Basic Information

Name: Shizuka Tsukioka
Allegiance: Eldritch Society (sorta)
Profession: Tager, Schoolgirl,
Race: Human
Virtue: Patience
Flaw: Distrust, Insecurity
Age: 14


Mother : Haruka Tsukioka
Father : Minoru Tsukioka (missing)


Shizuka was close to her father. Her father worked from home authenticating and mending physical books, an art lost in this new age but one that was quite profitable with collectors. Though business waned quite often so her mother had to work to pick up the slack that came up for periods but allowed her to carry on the carer she was in before they met.

This happy though at times rough life lasted until Shizuka was 8 years old. Then her father vanished without a trace. All leads turned cold and all hope of finding him was gone 6 months into the case. Only Shizuka actually believed he would come home to such a degree that her mother put her in therapy. She had started to make strange connections between things and how they could be the reason her father was gone. The therapy was touch and go until the therapist started Shizuka on a diary, and knowing of her love for her fathers books and work found a real paper diary for her. When she asked what to write she was told anything she was thinking, so she wrote letters to her father. She continues this practice to this day, commonly asking if it's alright for her to be like this to have done the things she does and if he would think she's still her good girl for it.

A few months and she was deemed better. Though for the most part she still carried some odd quirks with the strange connections that come up from time to time, most children her age found her stories and thought process weird and left her to herself others found it reason to pick on her. Years of this made her in a sense tough though a bit on the odd end of the spectrum. She buried herself in her fathers books learning from them and learning how to care for them and one day found in a false base of the shelf a scattered collection of papers on the occult. Along with a tome, an old book filled with a language she did not know. She learned to read it and discovered something she knew to be illigal but felt compelled to learn. It was a spell, a spell to watch things, a spell that would allow her to truely know what's going on and prove the connections she talks about are right.

She uses it form time to time, seeing things trying to learn the world, and seemingly to withdraw on herself. Her school work keeps up though and her mother finds her to be mature. this leads to one strange aspect in her life. Her mother has seemingly with no one she trusts has dropped the mother daughter relationship for a more sister like one, only Shizuka is the responsible one and her mother the irresponsible one beyond her work. Her mother would frequently have relations with men she just met or would stay out till early morning drinking and generally enjoying the wilder scene. Shizuka matured quickly though oddly, anyone who talks to her finds a mix of strange ideas, forced strength, and needy insecurity.

Attributes Secondary stats
Name Bought Tager name standard Tager
Agility 7(+1) 11(+5) Actions 2 3
Intellect 8 8 Movement 13/3 32/8
Perception 9(+1) 12(+4) Orgone 22 11
Presence 3 3 Reflex 8 10
Strength 3 6(+3) Vitality 11 14
Tenacity 9(+1) 12(+4) (human bonus) DRAMA POINTS 10 -
Skills and qualities
name ranks name ranks name ranks
Tager : Shadow QUALITY (4) Appraisal 1 Language(Latin) 2
dodge 3 Occult 3 Literacy 3
Research 3 + focus occult lore Observation 3
+Focus library Education 2 Internal compass QUALITY(1)
Stealth 2 History 2 Wary QUALITY (2)
Science, physical 1 Surveillance 1 Fighting 2
Marksmen 3 Hobby[Calligraphy](Agility based) 1
+ Focus Needles Trivia[conspiracy](int based) 1
+ Focus arcane conspiracy
tager weapons
thorns +2
Needle pods +1 (+poison hard)
multiport actions*2 with teleport range of jump*2 no movement
Phantasmagorical perform(illusion) vs observation, -2 actions per surpass of 5
Mutable statistics
Sanity 4
Drama points 9
(Gift) Drama points 3
Knowledge quick reference
Subject Mastery
English Novice
Japanese Master
Latin Novice
Appraisal student
Research Adept
Focus library
History Novice
Trivia conspiracy student
Focus arcane conspiracy
Combat quick reference
Skill Dice Modifier
Fighting 2 +7/+9
Marksmanship 3 +9/+11
Dodge 3 +7/+9
Spell list
Name Legality Status
Eagle eyes illegal learned
Concentrate arcane space legal Learned
Mana battery legal? learning
Ward of Corporal Protection legal learning
Constitute Corporal Restorative legal learning
name value Effect
Duty (school) 1 Responsibility to school
Coward N/A N/A
Fanatical 1 Pursuit of father
Unpopular 1
Sensory impaired(sight) 2 -2 to observation and perception based checks without lenses
cheat cost
+2 orgone 1
+2 orgone 1
+2 orgone 1
+2 orgone 1
illegal scrying spell Phantom Vision(Eagle's Eyes) 2
Anxiety disorder
cell phone
Bargain bin palm computer
Paper journal
4 years worth of Filled out paper journals
Various book restoration equipment
De Vermiis Mysteriis (personally restored yet incomplete treat as an 'odd' censored version for what it's missing or misstranslated)
The second sun (Translated into english. It's an advanced study on magic theory. It contains no actual spells or anything.)
Condition Human Tager
Flesh 11 13
Light 22 26
Moderate 33 39
Serious 44 52
Deaths door 55 65
Bought : Fighting (student) EXP 5, subconscious tager whispers.
Bought : Marksman (student) EXP 5, subconscious tager whispers.
Bought : Concentrate arcane space EXP 15, How do I enchant clothing? 
Bought : Hobby[Calligraphy: Agility based](student) EXP 5, Uwwww Enchantments require drawing good symbols
Bought : Spell Mana Battery Exp 30, and this makes me cast good right?
Bought : Marksman focus EXP 15, school of hard knocks.
Bought : Occult expert EXP 20, so much reading uwwwww 
Bought : Ward of Corporal Protection well EXP 15, I think I can enchant the clothing now...
Bought : Trivia(conspiracy) EXP 5
Bought : Specialty Trivia(Arcane conspiracy) EXP 10 Uwwww I knew this was right all along!
Bought : Fighting Novice EXP 10 Tager screams
Bought : Dodge expert EXP 20 Tager screams
Bought : Healing balm EXP 15 It was needed before...

Obtained Second sun!

Bought : Observation (adept) 20 exp I need to notice more..
Removed: Coward 15 exp I can't stop running away...

Total spent 215

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