Silver Eyed Seer
attributes Traits
Intelligence 2 Strength 2 Presence 2 Primal Urge 1
Wits 2 Dexterity 1 Manipulation 1 Essence 5/10
Resolve 4 Stamina 3 Composure 4 Harmony 7
skills Auspice
Mental -3 Physical -1 Social -1 New Moon Irraka
Academics Athletics 1 Animal ken 2 Tribe
Computer Brawl 1 Empathy 1 Bone Shadows
Crafts 1 Drive Expression Renown
Investigation 1 Firearms Intimidation Cunning X
Medicine 2 Larceny Persuasion 2 Purity X
Occult 4 Stealth 1 Socialize 1 Glory X
Politics 1 Survival 1 Streetwise 1 Honour
Science 2 Weaponry Subterfuge Wisdom ••
Human Hishu Urshal Gauru
!! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !!


Pleasing Aura (•••) 
Book: Book Of Spirits, p. 109 
Effect: Strange  things happen around your character. This  is because, for whatever reason, spirits  like his 
presence. The character might have an emotional resonance  that  is universally enjoyable for denizens of  the 
Shadow Realm,  or maybe  they  just  like  your  style.  The  bad  news  is  that  spirits  tend  to  flock  around  the 
character, making him one of those people who is always in the “right place at the right time” with respect to 
otherworldly events. The good news is that, as a general rule, the spirits don’t mean the character ill. Unless 
they get territorial or jealous. The character gains a +1 bonus to Persuasion and Socialize rolls to affect spirits.
Ephemeral Reckoning (••••)
Book: The Rage - Forsaken Player's Guide, p. 103
Effect: Whether through hours of study or an innate knack, your character has more insight than most into
the Shadow. Something inside her picks up on spiritual resonance without her consciously noticing.
At the two-dot level, your character can make a reflexive Intelligence + Occult roll once per scene to
determine the resonance of a given area. Dramatic failure indicates misleading information, failure offers
nothing, success gives the main resonance of an area and an exceptional success shows the subtle layers of
resonance before her.
At the four-dot level, she can make a similar reflexive roll to pick up on the resonance of a source of
Essence that she has found. Only one roll of either kind can be made per scene, though with the four-dot
version of this Merit she may try again if the first roll is a failure (see “Successive Attempts,” the World of
Darkness Rulebook, p. 132).
Shadowless Chambers (•)     exp 2
Book: Book Of Spirits, p. 110 
Effect: Your character owns or can  take  refuge  in a  location  that  spirits have  trouble  finding. Maybe  the 
location  has  no  reflection  in  the  Shadow  Realm  or  has  a  peculiar  resonance  that  confounds  spirits.  The 
location may have a bad reputation  in  the spirit world,  in a way similar  to  the worst streets  in a mortal city. 
Whatever  the  cause,  spirits  rarely go  there  and  rarely  think  to go  there. The  character may hide  there with
reasonable surety that denizens of the Shadow Realm will not find him. Each dot in this Merit applies a –1 die 
penalty on spirits’ attempts to track the character to that location or reason out where he might be hiding. 
Drawback: This Merit  is fragile. When a spirit does manage  to find  the character  in  the marked  location, 
word begins  to  spread. The  location’s  reputation diminishes, or  the presence of a  spirit alters  the  resonance 
that  once  kept  them  away.  Each  such  event  reduces  the Merit’s  rating  by  one.  On  the  other  hand,  when 
something bad does happen  to  the  spirit  there —  the character manages  to discorporate  it, or  the  resonance 
infects the spirit — such events serve as excellent reason to increase this Merit with experience points.



Peter Susi has been away from home for years, keeping in touch but even then it had been months since he
last been in contact with them. It was not entirly intentinal, during this time he truely thought he was
going insane. His life was filled with an odd feeling of dread and being watched and it seemed this 
paranoia had become true. He could feel eyes staring at him in empty rooms and had day time halutinations
of a strange version of the world. A world that concepts were what was real. 

