Shizuka Picoha
Type Alice-Hazard
Sex Female
name score feat Name score
Agility 6 3 Actions 1
Intellect 6 3 Speed 11 mph
Perception 6 3 Reflex 6
Presence 6 3 Vitality 11
Strength 6 3 Currant damage 0
Tenacity 6 3 Clothing condition perfectly fine
Name rating Special State
Basic armor 1/1 none full armor
Name rating Special
Basic device 1 range none
name ranks notes
Orgone blast 2 As a Parapsychic power, no load time, +1 damage a rank, doesn't require device to use.
Dread Curse of Chaos N/A 1 dice of damage a round for d10 rounds, additional casts add to the time it lasts, ignores armor. 1 round charging.
Name rank
Unarmed 2
Melee 0
Ranged 1
Dodge 2
Block 0

10 pages spent for rank 2 orgone blast

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