Session 15

*Archivist's note; I've taken the liberty of redacting the last two years of journal entries, as, while… iconoclastic, they have little bearing on the events of this specific archive. Interested parties can, of course, contact the Aliesterian royal library for copies of the relevant entries.

Part the Sixteenth; A Long-Awaited Reunion
[arbitrary date +2 years], afternoon, The City of the Flower, Royal Palace
At long last, I return to the city! Happier times than the first, certainly, but given why I went there the first time, very little could make it unhappier. Regardless, my friends have all settled into their new roles, and the city seems well. No demons or arcane rifts or anything else immediately visible, which comforts me, given that the best efforts of our little circle has failed to unearth whatever drove the former princess to her madness. On the other hand, Framboise could do more to manage the arcanists of her city, including banning those abominable flying canoes. The number of people killed or injured by the reckless handling of them must be frightful, even if they won't explode in arcanic firestorms.
But onto business. The sooner I document this, the faster I can get back to participating in the celebration downstairs, instead of just writing about it.
While the three brothers have stabilized since the brief war of two years ago, the rest of the world is taking a darker turn. There is increased raiding from various sea-going brigands, the narashtans are more restless (I would ask Alaesa what she knew about that, since she's here, but I fear she'd bite by head off rather than answering), and the storms have been particularly bad this last year. Not that I need to remind you of that, given some of the ones I've been trapped out in. There are also rumors that tentou has cut off trade, which baldric is especially concerned about. I'm skeptical myself. Tentou has few contacts with the outside world at the best of times, so it could be just as likely that they had a caravan delayed or turned back due to poor roads or the bandits that infest much of the world now. Still, if it is something more, it needs to be investigated.
What concerns me most, and my companions as well, is the growth of the cursed swamps to the south of Myralae, which I could personally verify when visiting my parents some months back. The swamps are growing at an alarming rate, given how they were initially caused by some kind of arcanic catastrophe. The current plan is to set out to investigate the swamps, find the source, and either neutralize it or find a countermeasure. Unfortunately Myralae is on the other side of the world, so it will be a long trip, but we can take short diversions to investigate Tentou and a few other possible problem areas on our way there.

*The following several pages are filled with a well transcribed map of the three brothers and gorlan detailing their route, some sketches of interesting animals and scenery, and brief comments on the state of the roads, trail cooking, and Baldric's pack of slinking henchmen, whom he describes as 'uncanny'.

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