This was his prelude to his first change.

His first change striped away all concepts of reality as he ran into the woods while his body betrayed him
under a dark moon and the world talked to him in a million voices saying they waited for him. What ensued 
he can not understand, all he knows is that the voices wanted to deal with him.

He awoke to a group of people who instincivly knew as his kin. He didn't need long to know he belonged with
the bone shadows, his connection to the spirits made it obvious and his pack knew this too. Even though he
was a part of the pact, they knew he was different. The spirits favored him more then they should, this
brought some ill amount of fortune around him with his natural attraction of spirits and the teratorial
fighting of spirits. He wasn't left behind for he was very useful, but the pack kept their distance.

The spirits gifted as much as they could. Leaving his mind swiming with constant visions as he learned how to
control it. Through this Peter gained the name of "silver eyed seer" for he saw things others did not. Through
learning this Peter gained inexplicable resolve and control over himself being much calmer then what he should
be. This further set him apart from his pack.

ARMOR:  1/1

Rage invoked.
Induces full Lunacy.
Wound penalties  
ignored and  
no unconsciousness  
rolls made.
–2 to resist Death Rage
Inflict lethal damage.
Fail most Mental and 
Social rolls.

Induces Lunacy; 
 observers have a  2-die 
bonus to their  
Willpower roll to resist.
Inflict lethal damage.

Inflict lethal damage 
with bite attack.


