Session 4

Part the Seventh; In Which We Travel a Great Distance
-[arbitrary date +6], afternoon, village under capital cliff
We've made it to the capital of Aleister, or beneath it at least, none the worse for wear. Or at least I have. We've seen no sign of undead or any other hostile behavior since destroying those undead and investigating the house they seem to have originated at. I still think we should have investigated further, but we had more pressing concerns. Halt war first, investigate eerie abandoned forest cabins later.
Speaking of more pressing concerns, the mad arcanist zeruna appears to be correct. Fuch's sword is a famed weapon of legend and song, an arcanic blade that can speak to its chosen bearer, and grant powers beyond mortal ken. According to Fuchs, the sword's primary interest is getting Framboise and Naesra to put their hands all over it.
…the bards who wrote those epics have clearly taken a few liberties with certain elements of their stories, if Fuchs' commentary is any guide. I, however, promise nothing but the unedited, unvarnished truth in all my chronicles. But for now, we wait.
There is some sort of cave network up to the capital that needs to be circumvented or traversed, so we'll need information on it's layout before proceeding. I predict we will handle this obstacle with ease. People surely cross it daily, so it's merely a matter of finding legitimate reason to ascend.

*the rest of this page is taken up by several sketches of the palace on the cliff and other geographical oddities*

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