Shiro Mimi Gss


A cheery if somewhat dim witted and panicky girl at the local high school. In reality was one of the schools rabbits taken care of by students. She was favored by one of the students right after she was born for years then the student disappeared and she was just treated like the rest of the rabbits for years.

basic info
Name Shiro Mimi
Hedge Rabbit
Age Highschool girl
Henge 1
Animal 1
Adult 3
Child 3
Cost Name Effect
0 Cute You have a certain charm that makes everyone find you cute and loveable. The cost in Dreams for others to strengthen a connection to a rabbit is reduced by 1.
1+ Mochi-pounding Mochi is a kind of rice cake made by pounding rice into a paste. Japanese people traditionally make it during New Year’s with a big wooden hammer to pound the rice, and Japanese folklore says the rabbit in the moon spends his time pounding mochi. Perhaps because of some inheritance from him, you can make mochi. If you get someone to eat it, they’ll gain Feelings equal to the amount of Wonder you spent on making the mochi.
3 Lop-eared By letting your ears droop, you can look depressed and get others around you to worry about you. You can only use this when you’ve failed a check. When you use this power, you can gain Feelings equal to the strength of your connection from one other person who is currently in the same scene.
6 Help me ;x; You run into someone you know by coincidence. This lets you cause one person with whom you have a connection to appear in the current scene. However, what that person actually does when they arrive is up to the participant or narrator.
8 I dunno You can keep secrets and tell lies without arousing suspicion. When you use this power, you cause one person to stop suspecting you. Even if there is definite proof, they will not suspect you unless someone gets you to admit it. This effect continues until the end of the scene.
20 Moonlight You can draw power from the moon and cause animals to become human and humans to become animals. You can only use this on a moonlit night, and only on those who want to be affected. Henge lose their Base Powers (but not Weaknesses/Additional Powers), and humans gain some of those animals’ Weaknesses and Additional Powers. Those affected by this will not return to their normal selves until either the rabbit chooses to end the transformation, or the story ends.
0 Friendship You’re good at getting to know people, and you’re naturally lovable. Reduce the cost to strengthen your connections to others by 1 Dream.
6 Please You can make requests with tearful eyes and get someone to listen. If the person’s Adult is higher than your Child, they can refuse. However, if the request is self-destructive, the narrator can choose to ignore it.
8 Let's Play! You pass the time playing with someone. When you’re not appearing in a scene you can play with others who are also not in the scene. When you use this power, you and anyone who played with you can spend Dreams to increase connections, and gain Wonder and Feelings like usual.
Name Effect
Loneliness You’re prone to loneliness, and you hate being alone. You can’t act separately from someone else. You have to always be with someone.
Crybaby You’re very easily brought to tears. You are easy to Surprise, and for Surprise checks your attribute drops by 2. Also, unless you lose consciousness, you will cry very loudly when you are Surprised. This stays the same in human form.
Spoiled Rather than doing things yourself, you’d much rather find a way to get someone else to do them for you. With the exception of Impression Checks, you cannot make any checks unless all of your friends have tried and failed.
Partner Your Connection Your Content Their Connection Their Content
Town (Yokokoshi) 2 place to meet people ( at school) 2 Acceptance
Isamu Okumura 1 Respect 1 Protect
Sora 1 Admiration 1 Trust
Ami 1 Affection 1 Protection
Wonder 14 Power activation
Feelings 13 Improve tests
Dreams 3
Partner Contents ?? Threads

get memories for all connections next time.

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