Session 5

Part the Eighth; The Doorstep of the Enemy
-[arbitrary date +7], morning, village under capital cliff
The same Narashtan caravan we met on the road to fort willinger untered town earlier today. They seemed happy enough to see us, so I presume they made it into the city unscathed by our adventures there. Baldric bribed negotiated with the caravan leader to grant us permission to travel up to the capital with them on a trading mission in three days. Longer than I would prefer, but it gives us time to gather information on the city.
So far the common consensus among the locals is that Aliester invaded as a preemptive strike to halt a conspiracy between wynn and fichino to… the precise reasoning eludes me. As near as I can determine, average workingmen and women in wynn and fichino do nothing but sit around discussing how horrible it is that there are wizards in Aleister not shackled to… something or somebody, and that they have to be stopped by any means necessary. Which is why the arcanist Zeruna had to flee fort willinger. Daft.

Part the Ninth; The Fields of the Dead
-[artbitrary date +7], evening, village under capital cliff
Well then. Maybe there is something to the idea that Wynn is conspiring against Aleister's arcanic freedom, seeing as someone in Aleister takes it as a liscense to engage in the same sort of magicks that led to cursed swamps and legions of ravening hellspawn spilling across our fair land. The use of undead labor on their fields seems a recent development, at least. Apparently at the behest of priests of Ios, Lann'tekroph, and Lyralei, which is unsettling. There is evidence already that aleister has a different interpretation of lyraleian doctrine, but this reeks of heresy. Or infiltrators from a darker school. Either way Naesra is rightfully infuriated.
For myself, I worry about where they got all the corpses and if there were ulterior reasons for starting this war, since none of the locals complained about grave robbing or missing persons. On a more practical note, that strange fog and necromantic magics can't be good for crops.

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