Two world eyes X 7 exp
Although they’re creatures of two worlds, the Uratha 
can exist fully in only one or the other. They can look from 
one to the other or cross the boundary that separates them, 
but doing so is still an all-or-nothing proposition. Ithaeur, 
however, can peer across the line between worlds without 
sacri?cing their perception of either. In one eye, the were-
wolf sees the physical world, while in the other eye, she sees 
what happens in the corresponding area of the Shadow. 
The eye that sees the world that the werewolf does not cur -
rently inhabit ?lms over with the deep indigo of the night 
sky, lit by pinpoints of starlight.
None of the werewolf’s senses except sight stretch 
across the Gauntlet while this Gift is active, but the were-
wolf suffers no penalties for having her attention divided. 
The effect lasts for as many turns as the player rolls suc-
cesses. The presence or in?uence of a locus has no effect 
on the use of this Gift.
Using this Gift does not make characters on the 
opposite side of the Gauntlet aware of your character’s 
attention. Mundane effects that impair your character’s 
eyesight (such as a ?ashbulb going off in his face, a smoke 
grenade occluding the air, or simple darkness) impose the 
same penalties while the character’s attention is divided as 
they normally would.
Crescent Moon Gifts
Cost: None
Dice Pool: Wits + Occult + Wisdom
Action: Instant
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The landscape across the Gauntlet 
overwhelms the character’s senses rather than dividing 
them evenly. He is subject to the normal penalties for 
peeking across the Gauntlet (see p. 252), for the remainder 
of the scene. Crossing the Gauntlet during this period 
only causes his perceptions to shift back to the other side, 
rather than clearing up the problem.
Failure: The character cannot peer across the Gauntlet.
Success: The character can see and understand what’s 
happening on both sides of the Gauntlet without penalty.
Exceptional Success: In addition to sight, the char-
acter can divide his sense of either smell or hearing across 
the Gauntlet as well.
Death Sight X exp 5
To understand something, one must ?rst be able to 
perceive it. The werewolf with this Gift is able to adjust 
his sight to see the impressions left by death. He can see 
ghosts and perceive the spiritual imprint left where a 
person or higher animal died, though the knowledge could 
bring him grief. While this Gift is in effect, a character’s 
eyes turn a milky white, as if covered with cataracts, but 
he can still perceive what’s going on around him.
Cost: None
Pool: No 
roll is made 
to activate this 
Action: Instant
For the duration of a scene, 
the character’s sight is attuned to the 
dead. The werewolf can perceive ghosts, even if 
they would ordinarily be invisible. Doing so requires 
the character to simply will the capability into ef-
fect with an action.
While the Gift is active, the player may 
make  an  Intelligence  +  Occult  roll  for  his  were-
wolf to detect any "stains: of death in an area. Making 
such a search is an instant action. Success allows the 
werewolf to see a phantom bloodstain wherever a creature 
at least the size of a cat died within the last lunar month. 
The size of the bloodstain reveals the rough emotional dis-
charge of the death. A human being who died peacefully 
and a dog who died in pain leave approxi-
mately the same size stain (about the size of 
a human torso). The darker the stain, the 
more recent the death. This Gift cannot 
reveal anything more about the circum-
stances of any death in question, although 
a werewolf can use both this Gift and Echo 
Dream (p. 123) to pinpoint and analyze the 
scene of a murder.
The effects of Death Sight apply only when a char-
acter is in the physical world.
Corpse Witness XX    exp 15
Many occultists believe that a corpse retains some 
memory of the moments just before its death. The Bone 
Shadows, however, know that a corpse can sometimes 
know more. With this Gift, a corpse can be ordered to 
give up the secrets of all that it has "seen" since its death. 
This Gift works only on corpses that still have some ?esh 
to them, and only the head is necessary. The werewolf 
opens the jaws of the corpse and breathes into the corpse’s 
mouth. If the Gift works, the breath returns with the 
corpse’s words.
Some Bone Shadows have historically exploited this 
Gift in gruesome fashion, setting up the severed heads of 
their foes (or victims) as sentinels on the boundaries of 
their territory. In the modern era, it’s hard " but not im-
possible " to set such morbid guardians in place without 
attracting the wrong sort of attention.
Cost: 1 Essence
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult + Purity
Action: Instant
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The corpse speaks a garbled litany 
of blasphemies from the darkest corners of Death’s realm. 
The werewolf loses a point of Willpower from the experi-
ence. This Gift may not be used again on the same corpse.
Failure: The corpse divulges nothing more than a 
death rattle. This Gift may not be used again on the same 
corpse in the same day. 
Success: The corpse breathes out a report of what it 
has "perceived"  the key notes of what has transpired 
within view of its eyes or eye sockets within the last day 
and night. The report is not incredibly detailed, but gener-
ally hews to the facts that the werewolf would consider 
important. For example, the corpse might mention that 
18 cars had appeared along the country road it “watched” 
during the day. It would only single out an individual car if 
the vehicle was signi?cantly remarkable, such as a pickup 
with several armed men sitting in the bed. A corpse’s ac-
count for any given day can be attained only once. 
Exceptional Success: The corpse demonstrates 
vestiges of its former intelligence and can actually clarify 
its account by answering the character’s questions. The 
character may ask one question per success gained on the 
roll before the corpse goes dormant again. Information 
gained may still be somewhat imprecise, though. A corpse 
is not likely to have retained a license-plate number unless 
the plate remained in its line of sight for a few minutes.
Sense Malice X 5 exp

