Sleepy Head

My name is … Sleepy head

And I Am… A Pegasus

Why Aren't you Happy? I'm not really smart and thoughtful, just slow.

How Did you realize This? A friend came to me for help and I pretended to think about how to help with the problem while waiting for someone else to show up who could.

What's on the surface? A spaced out pony who considers the possibilities and looks for the best answer.

What Lies beneath? A confused pony who doesn't' want to give answers as they are wrong.

Your Dream Is To…Have people solve their own problems and stop asking me for help.

Spark Talent : Kindness, Helping those who ask and even a few who don't.

Power Talent : Contemplate, the cutey mark of the magnifying glass looking over things.

Pool names Current
Friendship [x][x][x]
Permanent Power ( Contemplate ) [][][]
Current Spark ( Friendship ) [][][][][][]
Response Current
Aggressive []
Passive [][]
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