Session 1

Part the First; The arrival in Wynn
-[Arbitrary date], Capital of Wynn, rough stables outside the city.
Dear journal, I start a new volume of my efforts with renewed vigor. As mentioned in my last volume, I had returned home to Gorlan from Myralae and abandoned my hunt for the lesser marsh snipe, a creature I grow increasingly sure exists only in the minds of local scoundrels hoping to have a bit of a lark at the expense of a naturalist such as myself. At loose ends, I accepted a commission from a group of petty noblemen headed to Wynn for a royal wedding of some sort between them and Ficino. Needless to say, I accepted. Wynn has interesting and exotic wildlife, if somewhat predictable terrain, and I relish the chance to track new beasts.
The journey itself was uneventful. I was hired as a guard for the caravan, but there was no need to exercise my skills. Many regard knowledge of the alchemic arts I command with almost supernatural dread. Which is for the best. Can't have everyone knowing how to craft gunpowder, otherwise there wouldn't be a single shed left intact in all Gorlan. Upon arrival, I was just as quickly drafted to stand at the princess's wedding. They have heard of my exploits, and wish my presence to bolster their splendor! There is a practice tommorrow morning. I cannot wait to attend.

Part the Second; The Blood of Traitors and Kings
-[arbitrary date +1] Capital of Wynn, royal palace.
The king of Wynn is dead.
Foul assassins claiming to be from their rival kingdom of Aleister stuck him down during the wedding, and attempted to slay his daughter, but failed due to decisive action by me, the blushing bride (hah!), and several other guests at the wedding. Even now the armies of Aleister march on the borders of Wynn. But we will not be fazed. We will hunt down the cowards that sent these assassins and cut out their black, treacherous hearts. But first, I should provide context. For posterity, and to order my own thoughts.
The wedding practice started as normal, but the prince from Ficino apparently decided he couldn't wait another hour for his honeymoon, so it was decided to begin the wedding early. As this went ahead, I noticed that some of the crowd seemed unusually tense. I had prepared to draw one of the other guards aside, tell them to keep an eye on our twitchy guests, when a coward stabbed both the king and queen in the back, without even the common decency to match them blade to blade in honorable combat.
Taking this as a sign to strike, more assassins sprung from the crowd, but were quickly dispatched by the princess and various retainers and guests of the royal family. (Future note; investigate fencing techniques of Wynnish nobility.) Of the assassins, one was taken prisoner and one committed suicide, all claiming to be dispatched by Aleister before their death. The queen, praise Cale, was not beyond saving, and responded to my minstrations. As I write this, I hear she should make a full recovery, but I remain wary of poisoned blades, and further groups of assassins poised to strike.
Ah, and back to the assassins themselves. Hmmph. Aleister, indeed. If it was not for the fact that their armies were on their way, I would say this whole business is an attempt to frame them. When the shouting stopped, I went with the princess, a local cleric, and a horridly ungallant tracker who worked for them to interrogate a drow arcanist and a young swordsman both entirely too impressed with his own charm (Also foolish enough to have shouted his alliegance to aleister right before the assassins claimed their own, a clear sign of either innocence or mental defect.) Innocent, I say. The drow will bear watching, her behavior is odd even for one of their kind, but I digress.
The assassin is what I was talking about. The surviving assassin is none other than a tiefling. (A lass, even, which shows the depths whoever sent her will sink to). And here is where I grow truly suspicious that Aleister, or at least their government, is behind this assassination. How convenient that Aleister sends blood-drinking demon spawn to slay Wynn's king and show their true nature. How convenient that it casts them in an incontrovertibly evil light, signing fell pacts with dark and evil powers. Or it would be, if they hadn't had to abduct some foreigner and compel her to kill with sorcery. (She may still hew to the taint in her blood, but I for one doubt it.) With luck, those versed in the arcane arts will be able to dispel the glamour clouding her mind, and we gain some insight into the nature of our true foe.
For now, the princess's tracker has proposed we trace the assassin's route and strike at the conspirators that sent them. I wholeheartedly agree. Verminous assassins that send others to die for them deserve nothing but cold steel, and if we can present proof of their crimes, we may be able to avert the brewing war.

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