Session 16

Part the Seventeenth; The Green Menace
[arbitrary date +2 years, 1 month, 3 days], evening, Parinor, their only decent tavern
Still in Gorlan, but we're making good time. We encountered a bit of an oddity today. We met a Knight-Captain Tyrus on the road constructing a checkpoint. There were apparently rumors of some sort of roaming monster or kobold migration but he refused to speculate. Either way his commanders thought it concrete enough to send him out to fortify the town just in case.
The people were are perfectly happy to speculate, and are abuzz with stories that hunters spotted green monsters guarding a cave to the northeast not far from the town, and there are endless stories about monsters not seen in centuries that spread like wildfire and eat everything in their path. There are also stories about hunters spotting green monsters elephants with tusks like greatswords, or green children riding massive boars into batle. I imagine that if the lesser marsh snipe was green, a hunter would have seen it there as well. Either way, we'll be stopping briefly to investigate. There are enough other strange things happening in the world that I will sleep easier knowing what this one is.

-left early this morning, following a trail, found an abandoned hunter's camp. some traplines out. will move to investigate, this feels close.

-found a deer painted green with fake tusks strapped to it, then followed nathurra when she chased something right into a faerie circle. Of course they're behind it. Little buggers are one of the reasons I left Myralae in the first place. Talked our way out, I'll write more tommorrow, after I've had a drink

Part the Eighteenth; Veridian Tricksters
[arbitrary date +2 years, 1 month, 5 days], morning, outskirts of Parinor
Yesterday wasn't entirely a wash, at least. The faeries had some kind of agreement with gorlan, or were part of their army, or something, and if anything had been a real threat. We let the town know, and I'm not sure whether they're relieved or annoyed at their neighbors.
Of course, the moment we get out of town Baldric reveals he mounted his own quiet expedition last night, and announces that he found the real person making the fake monsters. There was an orc in the woods. An actual orc, he claims! I'm tempted to doubt him, orcs are practically legends, thought to have died out centuries ago, but Baldric isn't the sort to joke about that sort of thing, at least not with us. Apparently he was heading south to the desert, and didn't want trouble from anyone on his way down. Personally, I think creating 'monsters' and stirring up the townsfolk is more likely to cause problems, but if his people have managed to stay hidden all these years maybe they're onto something. Given everything else that's happening, I'll probably have the chance to ask him personally in a couple months. For now, onto Undreath!

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