Shadow Over Hinamizawa

A not-really one-shot based on Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni. It is, however, a fairly self-contained game, and therefore presented for "whenever the fuck we want to play it" style of play. This page is to provide relevant background information and such. Welcome to Hinamizawa…

General Info on Characters and Houserules

Until further notice, the game is set in Japan, and characters are assumed to be Japanese. If they are not, it is highly recommended they take Speak Language: Japanaese at 50% or better. Popular demand can shift the location to a more European or American setting with appropriate changes to NPC names (Keiichi becomes Casey, Rena becomes Rachel, Rika becomes Rica, etc).

This is a standard investigation and roleplaying type of Call of Cthulhu game. There will be libraries to use, and so-on. Combat is expected to be rare.

Your characters are assumed to be newcomers to the town, rather than lifetime residents. Your characters are also assumed to be adults, rather than children. If you wish to take a role similar to Keiichi and friends, there will be slightly altered rules for the generation of meddling kids which you can use. Professions with no resistance or immunity to sanity loss from blood, violence, gore, or corpses are suggested. As relative outsiders, no characters may have a starting Credit Rating of over 50%.

Sanity loss due to witnessing blood, gore, death, murder, etc. may be increased from the normal values. A modified chart for such things will be presented when it is made up.

Note-passing in the form of PMs is highly encouraged for ANY actions you do no want generally known. Any information not known to everyone will be presented to specific characters only, as well.

The Village of Hinamizawa

A quiet mountain village in rural Japan, Hinamizawa is small, isolated, and insular. All its residents know one-another, and new arrivals are regarded with quiet suspicion, though they are otherwise accepted warmly. The village's school is has a single classroom, and shares space with the local forestry office. Several years ago, a dam project was started, but due to vocal protest from the residents of Hinamizawa and other villages in the area which would be flooded by the dam, construction was stopped. The area near the dam site has since become an illegal dumping ground for garbage. If one is in need of medical services a small clinic is a short distance from town, and can provide most basic forms of care. The closest major city is a good distance away, requiring some time to travel there and back. Visiting there may be necessary to access libraries and other conveniences.

The village celebrates an annual festival in honor of its guardian deity in midsummer, and this year's festival is a few weeks away…

Player characters

Nicholos_Muller Played by Scribblefag

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