Session 6

Part the Tenth; The Sowers of Blood
-[arbitrary date +8], morning, village under capital cliff
I was not expecting to uncover the source of the corpses so quickly, but late last night we investigated an altercation in the streets, to discover a pack of vampires murdering a local man and raising his corpse as one of the walking dead. We dispatched the beasts after a brief struggle, though one of them prolonged the fight by ripping open his chest to reveal a black beating heart, and turning into a massive abomination the likes of which I've never seen nor heard of before.
While I may have my concerns about Naesra's attitudes regarding the Aliesterian rulers , I confess I find myself fortunate to have an inquisitor and paladin on my side, since the black heart of evil we've come to tear out is a rather more literal than I thought it would be yesterday.
But I digress. These vampires we dispatched were apparently a group of weaker thrall vampires, which means there must be an older and stronger one somewhere nearby that made them and supplied them with the soul-eating dagger baldric destroyed that they used to turn that villager into a zombie. That elder will know soon that his servants have fallen, and presumably take measures, so we must move fast. What worries me more is that this is no backwater village, but on the very doorstep of their capital. Anything that happens here happens with the full knowledge of Aleister's leaders. What fresh madness will we find in the capital?

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