Hatred has its own scent. The werewolf using this Gift 
is particularly sensitive to the malice that lurks in other 
people’s hearts, and he can smell a soul tainted with hatred, 
anger or envy as easily as a predator can catch the smell of 
prey. This Gift is frequently used on the hunt as a means of 
locating a potential threat to a werewolf’s family or territory, 
but it also has uses as a warning against potential danger.
This Gift does not detect the presence of all negative 
emotions, only those that are powerful enough to have a 
grip on the mind of a subject. A man who is irritated that 
he’s been turned down by a girl doesn’t register. A man 
angry that his girlfriend left him might be barely notice-
able, while a man who caught his wife cheating on him 
with his best friend certainly quali?es. A mass murderer 
or serial killer might not register to this Gift unless he 
actively experiences a ?ood of negative emotion. This 
Gift works only on targets that a werewolf is close enough 
to scent normally (usually within the same room). This 
Gift doesn’t require physical scent, and powerful odors do 
not obscure the ability to detect malice. This power does 
not usually tell the user what has actually happened to a 
subject or why he is incensed, simply that he is.
If the subject’s Vice is Wrath or Envy, a +1 bonus is 
gained on the activation roll. The Gift user automatically 
senses the presence of anger or hatred in spirits that are 
the literal embodiments of such negative emotions (no roll 
is required). If a person or object is possessed by a spirit of 
anger, hatred or malice, a normal activation roll is required, 
but it gains a +3 bonus. At the Storyteller’s discretion, the 
strength of the emotion experienced may merit an addition-
al bonus or penalty die, although not more than one.
Cost: None
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Empathy + Wisdom versus 
subject’s Composure + Primal Urge
Action: Contested; resistance is re?exive
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The character receives misleading 
information. She might sense intense anger in a subject
Insight Gifts
who is only mildly annoyed, or she might be convinced 
that a would-be murderer is utterly without malice. 
Failure: An equal number or the most successes 
are rolled for the subject. The character distinguishes no 
information, though she is aware of her failure.
Success: The most successes are rolled for the Gift 
user. She senses the presence of unusually strong aggres-
sion, hatred or anger. She can identify which speci?c 
person is the source of the emotion.
Exceptional success: The most successes — ?ve or 
more — are rolled for the Gift user. She intuitively under-
stands the source of emotion and can determine the cause 
to some degree, though not with complete accuracy. She 
might perceive, “My mate betrayed me,” but not, “My wife 
cheated on me with the beat cop on our street.”
Echo Dream XXX exp 15

  Werewolves quickly learn that events in the physical 
  world echo in the spirit world, leaving strange psychic im-
  pressions. A werewolf who has earned this Gift has gained 
  the ability to sense these echoes, even ones long past. By 
  holding or handling an object, or resting her hand against 
  a wall or tree, the Forsaken can sense spirit echoes of the 
  object or area’s recent past. These echoes are couched in 
  the symbolic language of the spirit world but often convey 
  sharper truth than any forensics report might.
  This Gift doesn’t work on sentient creatures, who 
  generate their own spirit echoes. An attempt to use Echo 
  Dream to read the recent past of a person results in con-
  tradictory, nonsensical images.
  Cost: 1 Essence
  Dice Pool: Wits + Investigation + Honor
  Action: Instant
  Roll Results
  Dramatic Failure: The character is overwhelmed 
  with violent and contradictory visions from the area and 
  loses a point of Willpower.
  Failure: The character receives mere useless ?ickers 
  or no vision at all.
  Success: The character receives some vision of the 
  most signi?cant thing that has involved the object or im-
  mediate area (no larger than a medium-sized room). Death 
  usually leaves the most signi?cant spirit echo, although 
  powerful bursts of pain or negative emotion also register. 
  Echoes rarely linger for more than a few years, although 
  that depends on the intensity of the events involved. A 
  knife that killed someone a hundred years ago might not 
  possess an echo any longer, while a sacri?cial dagger that 
  cut out a thousand hearts ?ve centuries ago might still 
  trigger a powerful vision of blood and darkness.
  The vision is frequently couched in symbolic visual 
  language, a side effect of the interconnectedness of many 
  spirit concepts. For example, a gun that was used by a 
  hunter to ?re a silver bullet into a werewolf might project 
  the sound of a gunshot and the image of the full moon 
  cracking and bleeding. A successful Intelligence + Occult 
  roll might be required to interpret a vision.
  This Gift cannot be used successfully more than once 
  on any one object or place by the same character.
  Exceptional Success: The vision is exceptionally 
  clear and provides additional information that the charac-
  ter might not expect. In the case of the gun used to shoot 
  a werewolf, the character might receive an accurate vision 
of the hunter’s face.

EXP earned 55
EXP spent 54

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