Session 9 And 10

Part the Thirteenth: The House of Stone and Steel
-[arbitrary date+13], midday, the city of the flower, lilly island.
Mine and fuch's infiltration of lord gomstock's house guard proceeds apace, though I hesitate to call it infiltration when fuchs got bubbin's recommendation, we walked right up to the captain of the city guard, and she got us hired on by one Lord Gomstock. I didn't give it much thought at the time, one noble was much the same as any other, but if my counts are accurate, Gomstock possesses at least *thirty* golems, in addition to his foot soldiers. He must be, or at least must have been, an extremely wealthy man to afford so many constructs. I suspect he knows something about the shard and the princess's pursuit of this war, and is taking steps to protect himself. Mages first, troublesome nobles next.
In ever more troubling news, the capitol of Wynn has fallen to Aleister. It seems suspiciously fast, but if Aleister is expanding their forces magically as quickly as we hear, perhaps they had arcanic assistance. If a noble can gather thirty golems, Aleister's military may have far more. Hopefully framboise will know more, when we gather this evening.

Part the Fourteenth: Return to the House of Stone and Steel
-[arbitrary date+13], evening, the city of the flower
Outstanding! We have a plan, though risky. While I infiltrated Gomstock's manor, the rest of our group investigated other nobles and the local Lyralean church. According to the princess's man Baldric, one of the other local lords, lord Ryona, was heading a family of vampire hunters, who were convinced that all the heads of state in Aleister are blood-drinking vampires. Princess, many major nobles, perhaps her advisors. Sounds about right, given what we've seen thus far.
This leads me to our plan. Naesra had been investigating the priesthood as well, and discovered that the bishop of the east lyralaen church had a vision about comforting people more… *ahem* …directly. Which explains the odd local fixation with temple prostitutes, and gives us an objective less dangerous than directly storming the royal palace. One of the most notable powers of the vampire, according to our inquisitor, is their ability to sway the minds of the living, so the bishop has clearly fallen under their thrall.
The high temple in Aleister is on the floating island of gothic, so we plan to commandeer an airship, visit the island, and get an idea for how deep the rot goes. With luck, we might even gain further allies against this madness. I doubt the priests here all went along with it any more than the arcanists did. Any prisoners or survivors might give us a better idea who the vampires are or what the princess is up to as well.
The way every high priest visits the temple once when they become high priests concerns me, however. There may be a lot of undead there. Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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