Session 7

Part the Eleventh; The City of the Flower
-[arbitrary date +10], midday, the city of the flower.
Entered city with Narashtans, no signs of pursuit so far. Met with elder, he's telling a prophecy about the last time a city like this appeared, and what the narashtans did. Transcribing it below;

<MaidDM> The old gypsy man starts his story. A long time ago, before the demon war, the crater that is now the Drow capital was a grand nation of wizards and sorcerers and arcane might. They were truly terrifying, enslaving demons to do their work and to bolster their armies. Their plan was to take over the world as we know it, and no one could have stopped them… or so they thought. In a single…
<MaidDM> …night, the gypsy's great great grandfather rose up out of the sands with his people — thousands upon thousands of Narashtans — and smote the wizards off the face of the earth. But before they could claim victory, the king of that country unleashed a terrible weapon, one that scarred the land into the crater the Drow now call home. And that terrible weapon spread the wizard's might…
<MaidDM> …across the world, shattering the fabric of reality… or so they say. It eventually led to the demon invasion, and the gypsy claims that a prophecy says something even worse is coming.

Okay, he's finishing up his story now. I had hoped for something that was rather less apocryphal, given that the city of the flower has grown into some sort of magic-soaked wonderland. Actual names would have given our more bookish members leads to work upon. The question of how the narashtans, a predominantly tribal, magic-loathing people, managed to bring down an entire nation of arcanists, springs to mind, but the story is long on evil wizards and short on hard facts. But the capital of Undraeth is in the of an alarmingly large crater. Perhaps the Narashtans were almost as badly hurt by the weapon as the wizards were. Or the arcanists forgot to do the magical equivalent of dousing any nearby open flames before lighting the fuse on their exploding spell keg.
The more pressing question is how dangerous all this active magic is. The histories and stories I recall do not bode well, nor do my companion's vague speculations about arcane rifts fill me with hope. On the other hand, this magic city and it's flying islands have existed for a year thus far with no obvious holes in reality. Perhaps the wizards here found some sort of workaround for that. Or they're just bricking them over and hoping no one notices. Fuchs met an old comrade from the guard on our trip in, so we might have some answers later..

*the next couple pages are filled with sketches of flying islands, golems, and speculations about narashtan cooking*

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