia has been used to living alone, both her parents being workaholics who get back far too late, so she's used to cooking her own dinner, keeping herself amused by normally unwinding in her room, watching anime.

Sophia has never been terribly concerned about the future however, she's got mediocre grades at school, despite a lot of lessons, still hasn't quite managed to be calm enough behind the wheel to get her drivers license and hasn't even had any real interest in any of the guys at school, all annoying problems, but ones she didn't mind. It's the more recent events that have shook her up, leaving her a confused, depressed mess.


Tertiary: Primary: Secondary:
Mental Physical Social
Intelligence: 2 Strength: 2 Presence: 3
Wits: 2 Dexterity: 4 Manipulation: 2
Resolve: 3 Stamina: 2 Composure: 2


Mental (-3) Physical (-1) Social (-1)
Academics: 1 Athletics 3 {4} Animal Ken 1
Computer 1 Brawl 2 {4} Empathy 2
Crafts Untrained Drive 2 {3} Expression 1
Investigation Untrained Firearms Untrained Intimidation Untrained
Medicine 1 Larceny 1 Persuasion 2
Occult 1 Stealth 2 Socialize 2
Politics Untrained Survival Untrained Streetwise Untrained
Science Untrained Weaponry Untrained Subterfuge 2 {3}


  • Drive: Joyriding
  • Athletics: Acrobatics
  • Subterfuge: Hiding Emotions
  • Brawl: Tentacles

Merits & Other Stats

Non-Combat: Combat
Size 5 Initiative 6
Perception/Surprise 4 Resist Poison/Disease 7
Speed 11 Defense/Dodge 2/4
Morality 6 Essence 5/5
Resist Fatigue 5 Armor: (None) 0
Parkour 3
Natural Immunity 1
Unseen Sense (spirits) 3
Esperism -

Esper Powers:

Blood bursts from Sophia's body with a mix of pain and will. These bloody tendrils allow her to attack and grapple targets, entangling them in a bloody mess.
Cost: 1 Willpower+1 Lethal Damage
Action: Instant
Dice Pool: None
By spending a point of Willpower and taking a point of lethal damage Sophia may make Dexterity+Brawl bashing attacks with equipment bonus equal to their dots in this power (8). The tendrils can be attacked at a -3 penalty, destroying them.
If Sophia makes a grappling attack, the target's escape attempt is penalized by Sophia's Stamina instead of their Strength. While the tentacles are in use, the character suffers from -1 to their Defense, which is further decreased by 1 for every target grappled. Sophia can only grapple two characters at a time with her tentacles.
This ability lasts for one scene, until the Sophia dismisses it, or until the tentacles are destroyed.

Supernatural Healing
Prerequisite: Esperism
Sophia is exceptionally tough, her constant potent blood that's generated means her healing is accelerated.
Sophia's natural healing is increased to one point of bashing damage every 12 seconds (four turns), one point of lethal damage every 8 hours, and one point of aggravated damage every 5 days. This regeneration is not under control and continues as long as Sophia is alive.

Resilience •••
Sophia's blood accelerates her biology, making it healthier, tougher and more resistant.
Cost: 1 Essence per scene.
Action: Instant
The amount of dots in Resilience is added to Sophia's Stamina for the scene, granting a number of temporary health dots. This ability also downgrades a number of aggravated damage equal to the number of dots. If Sophia takes damage beyond their health when this ability ends, the damage is compounded.

Vigor ••
Sophia's blood strengthens her body, allowing her to push it to astounding levels.
Cost: 1 Essence
Action: Instant
Sophia adds her dots of Vigor to her Strength for the scene, in addition, for every dot of Vigor Sophia possesses, the length of her base jump on each success is increased by 1.


Sophia is repelled by dried blood and cannot stand its presence.

Special Qualities:


  • Flow: Sophia can easily avoid obstacles during a foot chase, negating penalties up to the parkour rating (3) and can gauge a jump as a free action.
  • Cat Leap: When using a Dexterity + Athletics (7) roll to mitigate damage from falling, Sophia gains one automatic success. Additionally, add one per dot in this Merit (3) to the threshold of damage that can be removed through this roll.
  • Wall Run: When using Athletics to climb, Sophia is capable of scaling heights of 10 feet + 5 feet per dot in Athletics (3-4, 25-30 ft) as an instant action (rather than the normal 10 feet), though every full 10 feet beyond the first imposes a –1 die penalty. Sophia may also designate any Athletics roll that involves running, jumping and climbing as being a Rote Action at the cost of her defense.
  • Immune System: Sophia gains a +2 bonus on resisting poison and disease making her bonus for resisting such (7)
  • Unseen Sense (Spirits): Sophia feels strange when in the general vicinity of Spirits, in addition to more specific benefits for every additional rank she takes.
  • Verge/Loci sense: With an extended Wits + Composure (4) roll, Sophia may be able to feel what sort of resonance the area has. The number of required successes is equal to 10 minus the locus’s rating, and each roll represents one turn.
  • Numina Sense: Sophia may sense when spiritual Numina or Aspects are used in her vicinity. When a Numen or Aspect targets her, she may roll a reflexive Wits + Composure (4) roll at a penalty of the offending spirit’s Finesse rating to get a rough idea of the Numen’s effect. Even on a success, her knowledge is very vague.
  • Twilight Sense: Sophia may sense when a spirit in Twilight passes within 20 feet of her. She may roll a reflexive Wits + Composure (4) roll to determine the rough direction the spirit is moving and whether it is hurrying. If the spirit is attempting stealth, roll its Finesse as a contested roll.
  • Esperism: Sophia is an Esper, she has 5 essence, blood related powers, but she also suffers from esoteric bans.


Attacks and number of Die:

  • Standard brawling: 4 dice, 6 when using Vigor.
  • Tentacles: 8 dice


Health: 7

Healthy Healthy Healthy Healthy Healthy Healthy Healthy

Willpower: 5

Unspent Unspent Unspent Unspent Unspent


XP Spent:

XP Remaining:

  • 5: Morality loss
  • 2: Haunted house fun
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